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Throne of Lies (Amethysta Trilogy, #1) Free download À 100 ã For seventeen year old princess Amethysta Serelle the royal life is anything but enchanting She finds herself forever torn between duty and desire—desperately craving freedom yet bound by the burden of her bloodline With the realm of Vataenya divided by intolerFor seventeen year old princess Amethysta Serelle the royal life is anything but enchanting She finds herself forever torn between duty and desire desperately craving freedom yet bound by the burden of her bloodline With the realm of Vataenya divided by intolerance and stained by a veiled and vi. I received this book free form the author in exchange for my honest review 35I wasn’t all that please with this book at first It was a slow go and It didn’t capture my attention as much as I wanted it to In saying that I was intrigue with how this book mixed original with old clichés I was drawn in with the love story I won’t go to much into that because it will ruin a good chunk of the story I liked how it was a slow fall and how it was sweet As for our Princess I’m not fully sold on her yet At the beginning she has this fire but I soon founded out that it was uickly put out She acted like a spoiled brat for than half the book and I found that annoying I understand her feelings of being trapped I just felt that it took to long for her to grow a back bone I’m not even going to touch on the relationship between her and her parents I’d be here too long The flow of this story was slow at first and as I said It was annoying At 50% I wasn’t feeling this story and I had to force myself to keep going I’m pretty sure I could have skipped most of the drabble and in truth not miss a thing plot wise But I’m happy I stuck with it or I would have missed a right story full of hardship love and betrayal but most of all a story of self acceptance The princess came into her own stood up for what she wanted and end the end was rewarded for her bravery I highly recommend this book I’m excited for the next to know what the sinister ending meant Happy Reading EA Walsh

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Olent past none take kindly to those who are different For Amethysta’s sake her mother must conceal her daughter’s mystifying secret from all including from Amethysta herselfOnce driven to her wit’s end Amethysta sets out on an unrelenting search for answers that will leave her teetering o. It is uite hard to rate books having just finished them How much is my judgement clouded by my close proximity to the experience Can I truly think about the whole book when I am still processing the end Nevertheless I hate putting things off to later or rather I try not to and would undoubtedly forget to rate this book if I did and so here are my almost certainly rather clouded and hopefully brief thoughts Reading this book was fun It was fast paced and interesting It was not however incredible It does have the potential to be incredible and so I will devour the rest of the books in time And I am sure I will love them as much as if not than this first novelThere were a few things or rather characters that I LOVED in this book Ark and Soren who shall not be explained further because spoilers Amethysta’s parents but especially her father in the later part of the book Gehlin Amethysta’s tutor for his love of teaching and his eccentric methods There were a few things I truly liked about this book Cerdiwen the horse The beautiful gardens The painting The poetry and the plays There were a couple of things that I can tell I will come to like than I do Amethysta herself Gwyneth she is such an interesting character already I do hope we see her again And there a one thing that I did not like something that I hope becomes better in the next books I found the pacing of the book perhaps a bit rushed uneven I’m not sure of the time period that this book took or whether it was consistent but it did not seem so The months and days at the top of each chapter would have surely helped but I had no idea what they were probably my inability to understand the gorgeous maps and diagrams at the beginning of the book than through any fault of the author In conclusion whilst I did not find this book perfect I see potential for an incredible seuel and I loved many of the characters and settings in this book I would definitely recommend this book to those who like fast paced fantasies with a bit of romantic intrigue and a lot of hard feelings original thoughts after just finishing the bookI really enjoyed this book and look forward to seeing the next book in the series I love Arkarial and Soren; Amethysta is not my favourite main character ever but I am hopeful that I will become endeared to her in the rest of the trilogy I love Amethysta's parents; particularly her father I also love her teacher Gehlin Hmm peculiar that I loved all of the male characters in this book than the female ones

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Throne of Lies Amethysta Trilogy #1N the very edge of anguish and strife With each harrowing turn Amethysta encounters devastating loss uncovers the mortifying unknown and comes face to face with the calamitous heartache that awaits her All the while an enigmatic blue glow sleeps below the surface ready to unfold a world of chaos. I did receive this book in a giveaway from Goodreads and the publisher This is an unbiased review “Throne of Lies” was a good read that kept me wanting to turn the pages to see what would happen next with Amethysta I thought characterization and character relationships were done well especially between her mother and Soren I did think that her relationship with Ark did go a little bit too fast but I still think it was well done I also thought the magical aspects of the story were interesting and it kept me intrigued enough to wonder what would happen next and how her magic would shape her story One thing I would have liked to know of is her kingdom and her family story along with the other kingdoms as well I would have also liked to have seen about magic and to know about the people who can use it though we might see of that in future books I would rate this book four out of five stars because it did keep me wanting to read and there were many chapters that to me read uickly I do think the author did well in the formation of the story and keeping the read entertaining and interesting