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Brave New WorldCOVER DESIGNS THAT COME TO LIFE ANIMATE THE COVER WITH THE FREE INSERTED SHEETFar in the future the World Controllers have created the ideal society Through clever use of genetic engineering brainwashing and recreational. Warning The following review contains humor If you read it and actually think that I'm being critical of Huxley try reading it again Here's a hint Look for the irony of the italicized parts when compared to the previous statements If you post a comment that asserts that I'm wrong stupid crazy for this andor try to lecture me on all the points you think I missed then I'm going to assume that you read it literally missed the joke didn't read the other comments where I've already answered this about a dozen times and I will delete your post I have to apologize for this review The concept of this book was so outlandish that I think it made my mind wander and you may find some odd random thoughts scattered in it Anyhow this book was so silly and unrealistic Like any of this could happen In the far future the babies are genetically engineered and designed for certain stations in life with a large workforce bred to be happy with menial jobs that don’t stress them physically or mentally I really should look into getting that data entry position I saw in the job postings It’d be a lot less stressful than what I‘m doing now In addition to all the genetic modifications the children are raised by the state and words like ’father’ and ’mother’ are considered obscenities Subliminal messaging through infancy and childhood also condition people to repeat idiotic platitudes as if they are genuine wisdom I’ve been in a bad mood today I need to turn that frown upside down And since the world economy depends on constant consumption by the highest classes they’re encouraged to be wasteful The collars on a couple of my shirts are a little frayed I should go buy some new ones and throw the old ones out and to engage in activities that demand spending and resource use Should I get a new set of golf clubs I lost my old ones when we moved but I hadn’t played in a long time But would I play if I got new clubs There‘s that really nice looking course right down the street I don‘t know how they keep the grass that green in this heat The population even gets to zip around in their own private helicopters rather than cars Man when are they going to come out with jet packs for everyone It’s 2011 and I’m still driving around in a car like a chump I want my jet packCasual sex is actively encouraged Wow These condom commercials on TV have gotten really racy The population is also programmed to be constantly partaking of some form of entertainment and to never just sit uietly and think I’m bored Writing is boring or to be alone Let’s check Facebook and see what all my friends are doingOne of the sillier ideas is that the foundation of this society is Henry Ford’s assembly lines and that Ford has become the most revered figure in history Like a businessman could ever become that popular Is Steve Jobs making any announcements this week I get itchy when there‘s no new Apple products While everyone seeks to be constantly entertained all of the entertainment panders to the lowest common denominator Hey Jersey Shore is on and the emphasis is on presenting it with gimmicks to engage the audience like ’the feelies’ movies that the audience can also smell and feel the sensation from I wonder if they’ll re release Avatar at the movies so I can see it in 3D again like James Cameron intended At one point a character complains about the feelies “But they’re told by an idiotworks of art out of practically nothing but pure sensation” I should go see that new Michael Bay Transformers moviePerhaps the most far fetched idea in this is that the population has been trained to sedate themselves with a drug called soma that relives any potential anxieties and keeps people from thinking about anything upsetting I want a beerI guess this Huxley guy might have gotten lucky and predicted a few things but he was way off base about where society was going

