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T it’s a godsend that could help so many people Still he hands it over when Galen shows up But he isn’t done with Galen yet and he’s going to challenge everything Galen ever believedGalen will face an impossible decision the redemption he’s come to realize he wants or the life he’d always dreamed. Links to LoveGood Guy Robert Corporate Raider like eventually fall in love Overall this is good solid storytelling with a bit of over the top melodramatic scenes I especially enjoyed the co characters Andy Mason romance Rated 3 12 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Galens Redemption Links in the Chain #2A Links In the Chain StoryA rich man is about to set foot into an unknown world while a Good Samaritan fears he’ll have to close the charity he’s spent his life building Poised to lose it all they might find what they need most in each otherSon of a wealthy importer Galen Merriweather lives to broker de. The blurb sounded promising – a sexy man seeking redemption and a good romance between two guys coming from different worlds yep sign me in but it didn’t work out that well for me The wealthy and shrewd business man Galen realizes when meeting Robert the owner of homeless shelter that his life is not going in the direction he wishes nor he's proud of He opens his eyes about his real priorities what friendship and family entails and opens as well his heart to the sexy and so caring RobertIn a nutshell I was not able to believe the story line with many events that felt too inconsistent for me view spoilerGalen is not willing to come out but he goes in bars and has public sex ôô Galen is wealthy and in a few hours all his money and assets are frozen just because his fathers ordered it the shelter’s accounts are in the black but in a few hours of calls made during the night everything is back to normal hide spoiler

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Galens Redemption (Links in the Chain, #2) Download ↠ 104 Ç A Links In the Chain StoryA rich man is about to set foot into an unknown world while a Good Samaritan fears he’ll have to close the charity he’s spent his life building Poised to lose it all they might find what they need most in each otherSon of a wealthy iAls and he’s damn good at it But it’s getting harder to ignore the kind of man his father is a man who would pay Galen’s brother’s lover to leave a man who’d demand Galen retrieve a uarter million dollar check from a struggling homeless shelterRobert Kotke knows the money is too good to be true bu. FYI Galen's Redemption is the second in the Links in the Chain series You really need to read Lincoln's Park featuring Galen's brother Lincoln and his boyfriend Noel first because events that start in the first book carry over to the second book and otherwise you will feel you have been dropped right in the middle of an ongoing storyWe first meet Galen in Lincoln's Park when he shows up at his brother Lincoln's diner and behaves likes a total jerk to everyone there Since Lincoln's defection from the family business Galen has been his father's right hand man acuiring and closing down businesses and after his cartoon caricature of an evil father asks Galen to take a check back from the homeless shelter where Noel once lived Galen meets Robert Kotke and starts to realize the life he is living is not the life he wantsI'm all in for a story of redemption and second chances and Galen really travels a tough road here on the way to finding his path He uits his job and tells his father that he is gay and as a result his father effectively freezes all his assets Galen goes from his penthouse to living in a spare bedroom with his only friend Andy and trying to find a job any job Galen's confidence takes a huge hit and he really struggles with accepting that people can care for him and have his best interests at heart His friendship and very slow burn romance with Robert along with meeting Robert's extended family makes him realize that his birth family is toxic and beyond dysfunctionalThe author does a good job of fleshing out various secondary characters we meet along the way especially Robert's brother Tom and his husband Brian and I like the recurring secondary characters like Katy and Meg from Lincoln's Park as well The relationship between Robert and Galen develops very slowly; Robert is an old fashioned guy willing to wait for a relationship instead of a one night stand There isn't a lot of steam in this story and their chemistry doesn't exactly leap off the page but within the context of Galen's larger evaluation of his life this relationship just feels rightI liked the ending that pulled everything together and offered what felt like a realistic life together for these two men but at the same time I did have a few issues that left me on the cusp of feeling this story didn't work for me For example view spoilerGalen is secretive about his sex life yet in the first pages of the book he gets drunk at a bar and engages in menage a trois on the dance floor And when Galen's father basically threatens that he can take everything away from him Galen acts like the law doesn't exist and there is absolutely no recourse for this In the same vein Galen's secretary is fired by his father because she refused to sleep with him and Galen doesn't seem to realize that his father is engaging in illegal activities punishable by legal action until much later in the plot And Robert acts like he has never heard of grants and programs available to help his homeless shelter Sigh just a big sigh hide spoiler