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READ & DOWNLOAD ✓ The Promise of Happiness Ê She knew it was time to leave Determined to break the stranglehold of a selfish stepmother and stepbrother Becky left home She'd begin nursing again; make a home for herself and Pooch and Bertie the pets she'd brought with her Then at dawn on a rainy highway fate took a hand fate in the forShe knew it was time to leave Determined to break the stranglehold of a selfish stepmother and stepbrother Becky left home She'd begin nursing again; mak. I have a soft spot for romances and a couple of GR friends who adore Betty Neels so I checked my local library and found like 20 titles Apparently there are still a lot of Betty Neels fans out there 30 plus years after she did most of her writing they even refer to her as TGB The Great Betty So I read through the blurbs of several of her books in the library and picked out two that seemed most likely to appeal to my sensibilities this one and Roses and ChampagneRebecca Saunders is a Cinderella type of character a young British woman who's been living with an abusive stepmother and stepbrother who've basically turned her into an unpaid slave in their isolated country home threatening to kill her beloved old cat and dog if she doesn't cooperate So underfed and overworked Becky does at least until one day she overhears her stepbrother planning to kill the cat and dog So Becky takes off on her two feet walking several miles to a bus station with cat and dog in tow She gets picked up in the rain by a Dutch doctor Baron Tiele van something or other who ends up hiring Becky who is a nurse to take care of his elderly mother He thinks Becky is an unappealing timid little mouse and she pretty much is though she has a bit of spunk So Becky travels with the Baroness through several countries in Europe with the Baron popping up periodically and of course she falls in love with the Baron even though it's hopeless he has a gorgeous girlfriend etc etc You know where this is going but is the trip worth it Well it depends on your tastes in romancesThis is a rather cute retro type of romance It was originally published in 1979 but truly its style is like something written in the 1950's or 60's I confess that I do like old fashioned romances but this doctor nurse romance was a bit too stodgy slow and predictable even for me I read Roses and Champagne as well and it struck me about the same way They both had their moments but as romances go they were pretty underwhelming for meA soft 3 stars I guess TGB isn't my cuppa tea

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Ema van den Eck His mother needed a nurse and Becky filled the bill Only one thing marred her new life Poor plain Becky fell desperately hopelessly in lo. Betty Neels was born in England in 1909 died in 2001 and beginning in retirement from a nursing career wrote than 130 books most of them featuring a rich Dutch doctor and a valiant English girl usually plain and often orphaned Her books are clean chaste Stepping into Bettydom feels like stepping back in time even though her stories are set in contemporary England and Holland This book is among my top ten Or top five It's a fairy tale A Cinderella story with a wicked stepmother and stepbrother Basil the beast and a handsome Dutch baron instead of a prince Baron Tiele Raukema van den Eck Cinderella herself is played by Becky beloved of two furry friendsAt first he's no prince charming He's cold and arrogant and sometimes unkind towards Becky even though he helps her out of a bad situation waving his magic wand like some Fairy Godfather He hires her to nurse his mother recovering from a broken leg or somethingGradually the baron falls for Becky but he CAN NOT believe he's falling for such a plain faced little mouse I am not fond of thin mice Finally he accepts the truth Becky may not be his cup of tea but she's definitely his glass of champagneGood action scenes in this one Becky breaking out of jail home and tramping down the road in the pouring rain beloved pets at her side Pooch and Bertie A nice tour of Norway and Holland There's also some threats from the big bad Basil and a daring rescue in the flooding canal when her dog Bertie is drowning

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The Promise of HappinessE a home for herself and Pooch and Bertie the pets she'd brought with her Then at dawn on a rainy highway fate took a hand fate in the form of Baron Rauk. 4 12 Stars On the guise that Becky was needed at home to nurse her ill step mother Becky was forced to give up her position at a Leeds hospital Her step mother didn't really need a nurse but with her son Basil's help had completely tied Becky to their rural home as the housekeeper and as she wasn't paid she was very much their slave She'd have left in the middle of the night except that Basil had threatened Becky's beloved dog and cat and so she saved as best she could from the pennies left over from the grocery shopping so that she could take the pets with her It was on a cold and rainy day that Tiele discovered the soaked young girl with a dog on a lead and a cat in a bag under her arm walking steadfastly on the rural road He stopped and offered them a lift which Becky was most happy to take and insisted that she lunch with him at a hotel and even sees the pets had a meal Tiele offers an ear encouraging Becky to tell him why she was running away and so Becky shared her unhappy story even the meager amount of money she'd managed to save And so Becky's new life begins for Tiele hires her to nurse his mother as she recovers from one broken leg and the other with torn ligaments She's to accompany the Baroness on a cruise that will end in Norway where her sister lives and after a month's stay there to Tiele's home in Holland Once the Baroness is free of her wheelchair Tiele a doctor promises to find Becky a job in a Dutch hospital and a place to live where her pets will be welcome And everything falls into place just as promised except Becky falls in love with Tiele and he only seems to have eyes for the beautiful Nina I adore Cinderella stories and Betty Neels is a master at creating them From the first pages my heart went out to Becky as she valiantly struggles for her freedom When Tiele rescues her and gently urges her to share her burden Becky finds herself poring it all out And just like a fairy godmother Tiele works magic and offers her a solution to her troubles Becky is rather a shy girl and after her past few years of abuse by her step family she lacks self esteem Tiele is a Dutch Baron and a respected consultant who often comes across as aloof and arrogant I loved that Becky wasn't intimidated by him and often told him exactly what she was thinking She's uite charming when she's had a brandy for the first time and proceeds to tell Tiele that the lovely Nina isn't the woman for him There's a lovely scene where Becky reminds him that he'd once told his mother that she wasn't his cup of tea and his response was that yes she wasn't but she was his glass of champagne This of course confuses Becky to no end The HEA is uite lovely with a final rescue by Tiele from the evil step brother who gets his well deserved set downEdited July 2018 5 Stars I first read this gem in 2015 and rated it 4 12 stars but upon reading it again I find I'm even enchanted with this charming Cinderella story Tiele and Becky have their own journeys however Ms Neels creates just the right circumstances for those journeys to join together