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The share auto I sueeze into next seems unusually vulnerable after a night in the truck too compact too low down Perhaps these are the usual side effects of prolonged riding with the king of the road I think to myself But it is only when I fill in ‘truck’ as my mode of transportation in the hotel ledger at Udaipur does the utter ludicrousness of my endeavour truly hit home Think truck drivers and movie scenes of them drunke. When I was young I used to look forward to my summer vacations and the trip to my hometown – this trip was such a big deal not just because it would take me to my grandma aaie and allow me to binge and smother my face with freshly plucked home grown mangoes but also because it would take me through the highways and the little known roads of Orissa bringing its teeming vein to delightful eclectic lifeA wanderer’s elixir A vagabond’s shelter The roadAnd it is a towering member of this very road that finds centre stage in this book – the majestic TruckRajat Ubhaykar undertakes a journey across the length and breadth of India choosing a very unusual mode of transport hitchhiking with truck drivers For those not privy to the ‘general opinion’ on truck drivers in India it may suffice to say that a truck driver’s life is oft uoted by Indian parents as a parallel when giving a dressing down to their kids So what was found in the heart of a seemingly crude mannered loud speaking beedi smoking drug snorting rash driving uncouth generation of truck drivers Dollops of goodnessAs the author goes from Mumbai to Jaipur Chandigarh upwards to Jammu he is taken in mostly by kind drivers and treated to a generous peek into the truck business Through their unceasing conversations I got to know how permits are given how tolls function how overloading gets normalized how learnings are passed on from a ustad teacher to his khalassi student intern As he moves to the north eastern heart at Nagaland and Manipur and then dives straight down south to Salem and Vijayawada his journal spreads its eager wings sometimes unsteady in trepidation and collects the sprawling melange of truths nestled at the sharp road bends and colourful truck art naked tragedies and shrewd trades gregarious dhabawallas and wronged childhoods street smartness and apparent debauchery I wonder if their long tryst with migration has something to do with why Punjabis took to driving trucks with such enthusiasm because what is trucking but a form of constant displacement I soon find out from a Bihari paanwallah that it’s in a curious creole tongue called Nagamese—the love child of Assamese Bengali and Hindi Why that’s the first time I’ve even heard of itI for one know that after this trip I will always remember this sunrise when I think of Nagaland and not insurgents or headhunting tribals Travelling with this uniue bunch gave me what my travel trips give – new eyes And through new eyes I saw the same picture as one of the truck drivers endorsed Phone khoti sakshaat bheti The phone’s a false friend it is better to meet in personSo go on emerge from the emitting screen of your mobile phone set afoot anew face the sun and its children in the eye; you never know which splendid piece of sunshine on the black tar of your bias can light the canvas of your memories Also on my website

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Truck de IndiaF truck art in Punjab; travels alongside nomadic shepherds in Kashmir; encounters endemic corruption repeatedly; survives NH39 the insurgent ridden highway through Nagaland and Manipur; and is unfailingly greeted by the unconditional kindness of perfect strangers Imbued with humour empathy and a keen sense of history Truck De India is a travelogue like no other you've read It is the story of India and Indians on the road    ?. Truckers are like the nutrition carrying blood in the veins Highways of any nation They keep that nation healthy and alive Their stories are worth telling But Indian trucker’s stories MUST be told and I will tell you whyI have been working in the US based Diesel Engine manufacturing company for the past 15 years and I have a little bit of insight on the trucking world hereAlso I have a strong love for trucking and lot of respect for truckers Unlike Indian Road transportation department USDOT US department of transportation has lot of laws around the allowed operating time for long haul truckers overloading criteria getting day offs better pay health benefits fuel economy management system etc Also the roads and road rules are better here and are enforced without corruption Their trucks are air conditioned with better beds etc Some owner operators even have restrooms kitchens inside their trucks All these things make the US truck drivers life relatively easier But our Indian truckers have none of the above NONE But yet they keep the blood flowing in the veins of our nation Their voice must be heard and their story must me told Rajat just did that through this book He becomes part of Indian trucker’s world for months at a time and participates in all aspects of their job IMHO this is the best way to understand somebody’s way of life This travelogue gives you a honest ground level observation about one of the many exploited voiceless proletariats of India Indian truck drivers We all have gotten only a brief split second glimpse of their world through the windows of our