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SUMMARY ã PLANTHIREINBATH.CO.UK ✓ Sally Wentworth A runaway wifeAlix North had fallen in love with Rhys Stirling the first time she had met him Now Alix's dream was about to come true Rhys had asked her to marry himRhys St. Re To Have and To Hold Sally Wentworth phones in eight chapters of pathetic needy h chasing after a nematode blobfish H only to rue the day she managed to wear him downReally someone needed to help this h out and lock her in a room for two months with the audiobook version of He's Just Not That Into You The No Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys on continual loopThe story stars with the h aged four and the H is ten years older she is instantly infatuated All through the next 16 years the h's obsession is encouraged to magnify and grow both sets of parents think it would be lovely if the H and h made a match of it So they abet all this h chasing the H nonsense going so far to encourage her when she goes to work for the same company the H doesEven the glaring evidence that the H is all about sampling the lurvely lady buffet and getting multiple sides to go is not enough to stop this h's determination to chain him to her sideAs long as she gets a ring on it when she is 20 she doesn't really care who or what he might be doing in the interim Tho to be sure she is all about pulling the martyredwronged woman trope in front of the parentsThat whole attitude throughout the book really disturbed me this h is obsessed than a Charlotte Lamb H who has been told no I wondered that her family or at least her dad did not at least attempt to direct her goals toward something else So eventually the H decides marrying the h will be good for his career promotion corporate wives are company policy and after numerous faxes from the h they pick a date There is also a lovely scene with the OW who is unhappily married to the big boss the H is taking over forThe OW spells it out that the H cheats on the h every chance he gets which the h has actually seen but was too stupid to interpret that when a guy says he doesn't 'see other women when he is with you' and then the minute you walk away he is collecting phone numbers from a bevy of ladies he is a cheating nematode slime pustuleThe OW also explains that the H couldn't get his big promotion unless he was married Since the h works for the OW's husband she asks him about the married stipulations and he indirectly agreesBut still the h doesn't let this stop her from being at the altar even tho the H is supposedly so busy 'working out of town' that he almost misses the ceremony and has to hire a helicopter to actually make it on timeThe h STILL goes through with it and the only interest we see from the H is when he gets to revoke a unicorn groomer's license even on his wedding night and the following day the H is all about work or whomever he is doing on the Lithuanian team and has no problems answering business calls in the middle of a purple passion momentFinally the H decides he has to leave the honeymoon to go back to his business team There is a huge argument and the h at long last clues in The H married her for a promotion not because she is the love of his life The h has a huge temper tantrum tells him she is getting a divorce and then leaves him But does she go out and buy a raft of slinky cocktail dresses and some bikini's and take off for Italy or Greece for bohemian hi jinks with Greek God Waiters and Charming Italian Vespa riders No the h finds a uiet little village and works in a tearoom for the remaining three weeks of her honeymoonThen she takes her rings off tells her mother she isn't going home and then gets herself a flat She decides she is keeping her job even tho she will have to see the H She goes home to get her clothes and has another confrontation with the H and both mothers that ends in her hysterically running away againThe h then gets the third degree from both the mothers tho the h's father is a great dad and he totally gets that she made a bad choice and supports whatever she wants to do The h and H have testy encounters at work and a dinner out where the H tries some serious mushroom fertilizer lines about falling in love with the h when she walked out on him The h calls him a liar throws her wine in his face and leaves The h's boss is divorcing his wife the OW and moving to the Canadian branch of the company The h wants to go with him but her meddling boss refuses cause her mission in life is to stay married to his successor and become a dutiful company wifeThe h claims she is getting a divorce and that she will uit if her boss doesn't let her go with him His response is to tell her she has a three month leave to uit contract and he will make her work it all out We all go to Alaska and the H shows up to waylay the h into coming back to him It was a setup between him and the h's bossThere is smarmy lines about how he loves her now when he did not before and the h is naively gulping down the worm casting tea we all know she is going to cave at any minute Then the plane crashesThe H and h have to work together to get everybody out safely and near death trauma reunites them in classic HP deus ex machina meddling to break an Hh impasse when the author writes herself into a corner Which was a tragic waste of a perfectly good plane crash that could have gotten us a new HThe h will return to being the devoted dutifully adoring and probably cheated on ignorant wife broodmare and doormat while the H gets his big promotions and all the lady buffet samples he could want on the side as a bonus SW calls this outcome a win for the day and we can be happy the h is happy for thankful conclusion of this HP outing Give this one a miss endless chapters of unreuited obsessive hysterical h adoration and an indifferent blobfish cheating H don't really make for a happily memorable HPlandia experience

