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The Song of the Phoenix Characters ☆ 6 ☆ When Finn inherits the kingdom of Dyre he is startled to learn the castle is a haven for runaway and self rescued princesses At the coronation it is evident that the tunic and trouser clad Princess Lucia resents anyone who would attempt to take up the scepter of the previous king despite the predictT the tunic and trouser clad Princess Lucia resents anyone who would attempt to take up the scepter of the previous king despite the prediction of the kingdom's. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from the authorAmy Lemco sent me a copy of this book uite a while ago along with her other book While I really enjoyed Who Lives by the Sword and devoured it pretty uickly it took me a while to get into The Song of the Phoenix because it read as a child's book or middle grade than Who Lives by the Sword For those who know my preferences I'm not fond of middle grade or children's books except in certain cases so this one hundred page book sat on my TBR for months before I made myself read itBoth the setting and plot have a very magical fairytale oriented feel to them that is reminiscent of folklore and childhood The characters fit well into stereotypical but beloved roles throughout the story Out of them all Gunny the youngest princess was my favorite because of the lines that she had While Gunny is the exception to this next bit because she actually is a child the others don't escape my pet peeve of spouting unrealistic dialogue Lines felt forced and too far from what would have actually been said in certain situations; again since I tend to shy away from children's and middle grade books I'm unfamiliar with the type of dialogue and narration that goes into them This coupled with the fact that the intended audience of the book was never mentioned I found myself really dragging to get through the first fifty pages After I realized that it must've been written for younger readers though I was able to adjust my outlook on The Song of the Phoenix and proceed Still my perception during the first fifty pages really skewed my opinion of the story in a not so positive directionI will say that throughout the last half of the story all I could think of was one day reading this to my nieces and nephews and my own children It's not something that I would personally pick up Who Lives by the Sword was but The Song of the Phoenix is not Still I think this would be a wonderful book to read to younger readers especially those who are fascinated by fairytales or knights and dragons and anything of that sort

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When Finn inherits the kingdom of Dyre he is startled to learn the castle is a haven for runaway and self rescued princesses At the coronation it is evident tha. 4 FANTASTICAL STARS I received this book from Amy Lemco in exchange for an honest review My opinions are however completely my own and not biased in any way This book is about Finn De Danenn an elven boy and the youngest of 36 children who strangely gets chosen to be the new king of the kingdom of Dyre a kingdom different than his own when the phoenix sings out his name As he struggles his way to the throne things obviously don't go too smoothly since there is Lucia to cause trouble and Stilteon to cause commotion and the crown which he's supposed to get is lost Lucia also called the demon is the niece of Stilteon whose loyalties lie with previous king Aldon a unicorn king Therefor she refuses to accept the arrival of the new kingNevertheless they go out looking for adventures together which changes a lot between them One day the magical Phoenix gets encased in ice and all fingers and accusations of treason point to Lucia This story is high fantasy with magicmagical creatures faeries as well as it is super short so basically a uick and uite fast paced read However even though it was super short 103 pages it took me soooo long to finish I've started it about 3 months ago and only finished it this morning That mostly is because when I started it it didn't grasp me by it's claws and pull me with so I never felt the urge to pick it up and continue My first impression therefor was that it maybe wasn't for me Yet yesterday I forced myself to sit down and really put my focus focus on the book since it was so short and I really wanted to get a grip and finish it to give it a fair chance and review I must say I enjoyed and flew through it then I had finished it real uick and wished that I had pulled through three months ago instead of lingering all this timeI would however have liked to read about the Elven kingdom though and about the adventures of Finn and Lucia But all in all it was a good uick readOne aspect I find uite annoying in high fantastical stories in general is the impossible to pronounce names Like Nycloe for example how the flipping shit do you even pronounce that Luckily not all names were this impossible but there were a few with which my mind screamed fuck thatAlso found a few grammatical mistakes which I noted down since I am an annoying grammar police yep sorry not sorry But I still think that when a book is released it should be without mistakes unless it's the unedited version Now long story short even though the book and I started on the wrong foot in the end I did really enjoy it and went through it uicklySo I would recommend it if you really are into high fantasy Then lastly I would like to thank Amy again for being so generous to send me a copy of her bookI really appreciate this a lot so thank you a million times

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The Song of the PhoenixClairvoyant cat Jasper who insists the fates of the two are joined Adventure comedy mystery romance The Song of the Phoenix is enchanting entertainment for all. Finn de Danenn is on a uest to be king Being the youngest of 36 children Finn has also become uite desperate on his uests to be king When a stranger from a far off place shows up with an announcement that Finn has been chosen by a phoenix to be the new king of Dyre he is uickly on his way to accept his throne What he doesn't expect is a castle filled with runaway princess's witches and a lost crown When Lucia learns that she is meant to be apart of an important adventure with the new king her loyalty to the old king Aldon holds her back Wanting to get it over with she searches high and low for an adventure hoping to be done with her involvement with Finn The Song of the Phoenix is a fun fast paced read with charming characters With only 103 pages Amy Lemco has created a sweet love story wrapped around an intriguing castle uirky individuals magic and a fantastic villain My only wish is that it was longer as I feel this could be a really amazing story if there was depth and layers added to it The Song of the Phoenix is an amusing adventure from the first page to the last i was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for my honest review