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Read & download Ì eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB µ Kaytalin Platt Ul to his Together they've conspired against Saran's father―a fanatical king who worships the world ending demon inside Keleir a being known as the Vel d'Ekaru When Saran risks everything to save a village of innocent people the king rips her magic away splintering the wall she built around Keleir's h. I was sent a copy of this by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This book was a pleasant surprise I loved the main characters and their story and how the main character struggles with her place in the worldIt did take a while for me to get the hang of the world As a reader you are thrown right into the action which I liked and slowly you are told about the characters their relation to each other and what’s happening There are three worlds the first where magic still exists; the second that has no magic and where the people are starting to drain its resources; and finally the third world where nothing grows and no natural life exists except for the people of that world I enjoyed this division of the different worlds but it did feel a bit weird to read about visits to and from the second world which is our world Saran is a princess and a time mage and she is also secretly working with the rebels to overthrow her father the cruel king She is linked to Keleir her love and his brother Rowe Keleir is a victim of a demon like parasite called the Oruke who lives between the worlds and is able to enter the world by entering children in the womb and slowly taking over until nothing of the child exists any But Saran managed to close off the Oruke and pull Keleir to the surface again But he is still struggling with the presence inside of him even so when Saran is punished and her magical powers bound I enjoyed the relationship between Keleir and Saran very much and it was beautifully written As well as the relationship between Saran and Keleir’s brother Rowe I also loved how the magic is portrayed in this book where the magic wielders have one magical skill time fire ice lightning etc I always love a good struggleredemption story and this certainly has one of those I look forward to reading the next book in this series

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The Living God Free download ¶ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ë In a land of magic where parallel worlds are just a portal away a civil war ragesSaran and Keleir are elemental mages bound by love and sorcery one destined to rule a kingdom the other to destroy it Five years ago Saran reached into Keleir Ahriman's heart and impriso Eart Powerless and desperate Saran struggles to see her rebellion finishing and stop Keleir from becoming the Vel d'Ekaru―the Living GodIn a world that is eual parts magic and political intrigue heroine and hero must now battle their way back to each other if they are to overcome their doomed destinie. I received a complimentary copy of this book Opinions expressed in this review are completely my ownWorld Building 55Characters 55Plot 35Overall 455Whenever I read work from an author new to me I like to keep an open mind and not hold them to the standards of my auto buy authors I may be jumping the gun here but I need to make room in my bookshelves for this series and this author Kaytalin PlattFirst off the world building is fantastic There are three worlds involved in this story First Second and Third The majority of the story takes place in First while Second is our world and Third is a planet on the brink of death from exploiting its natural resources Movement between the worlds is possible through magic but most magic is found on First The magic system is well done Those who wield magic on First are called Mages and they control elements such as fire lightning earth ice and even time The history and cultures are well placed throughout the story to help the plot I never felt bogged down in exposition which is always nice I loved visiting different parts of First and seeing how the world’s shared history religions and magic affected different cultures I am absolutely enthralled in this world buildingThe characters already have my heart Saran our Time Mage and Princess of Adrid is a warrior who wants nothing than to live peacefully with her lover Keleir and her best friend Rowe But fighting her father’s wars secretly being a leader in the rebellion against him and the threat of Keleir losing control of the demon inside him keep that dream from becoming real Keleir is a Fire Mage born with a demon inside him For much of his life he had no control of his body when the demon controlled him and he became the Lifesbain of the kingdom killing thousands for his king Having been saved by Saran 5 years ago he aims to never allow the demon to control him again with Saran helping keep the demon at bay He just can’t dodge his past and his reputation as the kingdom’s most fearsome warrior Rowe is my favorite The most tortured of the three for the sins of his past he desires for redemption at any cost Gifted by visions and haunted by his bloodthirsty choices as well as a complicated past with Saran and Keleir he’s got a lot going on The many characters throughout the story already have long and complicated relationships with each other but the explanations are short and natural The plot I have to say was the weakest point The story starts out with a bang We begin in the middle of a battle and we see Saran in full use of her power to control time to save a village All the main characters are established as hardened warriors in their mid to late twenties possibly even early thirties for Keleir The first third of the book is great lots of movement Court intrigue and many great moments It’s the middle part that lags even though so much happens and our characters are spread apart if just drags for some reason The final third of the story really kicks off with twists and turns with an excellent endOverall I’m sold on this series It’s a solid debut and I can’t wait to see what happens next

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The Living GodIn a land of magic where parallel worlds are just a portal away a civil war ragesSaran and Keleir are elemental mages bound by love and sorcery one destined to rule a kingdom the other to destroy it Five years ago Saran reached into Keleir Ahriman's heart and imprisoned the demon within him tying her so. The Living God sounded interesting enough While the story is engaging it's too slow for my taste A faster tempo would have made a big difference in the overall picture The excitement factor was absent Unfortunately I dragged through and got bored with the story Thanks to NetGalley for an arc in exchange for an honest review