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READ & DOWNLOAD ↠ The Hunger ´ After having travelled west for weeks the party of pioneers comes to a crossroads It is time for their leader George Donner to make a choice They face two diverging paths which lead to the same destination One is well documented – the other untested but rumoured to be shorterDonner’s decision will shape the lives ofAfter having travelled west for weeks the party of pioneers comes to a crossroads It is time for their leader George Donner to make a choice They face two diverging paths which lead to the same destination One is well documented – the other untested but rumoured to be shorterDonner’s decision will shape the l. Maybe it takes one demon to keep the others away He paused His eyes glistened with tears now Lucifer had been an angel first I always remember thatIs it okay to say that I devoured this bookSeriously I picked this book up after I had read The Indifferent Stars Above The Harrowing saga of the Donner party It's wonderful and I highly recommend it I was worried that I would not like this book as much I had read some positive reviews of this book and even Stephen King endorsed it so I was very excited to start it But I was also apprehensive as I often find I am not on the bandwagon with hyped books Plus would I hold it up to the high standard of The Indifferent Stars AboveThe first chapter I was worried It started a little slow for me But I kept reading and let me tell you this book has some teeth Okay bad pun This book drew me in and showed it has legs and can stand on its own merit This is a re telling of the Donner party with a supernatural element involved The Author mixed history with fiction effortlessly She gave personalities and back stories to the characters and often I wondered about the survivor’s family members would approve If this book starts slowly for you – keep with it It sucks you in and there is not going backWe all know about the wagon train knows as the Donner party and how they faced tragedy when faced with horrific snow hungerstarvation failing mental and physical health The Author uses some supernatural elements to bring on the creep and bring a little horror to the story Are they being followed Is something sinister out there in the dark Could animals be stalking them What dangers lies in the dark What danger lies in the heart of menMaking the book even suspenseful is the belief that one among them is a witch there are secret relationships deaths and of course the hardships of the trail itself There are a lot of characters in this book but I had no issues keeping track of them I also liked that the trail and the landscape itself felt like characters This book was atmospheric and creepy There is a feeling of dread throughout this book Life was hard back then The trail was hard Trying to survive on a day to day basis is hard and it makes people hard as well As the group begins to dwindle in number they begin to wonder what evil lies in wait for them is it out there or has it been with them the entire timeHitch up your wagons and load your supplies because you are in for a journey along the eerie and riveting pages of this bookSee of my reviews at wwwopenbookpostcom


Pear As the survivors turn against each other a few begin to realise that the threat they face reaches beyond the fury of the natural elements to something primal and far deadlyBased on the true story of the Donner Party The Hunger is an eerie shiver inducing exploration of human nature pushed to its breaking poi. Having finished another novel on the Oregon Trail I decided to read The Hunger which had been on my list for a long time The title is meaningful as although the story concentrates around the Donner families and those who travelled in the train with them it is the hunger that is the main motif Ms Katsu included the element of horror into her novel and I think it was a splendid idea and the tragic finale is the conseuence of all horrors that the main characters carry with themselves and of all mistakes they make

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The HungerIves of everyone travelling with him The searing heat of the desert gives way to biting winds and a bitter cold that freezes the cattle where they stand Driven to the brink of madness the ill fated group struggles to survive and minor disagreements turn into violent confrontations Then the children begin to disap. I need therapy after this bookHoly crap Someone show me a puppy video STAT I may have nightmares tonightOkay so the biggest thing that will fuck you up is that you know this book is based upon a true story Yes it gets strange and has a paranormal thing that comes in but you also know that these are real people who ended up eating each other in real life So you know how absolutely fucked they were to get to that point They had been traveling together for months How desperate were they that cannibalism came into play How do they look at another human being whom they knew well and see meatSo going in you know this story is going to be disturbing even if it kept strictly to the facts that we know from history But nooooooo that wasn't disturbing enough Our beloved author took that fucked up story from history and just went to town on making it so much darker that you will feel your heart blackening as you go I seriously need to ride a unicorn or eat a rainbow to recover from this shitFucking cats I really needed that shitWe follow the Donner Party on their journey and get to know several of the characters up close and personal Most of them are heading west to run away from their problems Which I wholly approve of It's really the only way I will do any running Running from my problems is my cardio hey don't knock it til you've tried it Yeah Denial The thing to remind yourself is that the Donner Party story doesn't end on a happy note I mean how do we even know about these people When you think Donner Party you aren't thinking about a fabulous vacation with food and love stories all around So you know it's gonna suckThe story is so well written that you can feel the desperation and isolation that builds as the story goes on You feel like you are on this giant death march but you are the only one who knows the outcome You want to smack them when they make stupid decisions that you know what they will lead to It's frustrating depressing and horrifyingBut just a bunch of people who ended up eating each other wasn't enough No There are monsters out there And the secrets that I mentioned that many of them were running from There are monsters in their party Plus the suffering desperation and isolation There are monsters being created on the road All together a hell of a lot of monsters There are tons of triggers in this story so only read it if you want to be mind fucked I am literally nauseous right now as I smell my husband cooking So that's the cannibalism There is also lots of death obviously and the sexual abuse of children Incest and spousal abuse are indicated too Still if you can stomach it you will lovehate this book