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Download ✓ Souled Out (Ell Clyne, #1) 104 Ï SOULED OUT is a dark tale of betrayal at the deepest level The Reading Cafe Ell Clyne is just a normal girl living in a small town Except she can read your future through your soul she works for the daylight impaired and she told one hell of a lie to get the job So 'normal' was basically throSOULED OUT is a dark tale of betrayal at the deepest level The Reading Cafe Ell Clyne is just a normal girl living in a small town Except she can read your future through your soul she works for the d. SOULED OUT by Blakely ChorpenningEll Clyne is a cypher a twin and without a soul At twenty she has been a cypher for the Members for 4 years The Members are the vampire elite the political and legal structure for the vampires With her ability to ‘decipher’ or read souls she is called upon nightly to reveal the future But Ell has a secret that she keeps deeply buried only now it appears that the Members and the Mass have found out the truthWorking as a cypher for the vampires has a few benefits A longer life and money then she knows what to do with But it ends there At 16 Ellenore was chosen as the next cypher but with it came the headaches and the lost connection to her friends her parents and recently the connection with her twin sister Myranda With a deepening depression Ell continues to pull away from the reality of life and is determined to withdraw from everything Yet each night Gabriel continues to bring a parade of people and vampires that the Members need to be read Gabriel is a vampire Working for the Members Gabriel is charged with bringing anyone the Members considered important to their future Reading souls was taking a toll on Ell and Gabriel was one of the few who knew the reason Gabriel too had a past he keeps hidden But there was to their relationship than professional courtesy the continuous battle of wills between Gabriel and Ell was cracking the façade that Ell wrapped tightly around herself only Gabriel was aware of what drove Ell and he was hoping for something Seth is another vampire who has crossed paths with Ell on a couple of occasions but Seth is looking for something as well And when Ell suddenly finds the Mass vigilante vampires waiting for her return it will be Seth and Gabriel who take it upon themselves to be bodyguard and guardian only neither has the ability to stop the Mass from attacking their intended victim And Ell will find herself beaten near death and buried alive with no hope for rescue But sometimes friends will reveal themselves at the strangest places and timesWhen Ell is brought before the Members it is Gabriel who will stand by her side But when the truth is finally revealed 2 sets of twins one set once thought to be close and the other set still farther apart will be pulled into a melee of betrayal and conspiracy of a jealous sibling No one had ever said family was easy The character of Ell is in a world of hurt Perceived rejection by her parents and her sister as well as the continuous strain of the cypher will pull Ell into a deepening spiral of self loathing self doubt and anxiety befitting every psychiatrists nightmare And it will take 2 strong vampires to show her that life doesn’t end when your family calls it uitsSOULED OUT is a fascinating look at the vampire storyline Not your typical vampire genre Souled Out is a mix of the paranormal and urban fantasy A story replete with the powers of an aging witch Souled Out is a dark tale of betrayal at the deepest level Another uniue and interesting vampire novel and a couple of vampire myths –shot all to hellCopy supplied by the authorsee all of my reviews at thereadingcafecom

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Aylight impaired and she told one hell of a lie to get the job So 'normal' was basically thrown out the window a long time ago When Ell's lie is discovered the vampires want answers even if it kills h. I loved this book I bought it when it was free on a while ago but only recently started reading it when I was looking for a new book I only intended to read a few pages before going to sleep but couldn't stop reading The premise of the book is really interesting and not one I have come across before Ell the main character is a cypher which means that she reads souls for a living As she cannot have a soul herself whilst doing this job she has cut herself off from other people and her emotions However things are about to change as a secret comes to lightI don't want to say too much about the plot as it is far better if it comes as a suprise but if you're thinking about reading this you definitely should Ell is a very strong and independant character full of sarcastic and witty comebacks I really liked all the supporting characters too especially Gabriel and seriously hope that there is another book to follow which involves both of the brothers

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Souled Out Ell Clyne #1Er In a world of enemies and one particularly vexing coworker Ell must discover who sold her out and why before she permanently loses her soul her life and her family foreverBecause liars pay in blood. For of my reviews visit 35 It was the description that drew me to this book when I received the reuest The concept sounded original and it intrigued me into wondering what Ell Clyne was The book was interesting and kept me hooked throughout a long train journey I liked Ell's character she took no nonsense and could be uite witty at times a few of which made me laugh especially towards the start I loved it when she went crazy but it was also great when we got to see her vulnerable side Chorpenning did a great job with balancing the character's emotions so it wasn't one sided Also because of this it meant it was easy to relate and engage with Ell I will admit that there were times I didn't like her and my brain was screaming What the hell did you do that for but that made the book better as it meant it had enthralled me in the world The book was really well written It gave me enough detail to satisfy my curiosity but did not reveal everything at once Also it did not overly describe objects surroundings etc which I loved as it left something to my imagination I don't like it when book describe every minute detail with flowery language I found myself a little confused at times but after re reading the paragraphsection or reading on a few pages it was cleared up easily enough One thing I didn't likeunderstand is why Gabriel Seth etc had to be vampires For me it added nothing to the book and I would have rather Chorpenning make up or use another mythological character related to Ell's job as it would have been interesting and unusual In my opinion it didn't make sense for vampire to want the souls of prospective humans to be read as the book didn't give much background detail on this aspect In all honesty for me it made the book less original as the vampire thing has been done hundred of times now and I don't believe this book needed them I don't think I would have minded so much if they acted like vampires but besides one feeding fire and their strength nothing else was related to vampires Overall I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to paranormal lovers It does keep your interest there was a lot of action and the main character Ell was great However it could have done without the vampires For me it lumped an enjoyablepartly original Ell's job and soul element book into the swamped vampire genre when it wasn't needed This book would be able to stand on its own if the vampires were changed but for me as it stands it is lost as a vampire book