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The Broken Puppet Free read í 102 Õ “I thought I knew who I was but I was wrong”The Silver Swan 1 A girl who is tarnished Tainted One who does not fit into the confinement of legendThe Silver Swan 2 Madison MontgomeryI was lied toI was cheatedResigned to pick up the scraps of empty memories and disarrayed thoughts I left After finally cutting “I thought I knew who I was but I was wrong”The Silver Swan 1 A girl who is tarnished Tainted One who does not fit into the confinement of legendThe Silver Swan 2 Madison MontgomeryI was lied toI was cheatedResigned to pick up the scraps of empty memories and disarrayed th. THE BROKEN PUPPET Is the second full length New Adult novel in Amo Jones ‘Elite Kings Club’ seriesI apologize for this vague review it's only because I don't want to divulge any spoilers to ones that haven't gotten around to reading this I highly recommend this seriesUniue Unpredictable Unputdownable Ultra addictiveAs we saw in the last chapter of ‘The Silver Swan’ Madi is running for her life with Tatum in tow new names new passports destinations unknown All in the name of disappearing without a trace or so they thought leaving the ‘Elite Kings Club’ behind Or so she thought They used me as their Puppet Now I'm broken But Bishop's know where she's been all along he was just biding his time to come get her and bring her back to where she belongs If Bishop didn't come get you someone else would have only you wouldn't be coming home in a seat on a plane You'd be coming home in a box In 'The Broken Puppet' we learn about 'The Book'Khales who was supposedly Bishop's first girlfriend who out of the blue disappearedAnd a new character Daemon who is closely connected to Madi and is part of 'The Lost Boys'And still humming away in the background is the disappearance of Tillie who we met in the first book I kind of devoured Book#1 which basically threw me over a cliffy and I kind of need answers one clicked the boxset so yay to binge readingSo much is packed into these books my mind is all over the place all uestions I need answers to just keep piling up We’re very similar to Madi in a sense because just like her we’re trying to piece everything together to understand the world she’s learning about just like us chapter by chapter 🧩Puzzle piece by puzzle piece Like we’re moving through a blanket of fogAnd then yet another cliffy that has left me reeling in it’s wake rubbing my eyes wondering wtf I’d just readBook by Book anticipation races through my body darkness is building up in the background you can feel it getting darker and darker Lies are slowing getting revealed book by book Information is coming at us freely but we're still left with so many uestions This author has done a brilliant job at keeping us readers on our toes Like a carrot dangled in front of our noses just giving us a piece to keep us invested in the series keeping us coming back for Like a yoyo my mind is scrambled with all the information that's been thrown at it but through it all we see a softer side of Bishop peak through and I love seeing the transformation compared to the first book Now onto the next book      

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Lter your entire outlook on lifeI’m Madison Montgomery and I want to play a gameHere’s what happens when I win Riddle me this MadsWhat goes bump in the nightbut is something you can’t see with sightYou may run and you may hideIf by happily ever after you mean Bonnie Clyd. OMG If she wanted answers so badly why didn't she just read the damn book Literally everyone is telling her to read it to learn but noooo lets bitch about how everyone is keeping secrets If it were me I would have demolished the book in one sitting

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The Broken PuppetOughts I left After finally cutting the strings of manipulation I resorted to do what I’ve done since I was a child something my father drilled into my brain since I could handle my first rifle RunI’m a mere shadow of the girl they all knewLies and deceit change you They a. Madison Montgomery only scratched the surfice of a deeply dark secrets of a total uncomprehendable sphere of life it's undercover it's powerful it's dark dangerous and she's an undeniable part of it She's the missing link She's a liability She's a weapon And she's in mortal danger as her destiny has been marked and re written from the past generations The Silver Swan is in old times what they would call a tarnished being Every girl born into the first nine is a tarnished being It's no place for a her If she thought the very reveal of the secret would clear the facts of her life she's mistaken It only threw her on the dangerous path where she can trust no one and even her own sanity is torn with doubts and uestions without any answers she's a pawn to the higher game a game she can't control and a game she's unlikely to win They used me as their puppet Now I'm broken But her short lived escape from the Kings' clutches only stirred comotions as she's torn again with the feels towards the very King himself Bishop Vincent Hayes and somehow the stakes and odds are slightly changing or we are only hinted to believe so as Bishop plays his cruel game of control and demand You never put me back together properly You steal parts of me so when you do put me back i'm all crooked cracked and still visibly brokenBecause being broken is how you're going to survive this life Madison There are secrets surficing there are even uestions asked and the danger of realisation that the game is not really a game but a hidden ploy of secret order The one that will conduct the merciless rules and follow was written But Bishop himslef and Madison will not only find out the burried truths of their pasts but the betrayal that hits them both leaves everything open and with fuckin uestionsSo I honestly believed that I would get answers and just when I got the hang of it or well at least I thought I did I got swept away with angst and anticipation adrenaline and mysteryeven though book 1 was a shocker filled with rush and speed and suspensful action the second book had parts that were distracting me from the essence of the story but then it pulled through as a complete and total stunnerSo my first exclamation Son of a bitch was right on pointAmo you did it againYou stirred the pot left me high pumpin on adrenaline and then threw me to the abyss of a fuckin anticipation AGAINWTF What the actual fuckGod damn woman God damninsert devious eyebrow liftARC kindely provided in exchange for an honest review