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Review ✓ Bringing Down A President ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ñ A middle grade retelling of Richard Nixon's downfall Bringing Down A President The Watergate Scandal is an inventive and timely look at one of the biggest scandals to ever rock our nation by Andrea Balis and Elizabeth Levy featuring graphic Nd Elizabeth Levy featuring graphic novel style illustrations by Tim FoleyComprised almost completely of primary source uotes good thing Nixon's recorder was on and interspersed with contextual narrative t. I think that this was a reasonably well written retelling of the Watergate robbery I don’t really understand the financial aspect of the coverup but I think I can sum that up to me not understanding a lot of political jargon I did really enjoy reading the second part of the story where everything began to unravel for Nixon so basically the social aspects of the whole story I did think that this was relatively balanced retelling of Watergate as in I didn’t see any bias when exploring why he did what he did but also letting the reader know that he lied a lot and thought himself above the law But the authors took care to tell both sides of the story and show a lot of different people’s thoughts on the subject which I really appreciate from them I feel much knowledgeable after reading this book so I would recommend it to others I also really liked the interesting font and pictures of the people involved plus the guide in the beginning showing names pictures and art of anyone of importance to the story was very helpful as I found myself flipping to the guide multiple times throughout reading this book

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A middle grade retelling of Richard Nixon's downfall Bringing Down A President The Watergate Scandal is an inventive and timely look at one of the biggest scandals to ever rock our nation by Andrea Balis a. E ARC provided by Edelweiss PlusUsing direct uotes from wide variety of participants in the Watergate scandal and investigation this book provides Fly on the Wall commentary on the events that happened from 1972 to 1974 with some additional back history about some of the people involved as well I had never realized what a comedy of errors the whole thing was breaking into the Watergate covering things up bribing people right and left Wow There is a marvelous illustration of some of the men who tried to hide out in a closet and got locked in that made me snort with laughter especially since it has a real Mad Magazine vibe to the line drawing This book does a great job at laying out events and explaining why things happened the way they did The tone is very matter of fact which could not have been an easy thing to do My goodness G Gordon Liddy He would have been fast friends with some current political figures today I think Oddly most of the people come out looking fairly sympathetic as well; they had jobs to do for reasons that seemed like a good idea at the time given the political environment It seemed almost completely ludicrous until I started trying to write a timeline of current political events in my mind Do I understand the Watergate Scandal better now Yes temporarily Like the bank failures of 1929 I suspect that I won't hold onto this understanding for long but this was a fantastic book I'll definitely be purchasing it it has enough information for research but its short length and plentiful illustrations will make it easier for students to pick up for pleasure as well Language arts teachers will appreciate the innovative style and ample use of primary source uotes

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Bringing Down A PresidentHis captivating account of the trials and tribulations of the Nixon Administration has been rendered screenplay style offering an extraordinarily immediate narrative of one of America's most turbulent eras. I thought this book was an interesting look at the Watergate Scandal and I actually learned a lot even though this topic was not new to me I enjoyed the fly on the wall perspective which made it seem like you had an inside look to what was happening in the room It included some curse words but they were within direct uotes and felt appropriate for getting the tone across I think it would also appeal to reluctant readers who may find that sort of thing edgy and interesting than a academic take on the subject I would say this is geared for a middle school or high school age Thanks to NetGalley the publisher for the chance to read an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review