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REVIEW ✓ New Girl (Montlake Prep #1) Ð I became the new girl at Montlake Prep a school full of rich snobs I was prepared for the insults the taunts and the endless bullying from day one But nothing could prepare me for the kings of the school Jacob Troy and Lucas The three of them ruled the halls of Montlake Prep with an iron fist Arrogant Em Oh did I forget to also mention that they’re drop dead gorgeous They don’t understand the meaning of the word “No” Whatever they wanted they got And from my first day here they made it clear what they wanted from me They want me to know my place They want me to fall on my knees They’re determined to do whatever it takes to make my life a. 35 out of 5 I received and ARC for this story and want to thank Sarah Skye also known as Nora Cobb for allowing me the honor New Girl is written by an author I had never read before so I was excited to start the story Especially when it is a Bully Reverse Harem which are my favoriteThe story line is similar to most bully books I have read but this one still was able to draw me in and I didn’t want to put it downThe main character was kind of bad a but I also wanted to smack her and tell her not to fall for the crap that was being pulled She did stand up for herself which is something that doesn’t normally happen The guys were the typical jock types but I still swooned for Lucas and Jacob Most RH books I have read have been fast or medium burn this book however had no steam until the end I like a slow burn every now and again and I am hoping that book 2 will bring the heat and steamy scenes Book 1 was good but it left me wanting I look forward to reading book 2 to see if I get the that I was missing


Living nightmare But I won’t play by their rules I’m not afraid of these bully boys But maybe just maybe I should be Warning Not for the faint of heart This slow burn reverse harem novel of three arrogant bad boys and the girl who stood her ground contains dark themes high school drama teenage angst swoon worthy sex and and some potential triggers. Honestly this would have been a 1 star read if my outrage hadn't kept me reading till book 3Natalie the mc is whiny spineless and self absorbed One of her love interests at her new school is a drug dealer that cant take responsibility for his actions and also happens to be Natalie's other friends crush Let's just say neither subscribes to the sisters before misters code Her second love interest threatens her and is the reason she is bullied but is honestly the best of the bunch The third love interest has a gf and wants Natalie to remain his dirty little secret The final one is the worst He crosses a line that should never be crossed in a potential love interest ad is pretty much the reason for all of Natalie's problems And yet at the end of the day he will be forgiven and with the way book 3 was going the first love interest who was mostly a victim of circumstance is the one who is being vilifiedSo nope

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New Girl Montlake Prep #1I became the new girl at Montlake Prep a school full of rich snobs I was prepared for the insults the taunts and the endless bullying from day one But nothing could prepare me for the kings of the school Jacob Troy and Lucas The three of them ruled the halls of Montlake Prep with an iron fist Arrogant and privileged doesn’t even start to describe th. New Girl by Nora CobbI Received An ARC From Author For Honest ReviewI Give This Book a 255 Star Rating Listing as 2Cliffhanger YesI Will Not Have A Rating List For This BookI have to say I got super confused throughout the whole book it’s felt like there was detail in random areas but no detail where it’s really neededI Can’t Believe I’m Honestly Saying This But I Weirdly Wouldn’t Classify this as a ‘Bully’ EitherIt’s in the end Popular Kids ending up with well Popular Kids Jocks Cheerleaders and Said Popular Girl ‘Natalie’ gets what she deservesThe bullying should be mainly from the guys and that really doesn’t occur as much as it should’ve plus they actually end up being ‘super weird’ nice to her uickly that felt forcedThis book feels super rushed and characters were just pushed together way to fast I felt like I was on a sugar rushAlso the believability of Lucas and Jacob to being so sociable to her so uickly just didn’t seem rational and the IMMEDIATE bullying from other people was far fetchedMain Female Characters For Me Are the Most Important to Immediately Like Sadly I Was Very DisappointedNatalie was hot and cold for me but she felt uber naive and yet way way to flirty too early that we all know will land her some point in the hot seatHer personality wasn’t flattering to me either she had several persona changes matter of fact I don’t know her real personalityOne minute she’s sad about the death of her parents then her uncle says he’ll give her money on her allowance and now it’s like she’s acting a spoiled brat then when she mentions her parents later on to me it just doesn’t Paint Natalie in a Good Light at All I Literally cannot feel sorry for her I hate the way she mentally points the finger at othersThen she’s smoking one minute and then she can’t handle a joint the next which is fine don’t get me wrong but it’s like she wants to be a part of the cool kidsAnd the now that she’s a cheerleader the whole cheerleading thing was kind of a dumb move I thought also I wasn’t a fan of her weird need for ‘alpha female’ status that again didn’t make senseI Don’t Know Who She Truly Is cause you don’t get an inkling before handI’m NOT a fan of the POV changes surprisinglylike at all I Actually Believe it Hindered Natalie a BitNo sense of time eitherOverall not a satisfying read for me and I am Really not a Fan of NatalieThis section sealed the deal“I feel selfish after all My parents were the ones to die They hadn’t wanted it or expected it but here I am feeling sorry for myself because my uncle is forcing me to live in his mansion and be rich”Forced I don’t see her complaining about all the benefitsThis book didn’t reach my expectations I More than likely will not read the next book