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The Cosmopolitans characters ↠ 107 ☆ ayenaat is a drifting solitary sensitivefigure at the edge of the Bangalore art scene When world famous artist Baban Reddy once a young man who hung on her every word returns to the city to show his latest artwork all her old longings rise to the surface Baban’s arrival accompanies other momentous events Ayenaat is a drifting solitary sensitivefigure at the edge of the Bangalore art scene When world famous artist Baban Reddy once a young man who hung on her every word returns to the city to show his latest artwork all her old longings rise to the surface Baban’s arrival accompanies other momentous events and sets ayenaat off on the most unexpected journey of her life to the heart of rural war torn India and into a relationship. The book started ok picked momentum nd then became mundane nd then didnt move at all Had to drag myself till the end and then suddenly things changed in the last two chapters One book which I took longest to complete I think it can be avoided unless you have nothing else to read

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With the unlikeliest of menThe Cosmopolitans is a novel of ideas and emotions one that uestions the place of art in modern life and draws a vivid portrait of a woman at odds with the world Tender and wry in eual measure and rich in thought and insight it confirms Anjum Hasan as one of our most exciting novelists todayReviewAn engaging uplifting read Intense and cerebral There’s a lightness of touch bordering on the zany Pick. This was a weird bookIt started out with an outline of a story that revolved around a group of adults mingled in their own artsy headspaces and then shifted absolutely at random to revolving around a group of people settled against a folklore setting the jumpshift made no sense to me at all ayeenat felt like a poor character tugging along to other people's whimsical notions and having no strong character of her own Even the ending felt abrupt and a forced and futile attempt to give happy endings Don't really know if I'd be looking out for this author any any so

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The CosmopolitansUp The Cosmopolitans to read an author at the peak of her powers long may they last Mint Fiercely intelligent The Cosmopolitans is a must read Indian ExpressChock full of irony A tantalizing novel about art and artists A joy to read OpenThe remarkable thing about Hasan's novel is that it forces you to have a conversation with yourself and it has been uite some time since a novel has been so intellectually provocative India Today. A Cosmopolitan is defined as someone who is well versed or at least familiar with multiple cultures However in most cases their connection exists only with mass market cosmopolitan things from the other cultures Seldom do the Cosmopolitans find themselves in a situation where they are exposed to the rituals and traditions which have been untouched by centuries of advancements in the civilization Although when it happens rather than immersing themselves in the cultural experience they are filled with repugnance towards those orthodox barbaric ritualsAnjum Hasan has divided the story into two parts The first part takes place in a usual habitat of the Cosmos the Elite Art Circle in the City in this case Bangalore ayeenat an art organizer arranges an exhibition of the hottest artist of the hour Baban Reddy's work 'Nostalgia' Although she is in this inner circle of the Art World she is now in her fifties and without employment or enough money She is also lonely even with Sathi a photographer and her ex boyfriend suatting in her home for the time being She plans to tackle both the problems in her life The money through a devious plan for an insurance fraud devised by Sathi and his new gangster friend Shahrukh Bhai The relationship with rekindling an old flame which she believed to have existed with Baban before he became famous Baban however feels he was always open for the relationship then and it was her that wasn't This upsets ayeenat To add to it she accidentally overhears Baban and her closest friend talking about her In an impulse she destroys 'Nostalgia' by setting it on fire Unfortunately its not just the art that gets destroyed This deflates ayeenat completely Stalling all the criminal plans she leaves Bangalore for a remote village called SimhalThe Second part of the book is set in Simhal a village that's cut off from modern civilization People there believe in their King rather than the Indian Government which is trying hard to modernize these people The people retaliate with guerrilla forces which fight the Indian police and army ayeenat's interest is in a particular dance form which Simhal is famous for Here she meets the Dancers teachers the people and the King She slowly realizes that its the Government that’s trying hard to get hold of the Mines and Forests which are currently occupied by the people of Simhal She's mesmerized by the King's Manner and slowly a relationship develops between the two She confesses to be in love with him One fine festive day the reality strikes hard ayeenat is invited by the King to a secret annual ritual The visions that she sees are horrific and beyond her comprehension She seeks the help of the very Government official she'd earlier scorned for trying to prevent her from falling for the King to take her back to her home in BangaloreThe book deals with a lot of serious themes There is the rush of Indian Modern art to make an impression in the big art destinations like New York and Paris However the Modern Indian Artist is in the danger of creating with an template to succeed in such place while ignoring the needs of the local Indian Art Consumers A Polar opposite to that is the Government funded initiatives to keep the art and tradition alive in the villages which lack any motivation expect that of living on the government stipend There are other themes about the role of Religious extremism in Controlling both the urban and rural societies The Kings Sacrificial rituals which completely binds the villagers to his will or the butchering of a Muslim woman artist for drawing nudes are fictional but these problems do exist in our societies Anjum Hasan has done an incredible job in balancing a powerful message and the beautiful story which delivers it