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Read & Download Magic Ramen: The Story of Momofuku Ando Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Inspiration struck when Momofuku Ando spotted the long lines for a simple bowl of ramen following World War II Magic Ramen tells the true story behind the creation of one of the world's most popular foodsEvery day MomofM a full stomach he believedDay after day Ando experimented Night after night he failed But Ando kept experimentingWith persistence creativity and a little inspiration Ando succeeded This is the true story behind one of the world's most popular foo. A picture book biography of Momofuku Ando who invented instant noodlesI love how this picture book biography really brings across all the trial and error of invention and the ways that failures are part of the process to success I also had no idea that the creator of instant noodles was inspired to create something cheap that anyone could afford to help alleviate hunger Make sure you read the further info in the back of the book about how Ando kept on inventing even into old age even inventing food for astronauts Instant noodles are pretty ubiuitous here in Asia even so than in the US where they are still pretty prevalent so I love that this book introduces the person behind this mealsnack that our students enjoy on a regular basis and the heart behind his invention Highly recommended to kids who are tempted to give up easily instant noodle lovers immigrant story fans Ando was a Taiwanese immigrant to Japan and those looking for stories of inspirational people

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Lab a little shed in his backyard For years he'd dreamed about making a new kind of ramen noodle soup that was uick convenient and tasty for the hungry people he'd seen in line for a bowl on the black market following World War II Peace follows fro. I probably never would have picked this book up were it not for the high ratings here The cover art didn't appeal to me at all and I didn't think a story about ramen would be particularly interesting I'm glad I gave it a try It's a great story and I most definitely recommend itSo mostly I've always thought of instant ramen as that poor college student fare and not particularly healthy I never really wondered where it came from or why it was created So imagine my surprise when I learned that it sprang out of post WWII Japan as a way to provide families devastated by the war with an affordable easy and healthy meal Momofuku Ando was deeply troubled by the long lines of hungry people shivering in ragged clothes waiting to pay outrageous prices for a meager bowl of ramen soup and that was the people lucky enough to be able to afford a hot meal orphans scrounged in the garbage the very poor ate bark and grass to survive Ando couldn't get the images out of his mind or heart The world is peaceful only when everyone has enough to eat he realized So he dreamed of ways to help feed people This led to the creation of instant ramen I loved the way he persevered in working on the recipe pushing through setbacks always trying to improve both flavor and nutritional value never veering from his uest to keep it affordable to the masses If I have one uibble it's that I would have liked a little backstory about Ando what was his job prior to beginning to create magic noodles did he have any cooking experience did something from his past make him particularly sensitive to the needs of the poor or was it a kind of epiphany From the Afterward we learn that he was born in Taiwan and immigrated to Japan as a young man but that's about all the background we get Perhaps not much is known about his early life No sources or suggestions for further reading are mentioned Still I apprecated the pronunciation guide as well as the author's note about the use of given name or surname in Japan The illustrations may not be everyone's cup of tea but I actually ended up really enjoying them and think they are wonderfully suitable for the story I've watched a lot of Studio Ghibli films ; and these illustrations really remind me of the why those human characters are animated Urbanowicz lives in Japan and works in animation

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Magic Ramen The Story of Momofuku AndoInspiration struck when Momofuku Ando spotted the long lines for a simple bowl of ramen following World War II Magic Ramen tells the true story behind the creation of one of the world's most popular foodsEvery day Momofuku Ando would retire to his. I loved this SO SO MUCHIt's the story of the inventor of instant ramen Momofuku Ando then this book is for you Such a gem and tells the story of how Ando invented instant ramen following the devastation of WWII About persistence trying over and over again and failing over and over again to achieve your goal and to help make people's lives better Boasts gorgeous illustrations that were absolutely captivating and lovely Perfect for kids who love biographical stories or even adults who love picture booksThank you so much to the author Andrea Wang for sending me a copy of this book to read and review