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Walkable City Rules Read ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Nearly every US city would like to be walkable—for reasons of health wealth and the environment—yet few are taking the proper steps to get there The goals are often clear but the path is seldom easy Jeff Speck’s follow up to his bestselling Walkable City is the resourceNearly every US city would like to be walkable for reasons of health wealth and the environment yet few are taking the proper steps to get there The goals are often clear but the path is seldom easy Jeff Speck’s follow up to his bestselling Walkable City is the resource that cities and citizens need to usher in an era of renewed street life Walkable  City Rules is a doer’s g. “We used to build great cities before the automobile” writes Jeff Speck in his introduction Now every community wants walkability as its special sauce a central goal that can improve every city Walkable City How Downtown Can Save America One Step at a Time is for readers Speck says Walkable City Rules is for doers A hundred and one rules here each a two page assertion supported by data and discussion Ten years ago we would have considered much of this book outlandish Speck writes But now these rules define achievable best practices in North America Favorites Rule 7 Push for local schools Schools belong in neighborhoods In the sixties half of all American children walked or biked to school Now twelve percent do I grew up in that half that walked to and from school Rule 2125 Redesign your bus network In most cities the bus serves as the public transit workhorse A modern transit system provides freuent service in the dense areas The modern model favors density of ridership rather than coverage of the area In the next year or two Milwaukee will launch its first network overhaul in a generation Do not mistake ride sharing for transit Ride hailing services may reduce drunk driving but it is bad for traffic and transit These services cannibalize the local transit system while keeping cars on the streetsRule 30 Open a street to pedestrians State Street in Madison a big college town proves the success Rule 55 It is safer to concentrate cyclists on fewer routes where drivers expect to see them Strength in number Rule 74 Keep signals simple The ideal crossing signal for people who walk gives a head start of a few seconds before the drivers get a green light New York City found that these light cycles reduced crashes and crash severity Here pedestrians may get a head start of a second or two Rule 7879 Put trees everywhere Trees protect sidewalks They reduce crashes and shape the space Street trees absorb stormwater with a mature one drinking the first half inch of every rainfall Trees absorb pollutants while reducing urban heat islands Space most urban trees thirty feet apart Also plant them in the median Rule 88 Make interesting places The concept of an active facade reuires a window or door every ten feet The goal Blur the distinction between shop and sidewalk Nobody wants to walk for a minute past a dull facade But here we do just that where Whole Foods fronts on a busy corridor of walkers bikers transit and traffic Customers eat at an elevated window counter giving pedestrians a view of knees and shins A few years later in the next block a new branch library fronts on the same corridor a natural opportunity for an active and engaging entrance Instead we enter on a dark side street while the boring front facade offers nothing at eye level Two wasted opportunities in two blocks Maybe the next generation will fix that in fifty or a hundred years As an update to its store Whole Foods is building a bar that will open to semi permanent seating on the sidewalk We’ll see Rule 94 Conduct a walkability study An audit examines the categories of walkability including safe useful and comfortableRule 102103 My rules in addition to the ones from Jeff Speck Enforce the laws No wheels on the sidewalk Bikes and scooters belong in the street Use the bike lanes And the city needs to enforce the bus and no parking zones Flagrant violations happen all day long Cones and flashers does not give trucks and cars the right to block these protected areas Also define no parking zones and bus stops with yellow paint a cheap uick and easy eye catcher“Read this book twice and you could be ualified for the planning commission” — Jeff Speck “The most relevant writer and thinker of his generation on the subject of city planning” — Ron Bogle American Architectural Foundation Jeff Speck drew on the wisdom of many people and their books Human Transit How Clearer Thinking about Public Transit Can Enrich Our Communities and Our Lives Streetfight Handbook for an Urban Revolution Start Up City Inspiring Private and Public Entrepreneurship Getting Projects Done and Having Fun The High Cost of Free Parking Green Metropolis What the City Can Teach the Country About True Sustainability A note on style and design Those two letter postal codes belong on mail not in running text where we should use the abbreviation for each state The postal code appears as a jarring upper case eye catcher that distracts from the content The style of this book formats each postal code this way open parenthesis the two upper case letters close parenthesis XX One paragraph lists seventy two places with twenty eight of the smaller cities taking postal codes Posting this on National Walking Day mil WALK ee Walk It’s our middle name

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Uide to making change in cities and making it now   The 101 rules are practical yet engaging worded for arguments at the planning commission illustrated for clarity and packed with specifications as well as data For ease of use the rules are grouped into 19 chapters that cover everything from selling walkability to getting the parking right escaping automobilism making comfortab. If you've read Walkable City I don't know that there's much new here but it's approachable There are 101 smaller rules about how to fix cities and make them friendly to pedestrians It's clearly geared to local politicians and city planners but I am neither and I loved it If you love your city you'll love this book

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Walkable City RulesLe spaces and interesting places and doing it now   Walkable City was written to inspire;  Walkable City Rules was written to enable It is the most comprehensive tool available for bringing the latest and most effective city planning practices to bear in your community The content and presentation make it a force multiplier for place makers and change makers everywhere    ?. A few years ago Jeff Speck wrote the excellent book Walkable City in which he explained that a walkable place is one where walking is useful safe comfortable and interestingWhat does this book add Detail For exampleInstead of merely stating that cities can make walking useful by mixing uses he suggests form based codes that regulate building form instead of use and suggests that cities accommodate children by placing playgrounds and parks within a short walk of every householdInstead of merely urging cities to build public transit he suggests that cities create a Freuent Service Network for buses and that buses in this network have extended hours To make buses run faster he suggests allowing the bus to run in a dedicated lane unimpeded by traffic