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FREE READ ↠ ERODING WITNESS (National Poetry Series) È Poetry African American Studies Back in stock in limited uantities Eroding Witness was selected by Michael S Harper as one of five volumes published in 1985 in the National Poetry Series I wake up mumbling I'm not at the music's mercy think damned if I'm not but keep the tIs available from SPD Many other publications by Mackey are also available from SPD including Whatsaid Serif City Lights Djbot Baghostus's Run Sun Moon and the CD Strick Song of Andoumboulou 16 25 Spoken Engin. Mackey begins here with what becomes a lifelong esoteric journey of infamy and acclaim but also strange obscurity too Most of the time I haven’t the slightest idea what he’s talking about but still find myself drawn into his mystic pull the occasional rhythmic incantation and what to me is a uniue combination of words placed into a difficult syntax


Poetry African American Studies Back in stock in limited uantities Eroding Witness was selected by Michael S Harper as one of five volumes published in 1985 in the National Poetry Series I wake up mumbling I'm. Eroding Witness glows with the elemental light of 'secret things' from African ceremonial rituals and wisdom A book of initiation and ancient prophecy it reverberates with mythic and ancestral names Osiris Isis Anubis Ghede the Andoumboulou the Nommo Ogotemmêli spirits Mackey invokes in meditations on his own life and on the lives and work of John Coltrane Jimi Hendrix Don Cherry and othersfrom the back coverSecret Things1They ask herwhat she'd thinkif what shethought was rockshook and rumbled like hunger ifwhat moved insidethe rock wasnot itsblood bu anitch on theirtongue Andwhere the boneswhat it wasthey'd be refusedits care loveuit its rattlewhile whatblood was inthe rock wentto theirheads jeads wetwith voiceseach its owneach as itwas the way theywere besidethemselves2There was a man it seems whispered himselfthru hisfingers a cloth betweenher legs the fabricwet from herinside herragged crotch whohen she'd risewould look himdown or soshe'd say Andthis man she sayswalks thruher house hasno clotheson and carrieshimself like herTwin Walks herwhere when itrains it not onlypours butappears to besun And burns likesalt the sanddoes and theredoes a dance untilthe sun cracksher lips thecracks bleed Theblood cooksdrought luresthe witchtoward where thebank they standon is Theythrow her inand that the riverwet her hairpredicted rain The Shower of Secret Things pg 14 16OsirisSpreading her night'sgarment of stars' knottedlight whose raggededges which are lipsimpress a kiss uponthe worldDulled hammers workedas in a road of wetcement where inthe heat smells carrylike soundBut at the brim of hercupped hands curescomeout of trees recall Osirisback to life betweenher lipsBad clouds out across the hillsto the westannounce the wetflash of Huracan'sthigh Outer Egypt pg 62Jimi HendrixA black tantricsnake I dreamtwo days to themorning I dieslipping upthru my throatslithers outlike the vomit I'llbe choked bycan't gigantic seven'headedsnake sticks outone head at a time Mustbe this hiss myguitar's beenrehearsingsits me down bywhere the salt water crosses the sweet Self searching twitchthe scrawnylight of itscarriage brokensealit stark ness furtivesea of regretsBut not re duced by whatI knew would notmatter woke to see no onecaress the arisenwonder's dreamt ofthigh Deathenters a slackcircle whisperingslapping handsbeauty baitedlike a hook hurtmuse at whosefeet whateverfruit I'd give goesabruptly bad Must be thishiss my guitar'sbeen rehearsinglizarduicktongues likethey were licking the skyMust be thishiss my guitar's beenrehearsing theselizarduick tongueslike theywere lickingthe skyDown on my knees testingnotes withmy teeth alwaysknew a day'dcome I'dput my wings outand fly Black Snake Visitation for Jimi Hendrix pg 19 21

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ERODING WITNESS National Poetry SeriesNot at the music's mercy think damned if I'm not but keep the thought to myself Capricorn Rising Nathaniel Mackey a native of Miami Florida currently teaches at UC Santa Cruz He edits the magazine Hambone which. One of Nathaniel Mackey’s earliest books of poetry Eroding Witness begins what seems to be perhaps a lifelong exploration of some of Mackeys central themes In the brief preface to the work Michael Harper remarks how Mackey’s poems are about “prophecy and initiationbut don’t explainare the sounds of a mythmaker in the midst of a ceremonial talk” a sentiment that could be held true for much of his work The beginning poems of Eroding Witness are characterized perhaps most easily by both their brevity and disjointedness It is common for Mackey to begin a thought or sentence in one stanza and then continue it into the next breaking mid thought it would seem before almost twisting it into something entirely different An exampletongues Andwhere the boneswhat it was they’d be refused 14This style of almost a chopped up stream of consciousness continues until the “Ghede Poem” which not only has less choppy line breaks but of a rhythmic flow as a whole There are songs of the Andoumbolou which Mackey seems to attempt to use as a commentary on the creations of myths or oral tradition There are epistolaries within the songs such as in the 6th one when a mysterious character N writes to the Angel of Dust in regards to Song 3 As an early work of Mackey’s Eroding Witness certainly provides an introduction both to Mackey’s style as well as the complexity of the subjects he is yet to conuer