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You Slay Me Aisling Grey #1 review á 103 Ê The author of The Corset Diaries returns to the realm of the paranormal in this sexy funny romance that pits Seattle based Aisling Grey against Drake Vireo a seriously handsome Parisian dragon in human form In her job as courier Aisling is to deliver a precious demonic artifact to a Mme Deauxville She finds Madame freshly dead surrounded by a circle of ash The artifact is then stolen by the fast talking Drake who claims that Aisling is no mere courier but in fact a demon lord and his destined mate Determined to play detective Aisling summons up a demon only to find herself saddled with one in the form. Buddy read with the fantastic UF Wednesday group over at BBB because we need something light and fluffy for a change Something flashed deep in his dark green eyes Are you unwell You aren't going to vomit on me are youThat wasn't on my list of planned activities for the afternoon no but if you really insist I suppose I could try for a hairball or something Aisling Grey’s first job as a courier should have been easy but Aisling seems to be a magnet for trouble and the supernatural When trying to deliver the package to the client in Paris she finds said client dead and hanging from the ceiling a circle of ash on the floor and a sexy stranger who steals her package before she can get answers from him Things only get worse when the police arrives shortly after Aisling becomes their prime suspect and the only way to prove her innocence is to find Drake Vireo the stranger who stole her package retrieve it and find the person who murdered her client For the most part I really liked Aisling She’s hilarious and feisty and I loved that there were times she really stood up to arrogant Drake even kneeing him in the balls which made me cheer so hard But she had a few TSTL moments or maybe she just really has the worst bad luck which manages to get her into impossible and hilarious situations It also really annoyed me when she acted like a hormone on legs around Drake Yes he’s supposedly sexy but why does she get all weak at the knees over him Nothing he did or said made me interested at all in him as her love interest As a romance reader as soon as there’s any mention of a possible romance my heart perks up right away but I had problems with Aisling and Drake First of all he’s a jerk and arrogant which normally doesn’t bother me too much as long as he changes towards the heroine or she doesn’t let him get away with said arrogance unfortunately it didn’t really happen here and I hated how he didn’t care that Aisling was placing herself in danger while trying to prove her innocence Also I know expecting them to have deep feelings for each other would be ridiculous seeing as they’ve just met but still I needed than just mere lust which was all we got from them Hopefully things will develop into with the next book Whoa would you look at my package Jim stopped next to the door doubled over as it looked at its groin I'm a demon studmuffin The babes are going to love me—oh yes they are” My favorite character of the book was definitely Jim the demon dog Aisling summoned He used to be a servant of the demon lord Amaymon but after pulling a joke on him that went unappreciated he was pretty much left masterless I loved his strange sense of humor how he slobbers over everything and the sarcastic banter between him and Aisling had me laughing so hard I also really liked Rene the taxi driver who was than willing to help Aisling in her uest for answers The world building and plot was really good with Aisling finding out she’s a Guardian a keeper of Hell a wyvern’s mate and trying to prove her innocence to the police This book was entertaining and if it wasn’t for Drake and the lukewarm romance that did absolutely nothing for me I would have rated it higher I like the way this author writes how hilarious Aisling and Jim was and I’m looking forward to seeing what will happen with them next

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Of a slobbering Newfoundland who wants to go walkies Drake wants to show her the way dragons mate and then bodies seem to pile up all over Paris making Aisling a corpse magnet and top suspect It's going to take every screwy new ally she's got to solve this murder and adjust to her new life in a strange new wor. 35 starsThis was a fun little romp The best character was definitely Jim The story was slightly predictable but the fun levels overrode some of that for me so I enjoyed it I like the world I like Drake I love Jim I really like Rene I'm curious for about the GuardiansThus overall a decent read Not bad for light and fluffy PNR

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You Slay Me Aisling Grey #1The author of The Corset Diaries returns to the realm of the paranormal in this sexy funny romance that pits Seattle based Aisling Grey against Drake Vireo a seriously handsome Parisian dragon in human form In her job as courier Aisling is to deliver a precious demonic artifact to a Mme Deauxville in Paris but. I honestly cannot believe I found this book so enjoyable It's been sitting on my shelf since those long ago days before I'd read a million and one different paranormal romance andor urban fantasy stories I bought it back when I was rather new to the genres and I used to be all sexy vampires uirky heroine supernatural mystery what could you possibly want from a novel Since then I've come to realise that a whole lot of the PNRUF world is kind of well shiteBut I have been surprised here today I read this as a buddy read to go with my July Pick It For Me challenge and I have Mountain Kat to thank for finally getting me to give in to this book It's a really fun sexy and entertaining read For me it just stood out amongst so many others of its kind that I've read because everything worked the strong heroine the sexy hero guy the mythology the humour and it even had a talking demon dog I can't lie here the novel completely had me the moment we were introduced to a talking demon Newfoundland called Jim It's less ridiculous than it sounds in the actual novel I swearAisling is a great character; she's the girl you want to be friends with but also the girl you want fighting on your team Even though she had the hots for Drake ever since he sauntered in all his dark and sexiness she still doesn't take any crap from him Drake's this dragon guy in human form that everyone fears because of his power but Aisling refuses his advances with a swift knee to the groin a poke in the eye and a good whacking round the head with a solid gold and priceless artifact But all is made up later against the wall ;I really enjoyed Katie MacAlister's balance of witty banter and humour with the well developed mythology going on behind it all It's also one of very few PNRUF novels that made me think must acuire next book now I've missed that feeling Anyway this book won't be for everyone but it definitely rang my bell I mean come on a talking demon dog called Jim