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Free download ↠ Equilibrium: The First Signal ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Û Librarian's Note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B01BLNFMG6 Seven strangers One connection A world beyond their own And a presence so sinister it threatens to distort the balance between good and evil Can theyLibrarian's Note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B01BLNFMG6 Seven strangers One connection A w. Poorly edited the author seems to have a lack of understanding on the basics of grammar She also freuently uses the wrong words using similar sounding but incorrect words like consummate instead of consumptionThe book also contains many contradictory sentences distracting the reader from the flow of the storyA good editor would have helped resolve much of these issuesDespite that at its core the story is fairly good the only reason I kept reading

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Orld beyond their own And a presence so sinister it threatens to distort the balance between good and evil. I had read Greta Hick months ago and actually only got round to reading this when it unexpectedly popped up as a free kindle eBook on after months of neglect in my archive and damn was I glad I did First let me begin with the plot it is so elouently put together that despite the several time jumps it's very easy to keep up with her pace Not only that but it's gripping and actually very exciting I found myself turning the pages before I had even finished the page I was on which is a VERY good sign Next the characters the character ages range from eight or nine I think I can't remember how old the twins are all the way up to 70 and over which means that all ages can read the story not only this but there are so many characters that you become very uickly accustomed to I know sometimes it takes the author a while to build up a certain feeling for a character but for Darcy Lennox this was never a problem each character had their own persona which I loved especially with the twins and Penelope I hope we see of her in the next book Lastly the setting considering this is somewhere between an urbanfantasysci fi novel description is crucial and I can happily say I was very impressed It jumps from London to a Kingdom that I will say nothing further of spoilers The creatures are SO descriptive I had no trouble picturing them in my head which I know can be hard sometimes There is one thing I was incredibly taken with the food Honestly I don't know if it was because I was feeling particularly hungry because I read this well into the early hours of the morning or what but Willa's pomegranate pumpkin and thyme soup made my mouth water Anyway all in all I was very impressed with the book even the cover art simplistic but gripping It ticked all three of my boxes and I will very happily wait for the second in the series The only thing I found uite tedious was the beginning it takes a very long time for the book to set off in the first half but once it's off you'll forget about it soon enough because you'll be so involved with everything else Ps Please bring back Penelope

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Equilibrium The First SignalCan they conuer the darkness Or will it be too late when the shrill scream of the First Signal is release. The general concept for Euilibrium The First Signal is a promising take on the urban fantasy classic of a magical society living hidden beside or in this case above London; think Harry Potter meets the Marvel comicsUnfortunately the book itself failed to live up to the premise The start of the book jumps around to introduce all the major players giving it a rather choppy start In addition the technical aspect of the writing makes this a difficult read to remain absorbed in From multiple grammar and spelling errors on literally every page to similes scattered through the story that are frankly unfortunate the writing got in the way of the story in almost every way possible The characters were slightly stronger than the general writing with possibly the most convincing aspect of the book lying in the back story but the interactions between characters were lacking that crucial draw for me It felt as if they would frankly all have benefited from some work and a lot depth Add to that the unfortunate simile syndrome undermining the exchanges and I found that they failed to achieve the effect that was probably originally intendedOverall this was the second book all year I thought seriously about not finishing I try really really hard not to DNF books but this one skirted very close When something makes me wince on every page I turn admitted editorial nut that I am it makes it impossible for me to enjoy a readReviewed for Knockin' Books