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Encounters Unforeseen review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB Û After 525 years the traditional literature recounting the history of Columbus’s epic voyage and first encounters with Native Americans remains Eurocentric focused principally—whether pro or anti Columbus—on Columbus and the European perspective A historical novel EncouEnts known to have occurred eg the chieftains’ ascensions to power the prophecy of genocide the captive’s baptism in Spain and known practices or experiences eg inter island canoe travel a hurricane a Caribe wife raid a batey game The Isabella and Ferdinand stories include their establishment of the Inuisition subjugation and Christianization of the Canary Islands completion of the Reconuista and expulsion of the Jews from Spain illustrating European doctrines of conuest enslavement and involuntary conversion and how the sovereigns ruled over Old World peoples before encountering Native Americans The Columbus stories portray his pre 1492 sailing experiences and the evolution of his world outlook and his thoughts during the encounters embody the concepts underlying the European subjugation of Native Americans over the following centuries Stark societal differences are illustrated with the Europeans practicing African slavery and the Taínos sharing food as communal propertyA Sources section briefly discusses interpretations of historians and anthropologists contrary to the author’s presentation as well as issues of academic disagreemen. Encounters Unforeseen 1492 Retold by Andrew Rowen is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in early NovemberA nearly epic tale told anew of Christopher Columbus and his 1492 voyage across the Atlantic to the Caribbean to meet with the Taino tribe a perspective not often heard about but who had long since lived and traversed between the islands by canoe I was really bowled over by this account since it's informed by anthropological and historical research and voyage logs between 1455 1493; clear descriptions of each person and their intentplace in the narrative; and aspects about the situation that I'd never heard about before ie the incentive of a life pension of 10000 maravedis per year for any sailor that would find land over 750 leagues away from 'the Sea of Darkness' Christopher changing his name from Cristoforo to Cristovao to Cristobal as he changes fealty and vassalage between Genoa Portugal and Spain and the settlement of Hispanola dissolving into lawlessness polygamy and redistributed gold in Columbus' absence

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After 525 years the traditional literature recounting the history of Columbus’s epic voyage and first encounters with Native Americans remains Eurocentric focused principally whether pro or anti Columbus on Columbus and the European perspective A historical novel Encounters Unforeseen 1492 Retold now dramatizes these events from a bicultural perspective fictionalizing the beliefs thoughts and actions of the Native Americans who met Columbus side by side with those of Columbus and other Europeans all based on a close reading of Columbus’s Journal other primary sources and anthropological studiesThe drama alternates among three Taíno chieftains Caonabó Guacanagarí and Guarionex and a Taíno youth Columbus captures Spain’s ueen Isabella and King Ferdinand and Columbus himself It depicts the education loves and marriages and other life experiences each brought to the unforeseen encounters and then their astonishment fears and objectives in 1492 and 1493 The focus includes the Taíno “discovery” of Europe when Columbus hauls the captive and other Taínos back to Spain as well as the chieftains’ reactions to the abusive garrison of. What a delightful historical account of the REAL story of Columbus's journey to the new world in 1492 I love that 'Encounters Unforeseen 1492 Retold' finally gives the human story of the interaction between the Europeans as well as the Tainos perspective The author depicts all of the men and women as real people All were taken off of the pedestal They had their good sides they had their bad side They all had wants desires and destinies that made them all humanI truly enjoyed reading Encounters Unforeseen It's a book that I encourage the reader to slowly savor and reflect as they read We've been fed so much BS over the years that it's difficult to see Columbus as an unknown who just wanted funding to travel Basically the same dream most humans still have in today's world I'd love to see the author have a special cruise set up so that the readers can journey in the footsteps of all of the places he traveled to research this magnificent factual account of Columbus's travels As well as the travels of the Tainos who traveled back with Columbus to discover Europe Hey they were real people too and don't think they didn't lust after the same dreams of ColumbusI easily see this novel becoming a must read in American history classes from junior high to graduate level It only took 525 years to get what is probably the best recorded historical account that gives the full bi cultural perspective Well worth the money well worth the time to savor and devour Enjoy as I know I certainly did

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Encounters UnforeseenSeamen Columbus leaves behind in the Caribbean Throughout the Taíno protagonists are neither merely victims nor statistics but personalities and actors comparable to the European and their side of the story is forcefully toldThe novel weaves a fascinating tapestry of scenes and dialogues from the historical record often incorporating text from primary sources Isabella plots her dynastic marriage argues with Ferdinand over who’s supreme and wages war to expand their kingdoms The chieftains take multiple wives to consolidate their rules vie to marry the beautiful Anacaona and battle Caribe raiders An unknown Columbus conceives a fanciful voyage marries advantageously to promote it and yet suffers an agonizing decade of ridicule and rejection Guacanagarí rescues Columbus when the Santa María sinks but Caonabó uestions Guacanagarí’s generosity and Guarionex is vexed having witnessed a religious prophecy of Taíno genocide inflicted by a “clothed people” Columbus teaches his captive Christianity initiating the following centuries’ collision of Christianity with Native American religion and spiritsThe Taíno stories depict both ev. A fascinating work and a fiercely researched rebuttal of the one sided often grossly inaccurate version of Christopher Columbus' journey that you probably learned in your American History class