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summary Age of Legend ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ñ Each culture has its own myths and legends but only one is shared and it is feared by all With Age of Myth Age of Swords and Age of War fantasy master Michael J Sullivan riveted readers with a tale of unlikely heroes locked in a desperate battle to save mankind After years of warfare huStalemate to seek peace is destroyed by an unexpected betrayal that threatens to hand victory to the Fhrey and leaves a dear friend in peril Her only hope lies in the legend of a witch a forgotten song and a simple garden doo. My first time to the author’s Kickstarter project and I must say I’ll be a regular one from now on because I got to read this book three months before its official publication YeySullivan’s books are like a cozy nook for me comfortable relaxing and mood improving with extra bonuses such as joy laugh and a great feeling overallThis fourth installment makes no exception; I missed this universe and I’m thrilled two books are followingUnlike the previous volumes this one ends with a cliffhanger and there are uestions raised than answers but that makes the fifth installment even anticipated Can’t detail without giving spoilers for the others so I’ll just say we get a fellowship of the ring sort of uest Malcolm’s identity is almost revealed a god from Riyria makes an appearance Tressa becomes an important piece of the puzzle and Suri gets challenged as never before Oh and I am certain Fane Lothian name comes from ‘loathe’; his brat's tooIntrigued Don’t miss this oneAnd if you need recaps for the first three books here they are

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Each culture has its own myths and legends but only one is shared and it is feared by all With Age of Myth Age of Swords and Age of War fantasy master Michael J Sullivan riveted readers with a tale of unlikely heroes locked i. The goodIf you have been enjoying the Legends of the First Empire so far you're probably going to enjoy this and the newish direction it takes In a very positive way it is of the same with many of the same characters dealing with the aftermath of the big blow out of the previous book and learning how to move forward Brin gets a lot of page time and I for the most part enjoyed these parts than the rest Writing about writing is funThe bad or rather the indifferentI just couldn't get into this book much I found my mind wandering a lot never connecting or caring much about most of the happenings or the characters It might just be me or perhaps I'm getting slightly burned out on the seriesIt's a shame I did enjoy uite a few parts of the previous tales and this one has some pretty interesting if very late reveals that rallied my attention I'm just not sure if I feel like it's worth it tho ; ;Who knows Maybe the rather mythological new direction will appeal to a lot of ya'll

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Age of LegendN a desperate battle to save mankind After years of warfare humanity has gained the upper hand and has pushed the Fhrey to the edge of their homeland but no farther Now comes the pivotal moment Persephone’s plan to use the. RELEASE DAYThis review was originally posted on Books of My Heart Everything is so obvious when you look back It is the first time through the garden of fear and doubt that messes with your head — The Book of Brin Michael J Sullivan MJS is one of my favorite epic fantasy writers  He is dependable great at tying threads together and always gives his reader something a little unexpected  Age of Legend is the fourth book in the the Legends of the First Empire series This is technically a preuel set thousands of years before the Riyria Revelations series and shows just how much history gets wrong after a few millennia goes buy if you have read both series  This is the true accounting of the war between the Rhunes man and the Fhrey Elves that changed everything about the worldAll of MJS’s other books have a clear beginning and ending to that story but the final three books of this series will not follow that format  There will be good stopping points but it is better to think of books 4 6 as one really large book instead of three separate onesMy heart was left a little broken at the end of Age of War and with the title I guess that is fitting war should break your heart Age of Legend first gives us a glimpse of the repercussions right after Age of War then jumps forward about a year to give a bit insight and then another five years I’m really happy of this since Man is at was with the Fhrey the entire time and I think that tracking all of that time could have gotten tedious This way the story flows fantastically and you still feel connected to all of the characters and their relationships to each otherThis is another great tale of courage in the face of uncertainty devotion to the people you love and fighting for what you believe in I really liked how the connections between people aren’t always easy to see How one person tied to another and that person tied to someone else can snowball into the most unlikely group of people working together Every book delves a little into the mysteries of Elan I totally adore how this one opens up the lore of the gods to us a little and for those of you dying to figure out whowhat Malcolm is well you are in luck because her story is expanded uite a bitPersephone the Rhune leader was always destined to marry Nyphron leader of the Fhrey warriors Her story breaks my heart as Nyphron is not a Fhrey in love with woman like all of the legends from the Riyria books have claimed It is completely political and so sad in a way Persephone played of a role in prior books but for this one she will take a bit of a back seatThere are so many other characters that are just fantastic in this series Suri is always a favorite of mine she has been through so much already and I feel so sad for the caterpillar turned butterfly Suri had few illusions about her future except that the path before her was necessary She’d always known that becoming a butterfly would come at a cost but she’d never dreamed there would be so many payments I looks like her journey is not done yet and that she will have an even bigger role to play in the upcoming story I’m really just hoping my summer heart can take itGifford and Roan are absolutely hands down my favorite couple I absolutely love that MJS has taken two people so broken in different ways and put them together They are adorable and I think it is wonderful to see that not every marriage moves at the same pace or looks the same But the reader knows every moment what these two feel for each otherTesh his story is another that has brilliant moments of love with devastating moments of hate Bent of revenge and doing very well at it I might add Tesh will have some big choices to make Become the monster he hates or give up his revenge for the girl he loves It is hard to know where that will fall he definitely loves Brin but I’m not sure that he loves her than he hates Fhrey “And that will fix everything will it” With a bitter fold of his lips Tesh nodded “It will fix a lot It will rid the world of a monster” Brin shook her head “No it won’t You’ll only be trading one for another” Tesh’s eyes narrowed “What are you talking about” “Revenge That’s what you want Tesh And revenge is contagious— evil given for evil received” There are so many wonderful characters and plot lines happening that I’m not sure how to tell you how great this series is MJS writes strong women some are brilliant some are wise others are strong and one is magical but all are three dimensional brave and fierce in their own ways and I love that about his books You don’t need to have read the Riyria series at all to read Legends of the First Empire both are fantastic all on their own but I love knowing how the tale shifted over the centuries and seeing what it truly looked like The contrast is amazing Review copy was received from NetGalley This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review