speeding cars or buses on the highway yet we have a very prejudiced understanding of their worlds through misinformation and opinions Rajat goes on a mission to demystify their world and set the record straight by being a direct witnessHe didn’t stop at just experiencing but was kind enough to document his interesting odyssey it through his excellent writing skills and present it to us so that we can savor it I couldn’t put the book down and also I did not want the book to end I finished this book in a day It gave me wings to fly to all the exotic places of India I always wanted to visit I was constantly looking at the map to get a sense of where he was from chapter to chapter and it was a lot of fun Unknown facts sprinkled all through the book and is is a treat for trivia junkies like me This is not your ordinary travelogue It not only has all the elements of any enjoyable travelogue but it stands out in touching on some of the important current issues such as economic divide in rural India labor exploitation lack of trade union and its reasons appalling working and living conditions total disregard for the well being and safety of the workers in the name of profit their destroyed work life balance drug abuse and many Take the time to read through his tangents they have meat in it Indian City dweller very rarely get a glimpse of the inside world of a rural working person From their POV they start to believe that the whole of India is modernized and life is much better because everybody has a cellphone and access to information They believe or want to believe all has changed magically in the current political climate But this book reveals that it is far from true It shows that very little has changed in rural India The horrible living conditions communal prejudices prevalent caste and religion based stereotyping etc etc BUT this book also shows that even not all is bad and the faith in humanity is not all lost There are heartwarming beautiful acts of kindness to a fellow human being by complete strangers friendship in unlikely places etc I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I really wish Rajat will publish a seuel to this book by traveling to other states he did not touch in this bookA must read for lovers of travel or trucking or India or all of the above

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Truck de India! Summary á 104 ó The share auto I sueeze into next seems unusually vulnerable after a night in the truck too compact too low down Perhaps these are the usual side effects of prolonged riding with the king of the road I think to myself But it is only when I fill in ‘truck’ as my mode of transportation in the hotel ledger at Udaipur dNly crushing inconvenient people to their gravelly deaths come to mind But what are their lives on the road actually like In Truck De India journalist Rajat Ubhaykar embarks on a 10000 km long 100% unplanned trip hitchhiking with truckers all across India On the way he makes unexpected friendships; listens to highway ghost stories; discovers the near fatal conseuences of overloading trucks; documents the fascinating tradition o. Before I write a review of this book let me make a few things clear I have known Rajat for the better part of the last decade However books are my first love and I take each one very seriously Hence this review is my personal and hopefully objective belief When Rajat told me he is planning to travel with truck drivers across India and write a book about it I was concerned and sceptical Concerned for his safety comfort and sceptical because what if the book is not good enough no one has ever written a book about truckers maybe there is a reason for it Four years after the first conversation about this book I now hold a copy in my hands and read it with trepidation I am proven wrong on all counts Truck De India provides a rare glimpse into an alternate reality of our country for the millions like me with their cushy jobs making excel spreadsheets on things that mean very little in the real world It is about the unsung heroes of our economy the truckers that make sure everything we purchase from our morning toothpaste to our beloved parcels reaches us on time every day year after year battling everything from bad roads to highway robbery to corruption in a country which is not known to look kindly upon them More importantly it is not just a book about truckers but also about the history of how these beasts of burden came to be in their present color and shape dotted with catchy slogans and beautiful artwork and also about the country they ply through The history of India this vast country of Kashmir with its treacherous roads North East with the misty hills and ever present sense of danger fertile land of Punjab plagued by drugs and the lush south with its myriad faces all are beautifully captured Overall after a long time I have come across a book that dares to talk about something we have never really talked about in our books and what a wonderful way to bring it all together To me this conversation in the book perfectly sums it“Even educated people say that truck drivers are not good people He gets your maal over such long distances after tolerating the blow of policemen Why are drivers not good If someone ever says to you that drivers are bad people you bring them to me When he comes and stays with us for a few days I will ask him why we are not good people”