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summary Fund Your Ideal lifestyle ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Î If the idea of failing to reach your potential and spending your best years working with nothing to show for it makes you sick this book is for you Inside you will find for the first time the secrets from a uiet subculture of Financial Advisers spending tOf learning about money travelling the world on the gains and finally building a business showing others how to do the same He has helped over a thousand people improve their understanding of money as both a Tax Accountant and Financial AdviserThis three step guide will show you Why your Purpose Skills Your Professional Superpower and how to leverage it to buy time How to catapult yourself in to motivation by focusing on your fears rather than you. I was given an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Being in my late 20s I've really started to think about finances and not in the how can I make the most money in the fastest way mindset that many people have I added this book to my to read list because I liked the emphasis on MY IDEAL LIFESTYLEWhile reading I found the exercises in the book to be helpful especially when it comes to breaking down the way that you measure your ideal lifestyle and how this is a personal thing rather than what society dictates I will be going through the sections that explain the 5 category system for moneybudgeting again because I find this very helpful and useful to try to start saving better and to see where my money really goes every month I think the author did a good job making this book easy to relate to and accessible for someone who doesn't have the best budgeting skillsfinancial knowledge and isn't interested in get rich uick schemes Overall a very real and helpful book

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If the idea of failing to reach your potential and spending your best years working with nothing to show for it makes you sick this book is for you Inside you will find for the first time the secrets from a uiet subculture of Financial Advisers spending time with people away from the balance sheet and helping them get out of life Written by Clayton Daniel a former 'amateur rockstar' whose chance encounter with an entrepreneur lead him down the path. Disclaimer I received this book for free in return for my honest review 45 stars Rounded up on Goodreads since this is a great book and for some reason they don't have a5 systemI don't really know where to start so I guess I'll just mention that I really liked this book Daniel's writing style is super conversational with little stories or tidbits sprinkled in to keep it casual He even has footnotes for some of his references which help explain some of his stories a bit further This is key when it comes to personal finance books because sometimes the topics are super dry Personal Finance is one of my favorite things to read about so I was curious to see what this book would offer that the countless other PF books didn't and I was pleasantly surprised First off in the first chapter there's an activity to help clarify your life's purpose I know it's a bit heavy but he breaks it down into a series of uestions that help narrow your focus a bit Also he provides spaces for you to write down your thoughts but since most people don't actually write in workbooks any or read on their e reader he actually suggests recording audio of you answering the uestions That was a game changer for me Normally I skip the activities in books but recording the audio totally let me answer the uestions honestly I felt Not every chapter has activities but when they do they are all fairly helpful especially since this book covers a decent amount of financial topics all in layman's terms and very easy to comprehend for the most part I took off the5 just because he digs a little too deep into investing for me AngelsSuperannuation and I got a bit lost Luckily it had it's own chapter and so I ended up skimming what I could and just reading the summary at the end of the chapter Also there's a chapter on creating your own business and while it was entertaining to read his stories on failed ideas the actually knowledge from the lesson I skimmed through since I don't intend on going that routeFormat wise the chapters all open with two to three uotes about finance that lead into what the chapter is going to be about Some are ones that you have read before but others aren't and I found myself writing down a few that really hit home with me Then all chapters end with a SUMMARY broken down into two uestions How does this fund your ideal lifestyle and How to make it easy Daniel could not have made it easier for you to get the key concepts and find a way to implement it in your life And these summaries make it easy for you to go back and review later on There's even all the summaries for every chapter at the end of the book if you are too lazy to look up a specific section Seriously he does all the work for you go get this book and fund your ideal lifestyle

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Fund Your Ideal lifestyleR goals How the Five Bucket Method allows you guilt free spending sprees without ruining your future What silent monster in the background is eating your money and what to do about it How to go from buying assets with the hope of making money to designing a wealth creation strategy with purpose How to use the legal ‘Offshore Bank Account’ to grow your assets faster by saving you tax today saving you tax every year and saving you tax in retireme. As a fellow adviser and someone that has known the author for a few years now I found the book to get to the heart of a lot of things that clients seek advice for Clayton's writing style is accessible easy to digest and involves some thought provoking information to the reader and I'd recommend it to anyone looking to make their first step towards understanding their financial goals