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FREE READ What They Don't Teach You At Harvard Business School: Notes From A Street-Smart Executive 107 Ò This business classic features straight talking advice you'll never hear in school Featuring a new foreword by Ariel Emanuel and Patrick WhitesellMark H McCormack one of the most succG his proven method of applied people sense in key chapters on sales negotiation reading others and yourself and executive time management McCormack presents powerful real world guidance on the secret life of a deal management philosophies that don't work and one that does the key to running a meeting and how to attend one the positive use of negative reinforcement proven ways to observe aggressively and take the edge and much Praise for What They Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School Incisive intelligent and witty What They Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School is a sure winner like the author himself Reading it has taught me. Pretty disappointing in both content and form It is basic common sense stuffwhich they don't teach in HBS probably because you are supposed to know this stuff early or intuitively

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This business classic features straight talking advice you'll never hear in school Featuring a new foreword by Ariel Emanuel and Patrick WhitesellMark H McCormack one of the most successful entrepreneurs in American business is widely credited as the founder of the modern day sports marketing industry On a handshake with Arnold Palmer and less than a thousand dollars he started International Management Group and over a four decade period built the company into a multimillion dollar enterprise with offices in than forty countriesTo this day McCormack's business classic remains a must read for executives and managers at every level Relatin. First and foremost Who is Mark McCormackMark Hume McCormack November 6 1930 – May 16 2003 was an American lawyer sports agent and writer He was the founder and chairman of International Management Group now IMG an international management organization serving sports figures and celebrities McCormack was featured as one of the Forbes 400 Richest Americans in 1995 1998 2001 In 1990 he was named the Most Powerful Man in Sports by The Sporting News His impact on the Sporting World was so great that even today they even have Awards named after him The Mark H McCormack Medal is awarded to the leading player in the World Amateur Golf Ranking after the US Amateur Championship and the European Amateur ChampionshipThe Mark H McCormack Award is awarded to the player who has spent the most weeks at number 1 in the Official World Golf Ranking during a calendar year The first 13 of these awards after its inception went to Tiger WoodsAbout the BookWhen I had read this book 18 years ago I was completely mesmerized by the wisdom distilled in its pages However at 37 years of age in the year 2014 now when I read it the magic no longer is presentLets get down to understanding the book What They Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School came out in 1984 and was a New York Times Bestseller Personalities like Robert Anderson Chairman Rockwell International Christie Hefner President and COO of Playboy Enterprise Herbert J Siegel Chairman of Chris Craft Industries and even Rupert Murdoch Chairman of News Corporation were full of praise for this book I suspect the reason this book became a best seller was primarily because of the impact influence and the position of power Mark McCormack had on the Sporting Celebrity Endorsed World at that time If you need an example of such authors from today's day and age Barack Obama Richard Branson and Jack Canfield come to mind They are some of the many authors who talk anything from simple boring mundane stuff to absolute nonsense and end up having Best Sellers because they leverage the sales based on their Brand Persona So coming back to Mark McCormack Book The title is pretty amazing But the content is pretty ordinary useless and at times nonsensical The book is divided into 3 sectionsSection 1 PeopleSection 2 Sales NegotiationsSection 3 Running a BusinessSection 1 People1 Reading People2 Creating Impressions3 Taking the Edge4 Getting AheadSection 2 Sales Negotiations1 The Problems of Selling2 Timing3 Silence4 Marketability5 Stratagems6 NegotiationsSection 3 Running the Business1 Building a Business2 Staying in Business3 Getting Things Done4 For Entrepreneurs OnlyWhat Mark McCormack has done is given his day to day examples like having Tea going for a walk playing golf having dinner or meeting the family of Superstars of those days like Arnold Palmer Bjorn Borg CEO's of Companies Vice Presidents etc and then throwing in a nugget of wisdom he learnt from that episode Personally I felt he was using the book to not only give us his gems of wisdom but also to advertise whom he knew and how close he was to the top names in the industry More of the latter and less of the formerIn fact some of the techniues like 'give less than your best' or 'doing something for their children to get their business' would be seen as a Con Artists or a Insincere Approach How to Win Friends and Influence People Remember rather than the Genuine ApproachThe examples were not very interesting But what really got to me was the long drawn out old fashioned approach of writing Mark used to communicate his ideas I think if you remove all the unnecessary words and sentences this book could come to around 10 pages Moment of Truth Techniues like admitting I don't know I need help and I was wrong McCormack's advice on negotiation the need to be organized and the power of silence in interpersonal communication are today outdated With the dawn of Information Technology Social Media and Free Online Education such ideas which were thought to be 'Secrets' are no longer fresh if not useful I felt Mark McCormack's main purpose of this book was nothing but to advertise his ego brag about his achievements keep advertising those big names under the pretext of preaching a worthwhile gem of wisdom Overall the pointers mentioned in this book are definitely not the kind of stuff they would teach you at Harvards Business SchoolAfter all when did Harvard's Business School start teaching you outdated boring and useless stuffOverall Rating3 out of 10Loy Machedoloymachedocom | whoisloymachedocom

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What They Don't Teach You At Harvard Business School Notes From A Street Smart ExecutiveA lot Rupert Murdoch executive chairman News Corp chairman and CEO 21st Century Fox Clear concise and informative Like a good mentor this book will be a valuable aid throughout your business career Herbert J Siegel chairman Chris Craft Industries IncMark McCormack describes the approach I have personally seen him adopt which has not only contributed to the growth of his business but mine as well Arnold PalmerThere have been what we love to call dynasties in every sport IMG has been different What this one brilliant man Mark McCormack created is the only dynasty ever over all sport Frank Deford senior contributing writer Sports Illustrate. One guy's takeaway from working in business I liked his tips about negotiating and basically creating connections eg by giving small favours The writing style is also great It's a good introduction into white collar life navigating the business world