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Read & Download Û For All Who Hunger 108 ´ Emily Scott never planned on becoming a pastor But when she started a church for misfits that met over dinner in Brooklyn she discovered an unlikely calling and an antidote to modern lonelinessAs founding pastor of St Lydia's in Brooklyn New York where worship takes place over a meal Emily Scott spEmily Scott never planned on becoming a pastor But when she started a church for misfits that met over dinner in Brooklyn she discovered an unlikely calling and an antidote to modern lonelinessAs founding pastor of St Lydia's in Brooklyn New York where worship takes place over a meal Emily Scott spent eight years ministering to a scrappy collective of people with different backgrounds incomes and levels of social skills Each week they broke bread sang hymns made halting conversation with strangers then did the dishes But in a city where everyone lives on top of one another yet everyone is lonely these gatherings filled a longing that most people even Scott didn't realize they feltWith tenderness and humor Scott weaves stories. I was only a few pages into Emily MD Scott's For All Who Hunger Searching for Communion in a Shattered World when I realized that I'd already become uite fond of the somewhat nerdy incredibly intelligent and richly human Lutheran pastor who started a dinner church in New York City called St Lydia's Dinner Church and served as its founding pastor for several years For All Who Hunger is about that journey but it's also about than that journey It's about Scott's own journey through the loneliness of feeling different starting a church desiring companionship and ultimately searching for the same communion that she so passionately wished to provide for her congregants I loved every moment of For All Who Hunger and can honestly confess I grieved its ending because it felt like the end of a relational journey with an imaginary friend who'd become very real to me I don't know Scott but I felt like I did by the end of the book and For All Who Hunger immersed me in her occasionally inspiring and occasionally awkward yet nearly always awesome spiritual journey The book starts with warmth such incredible warmth as we become engaged with Scott's love for the congregants who gather with her and trust her with their spiritual lives You can feel it really feel it that Scott feels so incredibly privileged by that trust that I sit here with a tear running down my face even recalling her words In every book that I truly love and I truly love For All Who Hunger I find some person or place or thing with which I connect on a soulful level I must confess that in this book it was a delightful older woman named Ula who found herself always embraced by the community of St Lydia's despite being at times persnickety and difficult and all those other labels we like to use for people who've been unloved for so long that they don't know how to respond when love knocks on their door and refuses to go away until they answer I'm a paraplegicdouble amputee with spina bifida with a chaotic faith journey that includes having been raised Jehovah's Witness and having been kicked out of two different churches including the aforementioned JW's Just three months ago I lost the remainder of my left leg following hospitalization for dehydration and infections and am inching back ever so closely to going back to work I identified greatly with Ula's spirit and I resonated deeply with Scott's passion for her and the difficulty in leaving as I sit here facing the loss of my own pastor the delightful Rev Anastassia who sat with me for two hours prior to my most recent amputation simply holding the hand of someone with a fear of touch and gently refusing to let go I admired Scott's weaving together of both her intellect and her tremendous sensitivity throughout For All Who Hunger most admiring the vulnerability with which she wrote about her desires for relationship and her experiences in exploring the worlds of dating and sexuality while also living as a Lutheran pastor who as it just so happens also happens to be a human being There is simply so much to love about For All Who Hunger a book that beautifully shares the St Lydia's journey from beginning up until Scott's departure She currently serves in Balti as the pastor of Dreams and Visions a church she also founded Scott beautifully and honestly shares the successes and not so successful moments of her church planting journey while also elouently bringing to life its personal emotional and spiritual impact for her She is transparently self aware and yet eually adept at sharing knowledge theological insights biblical exegesis and inspirations from other philosophical and theological figures While For All Who Hunger has lessons for all interested in church life and church planting it will likely most resonate with those who have a open and affirming theology as St Lydia's was and remains an LGBTIA open and affirming congregation and at least it would appear Scott remains committed to ministry to the nerds misfits outcasts and others who are so often left behind by organized religious bodies With remarkable honesty insight strength and vulnerability Scott has crafted a warm and wonderful book that serves as a spiritual memoir but also a reminder of the ability of a pastor and of a church to serve and be communion in a shattered world that so desperately craves it

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As no limits and a faith that opens our eyes to the truth There's a place for you at the tableAdvance praise for For All Who HungerIn this intimate and openly heartfelt debut memoir Scott explores the power of faith and community as strength building resources for navigating difficult times She's eually relatable and forthright in exposing her own vulnerabilities and loneliness as a single woman living in the city along with her responsibilities and insecurities ministering to the needs of her congregants Scott delivers a moving personal memoir and an accessibly reverent meditation on finding faith through unconventional acts of worship Highly inspiring for anyone seeking solace in our modern world Kirkus Reviews starred revie. Gospel truth meets beautifully written memoir The way Emily Scott weaves together her personal stories — her bad dates her struggle to find a physical space for a church her sojourns to Alaska and Asheville — with insightful analysis of scripture and the stories we tell from scripture are is in a word incredible The book transitions from personal memoir to spiritual reflection with ease over and over and over again Truth is found in both parts Scott’s prose is clear and strong; the way she pulls the message of God and God’s love out of her experiences with St Lydia’s is poetry Parts of the book are laugh out loud funny Conversations are recreated in ways that are real and honest and will make you laugh And importantly the writing never loses sight of the book’s central message God has a big big table set and there is enough bread for everyone

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For All Who HungerAnd reflections from the life of her unlikely congregation Recalling her journey as a single woman and a pastor looking for love and friendship in a city of millions she discovers how small acts of connection hold power than we realize in a time when our differences are being weaponized and creates activism and justice work fueled by empathy and relationship For All Who Hunger articulates the value of church as a place where people can hear not only that they are loved but that they are good When members of Scott's congregation build relationships with their neighbors in one of the world's most uneual cities they find courage and resources to begin working for a just world For All Who Hunger is a story about a God whose love h. “Grace shows up not in the ways we try to hold it together but when we finally let go” I was a congregant at St Lydia’s during my three years of seminary and felt so blessed to have stumbled upon this intimate sacred community that held me during a period of personal rebirth and transformation In her well crafted memoir Emily beautifully weaves together her own story of loneliness grief and hunger with that of her emergent urban congregation that became so successful a model for how to do dinner church Something sacred and healing happened around those tables each week In a ritualistic yet refreshing way we shared our own stories as reflections on the Gospel stories Emily preached about and lit candles and sang and prayed together During a time of great stress and theological seeking in my own life I was grateful to be an integral part of a spiritual community that embodied the love intimacy justice and grace I wasn’t fully aware I needed