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Sex and drugs all its members are happy consumers Bernard Marx seems alone harbouring an ill defined longing to break free A visit to one of the few remaining Savage Reservations where the old imperfect life still continu. remember that last semester of english class senior year where every class seemed painfully long and excrutiatingly pointless when everybody sat around secretly thinking of cute and witty things to put in other people's yearbooks when the teachers realized we were already braindead from filling out three dozen student loan applications and college housing forms that's when honors english started getting a little lazy not that i minded everybody got a book list then everybody got split up into groups you were responsible for reading all the books on your own but one in particular was chosen for your group to present at the end of the semester you know as a refresher for the rest of the class because of course EVERYONE was gonna read EVERY booki can't remember what i did instead of reading brave new world but it was probably fun and involved copious amounts of sweet tea and a gigantic paper mache cow fortunately it didn't matter because the only group to take their presentation seriously was the brave new world group and the way they presented stuck with me long enough to compel me to read the book latermaybe it was the weird music they had playing during their presentation maybe it was the fact that super hot chris mayns had to sit in my group the alphas but i was seriously attracted to the world this group created in our classroom we drew cards randomly to determine our class then sat accordingly and wore cute little colored wristbands everybody got pez soma and gasp a birth control belt throughout the presentation people were moved next to someone and lost a packet on their belt listen this is scandalous for a bible belt high school ok by the way i did NOT get to sit next to chris which is probably good because i would have been mortified and choked on a pez anyway the presentation was fun but i didn't get around to reading my now ex boyfriends copy until a year ago and i started getting a small evil thought exactly the same as i had in class so many years ago maybe some people would actually like this system maybe some people would actually BENEFIT from this system people don't have to think they aren't expected to do much go to college become something bigger than what they actually are they're rewarded with good feeling drugs they are proud to have accomplished what they have and they DON'T HAVE TO THINK FOR THEMSELVESI know i'm going to get slammed for saying this later especially because i never do actual reviews or completely delve into what i'm thinking so shoot me but haven't you ever been roaming the world wide inter web and found a little troller you thought well this person is a poor use of a human brain yes you have admit itjust think a little test tube tweaking and that person wouldn't mind manning the cash register at piggly wiggly for the rest of his life saving the rest of humanity from noxious online rants about the hotness of avril lavinge and the brilliance of starcraft apparently its a video game thats KOOLER THAN U1#you're tempted i can tell

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Download Ç Brave New World Ë PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ COVER DESIGNS THAT COME TO LIFE ANIMATE THE COVER WITH THE FREE INSERTED SHEETFar in the future the World Controllers have created the ideal society Through clever use of genetic engineering brainwashing and recreational sex and Es may be the cure for his distressHuxley's ingenious fantasy of the future sheds a blazing light on the present and is considered to be his most enduring masterpieceWITH INTRODUCTIONS BY MARGARET ATWOOD AND DAVID BRADSHA. 649 Brave New World Aldous HuxleyBrave New World is a dystopian novel by English author Aldous Huxley Published in 1932 it propounds that economic chaos and unemployment will cause a radical reaction in the form of an international scientific empire that manufactures its citizens in the laboratory on a eugenic basis without the need for human intercourseعنوانها «دنیای قشنگ نو»؛ «دنیای شگفت انگیز نو»؛ نویسنده آلدوس هاکسلی؛ پیام ، نیلوفر ادبیات؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز سوم ماه آوریل سال 2000میلادیعنوان دنیای قشنگ نو؛ نویسنده آلدوس هاکسلی؛ مترجم سعید حمیدیان؛ تهران، پیام، 1352؛ در 268ص؛ چاپ دیگر تهران، نشر واژه، 1368، در 267ص؛ چاپ دیگر تهران، نیلوفر، 1378، در 295ص؛ شابک 9644480686؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان انگلیسی سده ی 20معنوان دنیای شگفت انگیز نو؛ نویسنده آلدوس هاکسلی؛ مترجم حشمت الله صباغی؛ حسن کاویار؛ تهران، کارگاه هنر، 1366؛ در 281ص؛ عنوان دنیای شگفت انگیز نو؛ نویسنده آلدوس هاکسلی؛ مترجم رضا فاطمی؛ تهران، سمیر، 1390؛ در 312ص؛ رمانی علمی تخیلیِ ست، که در سال 1932میلادی، به قلم «آلدوس هاکسلی»، نویسنده انگلیسی، منتشر شده‌؛ داستانی خیالی در سال 2540میلادی، انسانها را کارخانه ها تولید میکنند، و اوضاع دنیا ثابت است، و مردمان خوشبخت هستند، از پیری خبری نیست، ، و در بخشهای پایانی، «هاکسلی» با قدرت دیالوگهاییکه از نمایشنامه های «شکسپیر»، بازنگاری کرده حتی عنوان رمان را نیز از نمایشنامه «طوفان» اثر «ویلیام شکسپیر» برگرفته، و ؛ انگار هنوز داستان ادامه دارد؛تاریخ بهنگام رسانی 24051399هجری خورشیدی؛ ا شربیانی