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Read · You Were Never Broken ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ä Poems for accepting all that you are—including those parts of yourself that you wish you could disownAt one time Jeff Foster wanted to die After a lifetime of self loathing crippling fear and attempts to numb his own feelings he was left on the Beauty of the present moment For Foster the winding path to self acceptance started with nonjudgmental observation of the thoughts that plagued him and here he shares his world renowned expertise on how to begin your own journeyWith You Were Never Broken Jeff Foster shares the true heart of his inspiring revelatory path to awakening In his own words these are poems to make you stand up and cry “Yes I am broken but I am unbreakable?. 'You Were Never Broken' is a collection of poems that is different from what I have read before Yes I have read poems before that talk about being in the present That brush depression and not wanting to live That talk about love Still I never read poems like theseThe poems are very open very direct and to me that was something I did not know I needed but I did I feel healed a bit after reading thisI am not sure if this collection of poems had done as much good during the time I truly was going through depression but they might have They did nowI received a free copy through Netgalley in return for an honest review

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Poems for accepting all that you are including those parts of yourself that you wish you could disownAt one time Jeff Foster wanted to die After a lifetime of self loathing crippling fear and attempts to numb his own feelings he was left on the verge of suicide It was only when he opened himself completely to his emotions both the unbearable and the wonderful that he stopped seeking death and started truly livingIn You Were Never Brok. I really enjoy what writers are doing with poetry in our current society despite the fact that I loathed studying poetry in college This collection was beautiful When I first started reading it I felt like Foster had somehow gotten into my head and put my own thoughts to words This is a very peaceful collection that really makes you think about the expectations that we set for ourselves

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You Were Never BrokenEn Foster explores this transformation through poetry so raw and vulnerable that you too will feel the full triumph of his journey Whether exploring life’s uncertainties or the joy of personal realization Foster’s poems embrace the full spectrum of human experienceAmid these verses Foster provides his signature direct teachings on meditation the great value of stillness and silence and what it means to surrender completely to the. Thanks Netgalley and respective publisher for sending me a copyYou don’t need to take your life Just let your life be taken by all that you seeThe book comprises of four parts A field of MeditationSaying Yes to the messThe Courage to stand AloneReasons to stay AliveEach part starts with a detailed introduction on the topic along with the poet sharing his own experiences This collection of poetry takes us through a journey of discovering that we're than just our feelings insecurities etc but that we all have a deeper power The language is very conversational its like Poet is in your head The poet uses friendly tone and easy language in his poetries Beautiful watermark effects on the pages brings out an aesthetic feel The poet has used repetition in many of his poems to lay emphasis on his points His poems are really amazing self empowering emphasizing mysterious He asks to enjoy the present moments the feels the sensations the smells the sounds and the tastes He makes us understand the importance of living in the moment Be present be hereThe teaching is damn simpleBe present be hereOh the truth you wanted to speak The words you wanted to scream The tears you longed to cry The uncontrolled wild ways in which you wanted to move your body The healthy human responses the urges and yearnings you intelligently suished down in order to win love stay safe even stay aliveI extremely like the poetic devices he has used especially the one with the sacred lotus Honest and true exploration of his journey of self healing and self acceptance Perhaps loneliness is like a cosmic Contact your sadness and you contact the sadness of all living beingsContact all living beings and your loneliness disappearsYour wounds your turbulent and sorrowful places your imperfections are not mistakes; they are the places in you desperately yearning for love waiting to be penetrated with a curious Light