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D most irrational hopes creating a distorted vision of the world we live inThis revised and updated edition includes coverage of the ClintonLewinsky scandal recent election campaigns talk radio teen suicide UFO abductions the Columbine shootings and novel propaganda tactics based on hypocrisy and false allegatio. Whatever your personal politicsculture propaganda is all around us in convincing us to buy things we don’t want to vote against our interests and to distract from the matter in life for which we’re responsibleIt starts from childhood with toys and entertainment and it’s worth helping children in age appropriate ways to understand motives and strategies in how messages are tailored to them rather than hoping to avoid the problem by not participating in mainstream culture

SUMMARY Age of Propaganda The Everyday Use and Abuse of Persuasion

Age of Propaganda The Everyday Use and Abuse of PersuasionAmericans create 57% of the world's advertising while representing only 6% of its population; half of our waking hours are spent immersed in the mass media Persuasion has always been integral to the democratic process but increasingly thoughtful discussion is being replaced with simplistic soundbites and manipul. I bought this book after Ramit Sethi's recommendation on the Tim Ferris podcast I didn’t know much going in so it was a surprising readThis book promises to help you identify all the forms of persuasion and also teach you tactics to respond or counteract various forms of persuasion Is this promise realized That is hard to say The book does a great job of identifying the various forms and persuasion and the 4 persuasion phases pre persuasion communicator credibility message delivery and emotional appeals All 4 phases were fascinating in their own way Frankly I was not always impressed by the tons of researched shared by the authors since I had come across them over and over again in other books For example using Jim Jones is a terrific albeit overused example of a religious charlatan especially without a compelling or fresh perspective I have also heard of the story where subliminal messaging in an movie theater led some patrons to feel hungry and crave coke or popcorn Sales increased by a huge percentageThe book closes by sharing ways to avoid malicious types of persuasion1 Know the different forms of persuasion and know you if you are susceptible to them Spoiler alert you probably are susceptible to various forms of persuasion 2 Whenever a deal looks too good to be true it probably is; inuire insistently to confirm your thoughts positive or otherwise3 Regularly look at both sides of the coin If you had a representative from the other side what would they say4 Teach your children about propaganda and find ways to further inoculate them Interesting ways of doing so are helping them understand the key differences between what is advertised and what the product actually offers Oftentimes there is a discrepancy5 Be a staunch supporter of efforts to curtail persuasion towards groups susceptible to it Children are a good example 6 Avoid getting your information from just one source For example do not get all your news from MSNBC or worse FOX NEWS 7 News can sometimes be dry and boring See it as such Expectations for news programs should be much different from what you get from an action packed thriller with Tom Cruise as the protagonist 8 Pay attention to the communication style of the people you interact with It’s often very telling9 Demand TV shows that bring together marketers customers and businesses to discuss the unfair practices of persuasion pertaining to advertisingLet me discuss the four phases brieflyPre persuasion This involves setting the stage for your persuasion; mainly contextCommunicator credibility This speaks to the manufactured or real credibility of the person delivering the messageHow the message is delivered This focuses on the different techniues such as packaging self selling repetition singing distraction one sided vs two sided debateEmotional appeals This speaks to how individuals receive the messages There are several tactics hereFear Used optimally it could force an individual to change significantly You must ensure that the fear you instill is not one where the individual feels helpless or feels they can not do anything about it The fear induced must be substantial and also provide action items to help one get out of such fearGranfallon techniue Association by anything at all This is where when you meet someone or you are trying to persuade someone you find as many similarities between you twoMe “You went to UVA “Me “OH so did I”Me “You like collard greens”You “Yes”Me “Who would have thunk it We have so much in common”It is used all the time by sales persons They start by learning as much from you as they can And as soon as they can they use such information against youGuilt Guilt sells Let someone feel guilty enough about an action and their guard falls You are able to persuade them a tad easier Reciprocation Human beings are wired to give back when someone is good to us That a great way to persuade When someone does something generous we feel compelled to do the same for them It is one way various religions and marketing firms have been able to take advantage of people The Hare Krishna religion and the Amway direct selling come to mind Committed heart This is another astute way of persuading Get folks to commit a little bit at a time When you do the research on cults and other organizations where their followers committed atrocious acts in the name of religion you realize they did not get there overnight They slowly committed themselves The leader’s reuests slowly escalates; the current reuest is usually a tad ridiculous than the lastPractice what you preach Another way to persuade folks is to get them to spread your message and then turn around and ask them if they applying those principles in their daily lives – booyaaaScarcity Want to spark interest in something Tell people it is the only one of its kindTo wrap this up I have picked up uite a few techniues When and if I want to be as persuasive as possible I need to get a better understanding of the context; situational awareness if you will I will also have to make sure I am projected in the right light to persuade Either I am an expert or I believe passionately in the stance I have taken Looking the part is key fit speaking confidently and becoming an expert in various disciplinesWhen it comes to message delivery this is key as well The message must be delivered almost as an advert using the right words tone and demeanor It would also be helpful to repeat key phrases often Lastly when it comes to delivery decide to use the one sided or two sided One sided works best when the audience is on your side and you could do not wrong A two sided argument works best when you are trying to convince folks on the fence It gives them the impression that you are aware of the arguments against your proposalI would also need to agree on which emotion to appeal to fear granfallon guilt reciprocation step by step commitment leading by example or scarcity

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FREE DOWNLOAD ó Age of Propaganda The Everyday Use and Abuse of Persuasion ì Americans create 57% of the world's advertising while representing only 6% of its population; half of our waking hours are spent immersed in the mass media Persuasion has always been integral to the democratic process but increasinAtive messagesDrawing on the history of propaganda as well as on contemporary research in social psychology Age of Propaganda shows how the tactics used by political campaigners sales agents advertisers televangelists demagogues and others often take advantage of our emotions by appealing to our deepest fears an. Everyone should have to read this book Fascinating