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READ & DOWNLOAD Ý To Have and to Hold ½ A runaway wifeAlix North had fallen in love with Rhys Stirling the first time she had met him Now Alix's dream was about to come true—Rhys had asked her to marry himRhys Stirling was an ambitious man and the only thing that stood between him and a directorship was his single status Of course that was e Fe she was the perfect choiceAlix isn't going to accept anything less than his love It's only after Alix leaves him that Rhys finds that he's fallen in love with his own wi. I love the first 85% of this book It’s like a retro British romcom with a fixated marriage minded heroine and her indifferent workaholic hero For readers who are put off by a heroine who chases the hero I have to say this h is surprisingly passive in her pursuit She’s just there in a vaguely stalkerish way and pretty and cheerful and loyal Watching her pursue her goal blind to every “I’m just not that into you” signal he gives out is hilariously horrifying while you wait for reality to hit Those signals escalate a non existent courtship leads to a phoned in proposal which becomes a lengthy engagement culminating in the hero's absence from all their wedding preparations Wentworth repeatedly shows the heroine mentally processing her beloved's actions putting the best possible spin on them so she can cling to her rosy world view But we also see the accumulated damage being done The optimistic good natured heroine is becoming emotionally complex as the hero’s casual indifference and the villainous pseudo OW’s assertion that he’s only getting married as a reuirement for career promotion batter at her romantic bubble of entitlement view spoilerThe bubble finally bursts the day after their wedding They’re holed up in a hotel in some sort of two day sex filled limbo between the wedding which he arrived at late via helicopter because he had been held up returning from a business trip abroad and the start of their honeymoon trip On their wedding night the h hears the H making a work related call to the project team in Lithuania which he tries to pass off as just checking in to let them know he had arrived safely Because helicopter The next afternoon while he and the heroine are engaged in the sexiest sex of their 2 day shared sex life the hero actually PULLS OUT to answer another business call As horrible as I think he is I just can’t Stop Laughing Even that isn’t enough to completely drop the scales from the heroine’s eyes She heads off to the bathroom for a soak and a sulk while he completes his call He spends that evening at dinner charming and seducing her but when they get back to their room she overhears him on yet another business call This time he is arranging to delay their honeymoon trip so he can go take care of business in Lithuania popShe threatens divorce if he goes He counters with a charm attack She refuses to yield He passive aggressively agrees that their marriage is important than the Lithuanian project and says they’ll go on the honeymoon as planned She smartly recognizes this offer as the start of a lifetime of resentment and leaves in his car after arranging a taxi to take him to the airport She spends the three weeks originally scheduled for their honeymoon filling in as temporary help in a conveniently needy teashop in a remote village while planning what to do with her future We see her thought process go from the immature and reactionary “I will leave the country” to the reasonable “I will return to my job in London and rent a flat and get on with my life as an adult” He GOES TO LITHUANIA OMG His wife runs out on their honeymoon and instead of chasing after her or waiting at home to demonstrate his devotion HE GOES ON A BUSINESS TRIP I love this The hero has blundered badly and once they’re reunited there’s a clear path to an HEA All he has to do is admit the promotion motivated his proposal apologize for the hurt he caused reveal that he is now in love with her and demonstrate he is willing and capable of making her his first priority for the rest of their lives A little post marital courtship is called for It should be adorable Instead Sally Wentworth takes it in a different direction and at this point the story breaks down for me The hero denies that the corporation’s preference for married executives motivated his proposal Instead he had reached a point in his life where he decided it was time to marry and start a family but he had never experienced True Love so he looked around for the most likely bridal candidate and there was his cute convenient hero worshiping neighbor girl so why not her Except maybe he was still subconsciously seeking true love so he delayed the wedding jawdrop Basically he stuck a pin in the heroine as likely marriage prospect #1 while he continued to look around I’m appalled I’m intrigued I kind of want to read a romance with an engaged couple where the heroine recognizes this behavior is going on and is torn between her self respect and her love for her fiancé But we don’t have time for that here The heroine doesn’t even acknowledge this explanation Girl he would have dumped you if he had found something better Be outraged Hero then declares he fell in love with the heroine when she left him She storms out and we’re running out of page count Sally Wentworth has to do something to bring these crazy kids together so she puts ‘em on a plane that’s going to crash The mutual near death experience forces the heroine to recognize that she loves the hero The end umm is he still going to be a workaholic who prioritizes business before his family If so this couple is going to need a lot of plane crashes to make it to their tenth anniversary hide spoiler

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To Have and to HoldIrling was an ambitious man and the only thing that stood between him and a directorship was his single status Of course that was easily remedied He'd known Alix all his li. Well it was either 1 star or 4starsI really hated the hero but the book kept my interest and generated some real emotion so I'm going with the 4