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FREE DOWNLOAD ã Pentateuch É Popular Kindle, Pentateuch by Anonymous There are many interesting things in this book, readers are very amazed by the contents of the book Pentateuch by Anonymous please download or read online herePopular Kindle Pentateuch by Anonymous There are many interesting. I'm an atheist but religion fascinates me primarily as a manifestation of culture I read the Torah as I would any ancient text and found it an amazing and instructive document of nation building From the most pragmatic laws and norms historical lessons to the most spiritual a genesis story a spiritual justification a historical and cultural sense of the nation what is the meaning of being human what the limits what the goals what the good and bad relationships countless uestions are answered often in a satisfyingly absolute way though uestions linger at other times The narrative is uneven sometimes mythical sometimes action packed at times mind numbingly detailed and repetitive getting through the measurements of the temple or the census was a real struggle but all of it adds up to an unparalleled document of a newly forming nation There are many many interesting features in the Torah as a whole but one that stands out to me is that often motivations human or godly go unexplainedleading to the pragmatic and true to life conclusion that sometimes things just are; the ultimate explanation does not always exist or perhaps the religious would say does not always manifest to humans even in a world with a divinity


He book Pentateuch by Anonymous please download or read online he. I am Muslim I've read the holy uran now finished the Torah then I will be continuing with Psalm and Bible as well Firstly I need to say that as a pillar of Islam we have to believe all the holy books that were revealed by Allah In our belief Islam the 3 books were changed by people thats why the last one uran was revealed and Allah has given a promise that he is going to save it until the doomsday nobody will dare to change it After these informations my evaluation about the Torah is that I've found it as a story book I am just comparing it with the uran and it seems its just a story book There is only 2 3 pages which I can truly say that they are the words of Allah The other chapters were like stories poems by human being And also holy books must need to be as guidance right They need to guide us in any way From daily life to prayer or how should we act and etc but I could not find these informations there What I've found wrong is that Prophet David has been expressed as sinner It was saying that he had sexual relationship with a woman I am strongly against this argument because of the fact that prophets are the pure innocent people Thats why they are Prophet They have no sin They may be mistaken but this is not sin although in torah it was mentioned as one of the biggest sin which is adultery And also the situation of people of Israel Now I understand the zionist's people mentality better They seem themselves as chosen race Yes they were because they were under harsh working condition in Egypt under Pharaoh's period Allah has promised them he saved them from Egypt and given them to holy land where al uds But after that they have not kept their promises although they've swear They've killed the lots of prophets who were sent by Allah in order to warn them to the path of him but they kept continue to worship to the idols I could not find these informations in there thats the clue that torah has been changed by people Otherwise we were not be able to explain the new people new prophets There would be only people of Israel As conclusion there is nothing wrong to learn new things I've learnt and compared them with my belief Try it it will broaden your horizon

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PentateuchThings in this book readers are very amazed by the contents of t. Great job God