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A Song for Gwendolyn Brooks Summary Ó 100 ê “A stirring accessible introduction to Gwendolyn Brooks and a must have for all elementary collections” — School Library Journal Starred review“The combination of biography and Brooks' own poems makes for a strong useful and beautiful text A solid introduction to a brilliant writer”— “A stirring accessible introduction to Gwendolyn Brooks and a must have for all elementary collections” School Library Journal Starred review“The combination of biography and Brooks' own poems makes for a strong useful and beautiful text A solid introduction to a brilliant writer” KirkusAcclaimed writer Alice Faye Duncan tells the story of poet Gwendol. I am grateful for this picture book about Brooks The use of Brooks’ “furious flower” uoteimagery and the references to “We Real Cool” made me smileAt times the narrative felt choppy with a weak free verse style lacking in the power of Brooks’ poetics And some of the digital illustrations are flatYet I do love it and am grateful this book exists telling the story of our first Black Pulitzer Prize winner the mother poet of Chicago and of all the furious flowers

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Ingly nurtured by her parents Brooks ultimately published 20 books of poetry two autobiographies and one novel Alice Faye Duncan has created her own song to celebrate Gwendolyn’s life and work illuminating the tireless struggle of revision and the sweet reward of success Included on the Chicago Public Libraries list of Best Informational Books for Young Readers. Faye Duncan’s A Song for Gwendolyn Brooks recounts Brooks’ life in carefully crafted verses and introduces readers to Brooks’ own work through sensitively selected poems Xia Gordon’s evocative images pair well with the text creating a meditative mood with pictures that at times appear to glow The brightness of Gordon’s illustrations magnifies the light of Brooks’ words and Duncan’s remarkable tribute to themReaders are introduced to Brooks as an 8 year old girl suatting next to a flower as she ponders if it can grow without sunlight Brooks herself did not have to grow without sunlight beamed on as she was by adoring parents a message cleverly woven throughout the book in both image and textDuncan describes young Brooks as a little girl whose head is “filled with snappy rhymes” She is depicted as ostracized by other children but loved fiercely within her home In one vignette a teacher accuses Brooks of plagiarizing and her furious mother rushes to the school in her defense Brooks creates a beautiful poem on the spot to demonstrate that she “writes and speaks with the finest ease”As Brooks matures her parents continue to nourish her literary talent They shield her from household chores and paid labor As a result Brooks “learns to labor for the love of words” She perfects her drafts publishes joins a Black poetry group enters poetry contests wins poetry contests eventually wins a Pulitzer Prize and it is no longer a small circle of loved ones believing in her geniusFamily and poetry are the two foundations of Brooks’ life foregrounded in Duncan’s brilliant and accessible picture book Importantly Duncan does not weigh the text down with too much detail She lets the story breath and encourages children and adults to continue their research A detailed author’s note as well as a timeline provided at the end of the book offer readers information about Brooks’ commendable community involvement and place her work within the Black Arts MovementThis picture book will be of interest to children who enjoy biographies histories and poetry I highly recommend it for inclusion in school and home libraries It is a beautifully told story of one of America’s finest poetsThis book will be available January 1 2019 I received a review copy from the author

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A Song for Gwendolyn BrooksYn Brooks the first Black author to win the Pulitzer Prize SING a song for Gwendolyn Brooks Sing it loud a Chicago blues   With a voice both wise and witty Gwendolyn Brooks crafted poems that captured the urban Black experience and the role of women in society She grew up on the South Side of Chicago reading and writing constantly from a young age her talent lov. For young readers who do not know of Gwendolyn Brooks who do not know she was the first black writer who won the Pulitzer Prize who do not know how her passion for words guided her from a very early age this is a marvelous introduction to her In an array of pink to brown tones created by Xia Gordon Alice Faye Duncan writer of Memphis Martin and the Mountaintop writes her own free verse poetry about Gwendolyn and includes some of Gwendolyn's poems too Those poems are numbered by Roman numerals I through X In school this poet was already watching and listening as writers do and wrote her first poem at age seven in 1924 Each part begins with the title challenge to sing a song for Gwendolyn Brooks as important parts of her life are told Kids play They boast and bullyThey 'signify' but she stands alone She lives on Chicago's South Side can be found sitting on the stoop of their building always watching The story tells how much her parents support her let her out of chores so she can write Her mother takes her hand to march off to school to confront the teacher who has accused her of plagiarism She sits right down and writes a terrific most apt poem titled Forgive and Forget From research Gordon shows how much Gwendolyn cares about the words the right words as draft after draft is writtenre written She joins a group of black writers who study the great poets like with a poetry teachers She falls in love with the right man who also supports her work and they rent two rooms where she continues to write They have two children; Gwen has already published books is very popular and is awarded the Pulitzer Prize in between the births of those children She shines as her parents have long known And this biography does too a loving introduction to this famous poet There is an author's note a timeline suggested readings and a bibliography in the back matter Gwendolyn Brooks was the 29th poet laureate of the Library of Congress continued to earn award honors until her death in 2000 You may know her most anthologized poem We Real Cool