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CHARACTERS Ã Honor Before Glory Ò On October 24 1944 than 200 American soldiers were surrounded by German infantry deep in the Vosges Mountains of eastern France When their food ammunition and medical supplies ran out the area’s Army headuarters turned to the 442nd Regimental Combat Team a segregated unit of Japanese–American soldiers to achieveAm a segregated unit of Japanese–American soldiers to achieve what other units had failed to do rescuing the “lost battalion”In this riveting gritty narrative New York Times bestselling historian Scott McGaugh tells the story of the famous Go–for. I was uite disappointed in this book The book is based on a true World War II event in the mountains of southern France the rescue of a battalion of American soldiers by Japanese American unit This incredible story is totally muddled by the author in a bizarre mix of military lingo honestly I couldn't care less about the unit designations but the author continuously refers to 1141 and 3442 poor development of pivotal characters inclusion of way too many generals commanders and fragmentation of the story line I believe the author is a military buff who lost his way in this book It is a shame because it is a great story and deserves a better book


On October 24 1944 than 200 American soldiers were surrounded by German infantry deep in the Vosges Mountains of eastern France When their food ammunition and medical supplies ran out the area’s Army headuarters turned to the 442nd Regimental Combat Te. I was familiar with the basic story of the 442nd RCT from a 1950’s movie Go For Broke starring Van Johnson In this narrative the author looks at one operation assigned to the 442nd In the fall of 1944 the 442nd part of the 36th ID is assigned to relieve a cut off sister battalion the 1141st INF Regt the so called “Lost Battalion” The title is a bit of a misnomer because unlike the “Lost Battalion” of World War I the Army knew exactly where the battalion was but because it had pushed too far forward of the battalions on either flank the German’s managed to swing behind it and cut it offAfter a brief review of the history of the 442nd and its combat record in Italy the author gets into the operations to relieve the 1141st These operations are told from both the 141st and the 442nd’s perspective Ordered to break out of encirclement the 1141 in unable to accomplish the task and it takes heavy casualties The air force attempts to drop supplies to the 141st is an account I had never heard of before P 47 units attempted to drop supply filled drop tanks to the surrounded unit often through cloud filled skies Due to a tiny drop zone the weather and German AAA these attempts met with only partial success Many of the tanks fell outside the 141st's perimeter and were recovered by German forces The 141st managed to recover enough of the supplies however to allow them to hold out until elements of the 442nd could reach themTo say the ground the 442nd fought over was not the best ground for attackers is an understatement Hilly and heavily forested it was ideal for defense and the Germans made good use of it In addition the weather was just awful cold and rainy Due to the terrain the 442nd attacked up a single road and ridge line It took than a week and many casualties for the 442nd to advance the 2 miles and relieve the surrounded battalionWhile telling the story of the relief efforts Mr McGaugh also looks at the nature of the 442nd and the special problems it faced White officered for the most part the enlisted ranks were composed of second and third generation Japanese immigrants Many of the enlisted personal were recruited from the internment camps of the Rocky Mountain and South Western United States Many came from Hawaii who had not been interned I felt the cultural clash between these two groups and problems it caused in molding an effective fighting force was well done The author also tells the reader the attitudes of the members of the 442nd towards their leaders some were admired and respected while some weren't esp the Div CG which carried over to the post war army why they had to go and rescue the 1141st and the attitudes of the white population towards them Some of the most poignant stories are the reception of the Nisei veterans after the war To say they were not universally honored is an understatement Many were met with prejudice and signs reading “No Japs” One episode the author relates concerns an American Legion Post in Oregon which took one the 442nd’s veterans name off of the their “Wall of Honor” because of his race When the news of this slight “goes viral” that Post comes under intense pressure including from the former officers of the 442nd to undo the slight They eventually didIn addition to its racial makeup the 442nd is noteworthy for the amount of dec

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Honor Before Glory–Broke regiment whose soldiers had volunteered for combat from within America’s internment camps It is a story of a young generation’s fight against both the enemy and American prejudice a story of heroism sacrifice and the best America has to off. Honor Before Glory The Epic World War II Story of the Japanese American GIs Sort of knew a little about the Japaneses who fought for the USA and now I know a little bit it's pity alot people don't know this history How ignorant we can be to our fellow man