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Noble Savages Box Set Download » 109 õ Cruel Brutal Vicious Lawless MercilessMaybe you’re the new girlMaybe you’ve always had it comingMaybe you were just in the wrong place at the wrong timeEither way you’re about to become the victimYou’re about to bow break and bend the knee You’re about to kneel at my feetI’ll destroy your crediY feetI’ll destroy your credibilityI’ll do whatever it takes to keep you by my sideI’ll make you learn the hard way there is only one way outAnd when all is said and done I’ll leave you begging for me to do it againFive possessive controlling bullies Five strong spiri. Each and every single one of us has darkness within ourselves Most feared it some fought it with light others ignored it and people like me We ducking thrived in itI read all 5 books in this bully romance box set and over all I loved them Some stood out to me than others but I think this just comes down to preferred writing style All of the hero’s in the books were assholes psychotic and my kind of guys 😂 they tried to bring their girls to their knees but severely underestimated them when their ueens fought back I love this shit and the back and forth that comes with it it’s my kindle crack The stand out book for me was Lawless Kingdom by Natalie Bennett Although it was very tame and not as dark as Natalie normally writes I still loved it and read it in one sitting If you love Bully boys ueens that won’t be told what to do and some epic psycho assholes these are the books for you

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Cruel Brutal Vicious Lawless MercilessMaybe you’re the new girlMaybe you’ve always had it comingMaybe you were just in the wrong place at the wrong timeEither way you’re about to become the victimYou’re about to bow break and bend the knee You’re about to kneel at m. Five Great Stand alone Bully Romance Books For the price of one Lawless Kingdom5 Stars This was an awesome dark romance Judas Barron is a Sociopath he and his friends are rich bored and brutal He talks about them being his famiglia so it sounds like their fathers are Mafia kingpins The heroine Rhiannon Clermont is from a normal family and she hasn’t gone to the private school that her friend Judas and his friends have go to but has a best friend Audrey and a boyfriend Dax who to that school Though she has been thinking of breaking up with Dax after he returned from two weeks away Before she has a chance to even decide what to do Audrey takes her to a Party at the Barron house that Dax is attending but Dax doesn’t want them to show up Of course they think his reason is because he is cheating so they show up to catch him Dax isn’t cheating but he says the Barrons Kings and Rooks are very dangerous he had to come because he is related by marriageSome odd things happen at the party Judas Barron seems to be taking an interest in Rhea and Dax starts ghosting her afterwards Judas apparently has had his eye on Rhia for uite a while and he pulls out all the stops to start getting her attention especially after she starts their senior year at their prep school This is another book where the romance is beyond steamy so it gets 5 flames 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥There are things that Rhia doesn’t know about Judas as well as about her parents but There are also secrets she has about the night they first met The story is fantastic and I loved every minute I will certainly be reading from Natalie BennettMerciless Knave 35 stars out of 5 This is the story of Tommy Heenan and Michelle McLean whose marriage was arranged by their parents when they were eight years old I didn’t like this story uite as much as the others I think it was because Michelle was the bully She was also very spoiled and selfish and uite a huge brat which is a word I rarely use but true in this case Of course she has reasons to hate her situation I mean technically her father sold her future in a business deal They are now rich and she has saved up money to run away and get set up somewhere until she can get a job However her plans fail she is found out and Tommy starts to keep a very close eye on her Tommy drives her to school and back and he keeps her car from her And then things kicked off when we were sixteen That’s the legal marriage age in Scotland with parental consent and of course parental consent is the one thing we have in fucking abundanceTommy was determined I should leave school marry him and start learning my place as his wife It’s all the rage in his community apparently even though his family aren’t your typical Gypsies They live in a house for starters But whatever I refused and thankfully my dad backed me up for once in his life We’d wait until we were both eighteen I found this out via Tommy when he pushed me up against a wall in the gym changing rooms and whispered in my ear “This is the one crumb of mercy you will ever get from me darlin so you enjoy it while it lasts” Michelle hates Tommy she has ever since that engagement party their parents had for them at eight years old Though Tommy feels the same way about her he knows that what their parents did was in the best interest of both their fathers companies and the reason for the arranged marriage is so both kids can inherit the two businesses and run them Tommy wasn’t always rich so he knows what it is like to go without and what this opportunity is for themMichelle can only see that she is losing her freedom and she crosses Tommy at every turn when he tries to tell her what to do Though it is her own fault for getting caught doing a runner Though Tommy does get back at her a few times she brings it all the and even manipulates his emotions I just didn’t like her at all through most of the book B

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Noble Savages Box SetTed heroines Welcome to their Savage Kingdom Noble Savages by Natalie Bennett Nicole Cypher Esme Devlin Logan Fox and Rina Kent is a five books dark high school romance boxsetAll standalone All full length No cliffhangers All the angst the steam and HEA you've been looking fo. This is a anthology of dark bully romance I'm only reading maybe 2 or 3 from this series sinceeee Natalie Bennett has her book in this and ill give a chance to the others So my rating is just for how many books i read Now i know these are dark bully romance so ill tag any triggers or cheating or stuff like that Now reminder some of these prob wont be safe since i feel many of these bullys are manwhores Vicious Knight Cam and Eden 35⭐I had mixed emotions i was 5050 with cam some of his bullyness pissed me off like the condom in the piehe was a dick alot of the time it wasn't until his friend hunter wanted a piece of her he was trying to stop bullying her also EDEN GIRL She had many chances to take down Cam a peg or two but she never did her standing up to him was not going to one of his games like wow i wanted her to have of a backbone Also him photoshoping a girls body on her face in barley underwear was wow i honestly didnt know how he could turn nice or root for himbut yeah But im glad she didnt take down her chargers with his friend since he did try to rape her Angst owom drama drama secondary charas sexy times playboymanwhore guy virgin galPushpull from bothNot safe ishNo condomSlight Sexual assault by one of H friendsVerbal abuseMentions of abuse some of the secondary charas HeaEpilogue Merciless Knave 3⭐Michelle and Tommy This one let me say it was less dark and less bully to me it was lies and teasing and lies like how many lies did they do also i enjoyed Michelle alot i know she came off bratty but i understood why she did what she did and how she used her daddy to get money for her to run away now Tommy i was mixed with i didn't enjoy him calling michelle a bitch few times not my cuppa but yeah the ending seem uick and wrapped up Angst no cheating secondary charas sexy times Drama no virgins sorta manwhoreishSlowish burn Not safe both had ppls not shown thank godPushpull from hHeaEpilogue Lawless kingdom Natalie Bennett Rhiannon and Judas 4⭐I loveee Natalie Bennett Now i didnt find this one really a bully romance it was still dark as fuck like these high schoolers tortured 2 or few ppls like what And Rhia and Jude lord the chemistry is hawt the banter and sass between them plus they knew eachother 2 years ago when she kinda helped him kill someone and lost her vcard to him Now her and her Aubrey are in the sights of this crew and i love iti wanna read im wondering wtf shall happen we had a epilogue but i felt we needed Angst slight owom drama drama no cheating secondary chara sexy times was a virgin lost it to him 2 years ago no virgins now and he dated idk if thSlowish insta Torture Mentions of human trafficking Pushpull at first from hChoking kinkHeaEpilogue