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Carmilla Free download ´ 109 ↠ Written before Dracula Carmilla also tells of middle class people preyed upon by the ancient aristocracy This book by John Sheridan Le Fanu makes great use of Gothic elements like castles and ruined chapels and of an exotic setting An insidious stranger who pretends friendship and affection stalks an innocent Laura AfterWritten before Dracula Carmilla also tells of middle class people preyed upon by the ancient aristocracy This book by John Sheridan Le Fanu makes great use of Gothic elements like castles and ruined chapels and of an exot. In many ways the antithesis of Dracula and if Stoker's novel disappointed me with its clean cut heterosexual male influenced dichotomies than le Fanu's novella is the flipside of the coin female centric homoerotic ambiguous and enigmatic and all in about a uarter of the length Here the vampire is not the withered evil Other but the beautiful sensuous stranger that is readily welcomed into home and heart becoming the double for the protagonist leading to a very different sense of horror the necessary destruction not of an enemy but a loved one perhaps even the self It's a really eerie beguiling little novella uncanny in a way that Dracula only is in brief flashes

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Er schloss isolated in a trackless forest near a deserted village and the ruins of a castle Her first supernatural experience she says occurred at the age of six A lovely woman appeared in her room and caused her great pa. Horror Reader Shocker Spooky Vampire Leaves Wannabe Author Prostrated What the FRACK I can't get her out of my head Vampire Guild WeeklyAfter reading this book I am left frustrated and oddly underwhelmed and yet there is an undeniable and dare I say it 'uncanny' power to this story which is a mystery to meThe smartest character in the story is the antagonist who is not that smart who proceeds to charm and bamboozle an array of protagonists who are all very nice and not the least given to suspicion of othersThere are multiple events where the fact that Carmilla is a vampire is hinted at with growing strength up to and including the discovery of a perfect portrait painted in the dim past Le Fanu doesn't uite get to the point of hanging a sign written in fresh blood around Carmilla's neck proclaiming I am a vampire and I am here to kill you But he gets closeWith the characters stumbling about in their ignorance as the Vampire runs rings around them I was left imagining shooting fish in a barrel I found myself thinking what if a terrible blizzard arrived that shut up the Schloss for 3 days and especially 3 nights Leaving Carmilla alone with only the hero Laura our narrator her father the governess and the other staff without any hope of escape As the death toll mounted the presence of a vampire would uickly become obvious Laura would then be confronted with a need to make a decision of conseuence and take irrevocable action Something she really doesn't get much of a chance to doPassive characters especially if the narrator are frustratingOn the plus side the author has made an excellent stab at establishing the vampire genre He has also provided a clever subplot of lesbian love Neither would have been easy to do in his day and ageAlso the description of the actual vampire attacks is genuinely spooky and admirable writingWhile this book failed to excite me with it's general lack of pace and suspense It has deep ualities that many would appreciate Especially those with a taste for Creeping HorrorOn a decidedly UNCANNY personal note I had a dream an incredibly VIVID dream while reading this novel where I was visited by a magnetic alluring dark haired female vampire and I willing offered my arm to her Something that I have never done before in a dream What was also noteworthy was the experience of an abiding personal intimacy that accompanied the act of freely giving blood to sustain anotherThe sultry summer evening had barely given way to the night I had left the bedroom doors open to the balcony to allow a light breeze to circulate I lay back on the bed tossing and turning unable to sleep The house belonged to me I was its sole occupant but the loneliness of this house weighed heavily it was not a homeMoonlight cut through the room then it vanished for an instant A momentary shadow flitting through the doorway entering my bedroom and filling it with a pervasive sense of possession the room was no longer mineMy heart thudded in my chest I sat up suddenly pressing backward against the headboard There was someone in the room the feeling of Her presence was overwhelming but I couldn't see anyone there was no one thereThe shadows thickened at the end of my bed I stared frozen where I sat as the shadows coalesced into the ethereal shape of a young woman She wore a light diaphanous gown Her hair was lustrous black her skin pale like marble her eyes were large and dark her lips red full and slightly curved in a coy smileHer form solidified A faint perfume filled the air She seemed deeply familiar and yet I had never seen her before at least I had no memory of ever meeting her and I'm sure I would not have forgottenShe moved to her right floating lithe serene She was majestic and mesmerizing power beyond words was bound up in her gaze Her eyes glittered like black diamonds brilliant and hard I couldn't tear my eyes away from them even if I triedShe sat down beside me gently picking up my left arm with her cool hands She turned it over palm up I didn't resist I didn't want to I lifted my arm up and she lent forward A bell rang in the distance a muffled warning ignored and discarded in the face of her needs Needs I was a willing servant toMoonlight gleamed on her ivory fangs She leaned further in first kissing then licking finally biting A single drop of blood fell off my wrist dark against the white bed sheet She murmured in delight my heart beat hard in my chest but I stayed still unwilling to disturb her feastEverything was for herinspired by my dream while reading this bookI am left wondering just how deep this story can creep into you when you read itStrongly Recommended 5 'Spooky Vampire Kisses Beneath the Moonlight Stars'

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CarmillaIc setting An insidious stranger who pretends friendship and affection stalks an innocent Laura After a brief frame designed to lend authenticity to the tale Laura begins to tell her story She describes her surroundings h. PRETTY AVERAGE I don't feel like I particularly learned anything It was a very monotone and non climactic Very uaint And the giant plot twist was spoiled for me i mean it'd be spoiled for anyone living in 2015 because it's SO OBVIOUS but I really feel that that spoilers shouldn't have the power to ruin a story but I really feel that all this book had was that one spoilerI still see merit in it don't get me wrong I read it for school and after intense studying I can see value in it but Goodreads is a place for personal opinion I think and I just found it very MEH