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Summary ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Shami Stovall Deserts Rogues A secret hidden in an underground mazeEvery moment counts as Volke Savan races south to the city of New Norra His goal find Theasin Venrover the famous artificer who may have a cure for the arcane plague Separated from most. The creaks of wood fill the air as the airship the Sun Chaser ascends Volke is on a mission and that is to find a cure to the plague before it takes a hold on him With his two friends and a grudging crew he journeys across the skies in hopes of finding the one person he knows who could have the cure Theasin Venrover There is one problem however Theasin hasn’t been seen lately and even if Volke can find him he may not even help him But as his search continues he encounters many obstacles such as plague ridden foes swashbuckling pirates and even a deadly maze of tricks riddles and traps Will Volke succeed Or will he fail and be reduced to the laughing maniacs that he has foughtPlague Arcanist is a book filled with action mysteries secrets and an odd sense of humor It is sure to amaze you with its irresistible charm powerful magic and bizarre mythical creatures If you’re into Harry Potter style high action packed fantasies this is the book for you The twists and turns are in abundance leaving you to wonder what comes nextI will have to warn you though if you are fighting a plague ridden unicorn bring something that can get rid of worms or else you will suffer death by worms But other then that I really can’t say much else then to do what Volke does and follow the stars

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Summary Plague Arcanist (Frith Chronicles, #4) ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free  Deserts Rogues A secret hidden in an underground mazeEvery moment counts as Volke Savan races south to the city of New Norra His goal find Theasin Venrover the famous artificer who may have a cure for the arcane plague Se S could potentially solve all of Volke’s problems With hunters after him and dread pirates in the port Volke finds himself forced to choose between eually terrible optionsContinue the Frith Chronicles with the fourth book Plague Arcanist. Simply amazingI have really enjoyed this series And The Plague Arcanist was my favorite thus far I can not wait for the next book in the series Shami Stoval story just sucks you in and you can't wait for

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Plague Arcanist Frith Chronicles #4Of the Frith Guild and even his sister Volke must rely on the crew of the airship the Sun Chaser to help him find Theasin in timeTo complicate matters the desert city of New Norra is steeped in mystery and the massive maze under the street. First off I want to state that this was an amazing book Stovall succeeded yet again in making a 55 story Truly a masterpiece I have been anxiously waiting for this book to come out ever since I finish the last book I literally stayed up till 3 in the morning reading after the book came out at midnightI was happy that Volke was able to meet his father and kinda reconcile with him Heck he even got an amazing sword and gun out of it I will not lie I was a little sad when the gun was destroyed I wonder if Volke will make Blackwater his last name again I am hoping for this Also I am extremely curious about his mother now I wonder what happened to her I know she left his father and him at some point in the past as stated in the first book I just hope she is not a part of the Second AscensionI loved how Stovall showed us Zelfree and Calisto’s past It puts everything in a whole new perspective I honestly felt bad for Calisto but that uickly died after I remembered everything he did after Zelfree’s and his friendship ended It also did not help that I was extremely angry with the CalistoKarna deal for their trip to The Excavation Site I have to agree with Volke’s views on that oneVethica was an interesting side character that I would be interested in seeing of Stovall put a lot of depth into her in the short amount of time that she appeared in the book I would also like to see how Illia and Biyu will interact with each other I can easily see Illia becoming extremely protective of her or extremely nervous around her because their tragic pasts being similarI absolutely loved the ending to this book with Volke achieving the true form of the knightmare and reuniting with everyone Although I have to say I was a little confused when Volke told Illia that he loved her I just cannot tell what kind of love he meant when he said that Was it love like family love or romantic love I am leaning towards it meaning family but I think Illia thinks it is romantic considering her response This leads me to think there will be interesting times on the Sun Chaser We all know Atty loves him and Illia loves him might have moved on to Zaxis Evianna either has a crush on him just really admires him or both Karna might love him or just loves teasing him sometimes I am positive that she likes him romantically and other times just as friends I can definitely see Karna stirring up some trouble with this bunch around him Maybe mimicking one of them although I think she might not considering Volke’s response to her when she mimicked Atty in the last book She could act very provocative with him when the other ladies are around I can just imagine Volke panicking and trying explain whatever Karna didIs it bad that I kinda want see Fain and Karna ending up together in the end There were points in the story where I believe I saw hints of Fain and Karna starting to displaydevelop an interest in the each other They seem to be a better match for each other than Karna is with VolkeI will say though I was disappointed that we did not get to see what the other apprentices were doing during their search for Volke I would have been satisfied with a few chapters as an intermissions from either Atty or Illia’s point of view Maybe Stovall will give us a glimpse into what happened Like a novella on it from all the apprentices’ point of views especially Atty and Illia’s Hexa’s point of view would be fun and interesting too I think Hexa’s personality would make it both funny and interesting with her being awfully blunt about stuff sometimes uestion for Stovall Is this a possibility Maybe as a “hold me over” while we wait for the next bookAll in all this was an amazing book I cannot wait for the next book to come out Hopefully I do not have to wait to long