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Do You Know Me? Read & Download ¸ 104 Ô In this seuel to Can You See Me Libby Scott and Rebecca Westcott return with another heartwarming and eye opening story of friendship and middle school inspired by Libby's own experiences of autismEveryone else in Tally's grade seems excited for the class trip And she knows she is supposed to be too EverIn this seuel to Can You See Me Libby Scott and Rebecca Westcott return with another heartwarming and eye opening story of friendship and middle school inspired by Libby's own experiences of autismEveryone else in Tally's grade seems excited for the class trip And she knows she is supposed to be too Ever since her classmates found out she is autistic Tal. i really liked it it was the second book to can you see me it is written by a 12 year old girl called libby scott she is autistic and the main charecectar in the story is tally is autisticshe writes aboit her life and in this book she is going on a school trip for a week with none of her familytally has a lot of worries about this school trip and doesnt know whether to go or not she decides to go and make lots of new friends there she writes about the trip and everything going on in her life i really like this book

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Ly has felt comfortable being herself But the end of year trip will be an entire week her longest overnight trip ever How will she sleep What about all the bugs What will her dog Rupert do without her at homeThough she decides she doesn't want to miss out bad news strikes as soon as she arrives She isn't bunking with her friend Aleksandra Instead she is. Do You Know Me is the seuel to one of the best books I've read Can You See Me This book was eually brilliant and offered a valuable insight and portrayal of autism in children's literature which I think is much needed as the book mentions Tally feels like she's the only person with autism before the school trip as she never reads books with characters like her As a teacher the book contains lots of helpful little 'top tips' in Tally's diary entries at the end of some chapters along with providing facts and knowledge about autism reinforcing how people are like snowflakes no 2 people will be the same The book contains the really important message that autism is not something bad or a disease it's just different People with autism may have strengths and weaknesses in different areas and may have differences in emotions and feelings they may feel emotions strongly than their peers particularly things like anxiety Tally can pick up on others' emotions to a greater extent than her peers which can make her worried and knowing this can help adults when communicating with autistic children such as using a calm voice and not shouting which can make it easier for the child It also includes the importance of developing positive relationships with children who have autism at school also important for all children as then they feel relaxed and able to share their worries The diary entries as well as the main story also highlight areas which can cause difficulties for children with autism which helps readers to develop an understanding of experiences such as the importance of having a 'safe space' at school to help Tally cope The main story line follows Tally as she goes on her end of Year 7 school trip many events could be generalised to upper KS2 settings eg Y6 residential and how activities which may seem exciting to other people fill her with anxiety and fear She worries about being away from home and her family who understand her and the safety of home being alone after her best friend is split up from her and her favourite teacher doesn't attend at the last minute She faces Skye bullying her Jade and 'Gory' and Skye makes the start of the trip very difficult by being nasty but then her old friends particularly Layla stand up for her and she makes 2 new friends Jade who also has autism and 'Gory' who's little sister has autism who are always there for her supporting her and making things much easier They then go to the Sanctuary to look after the animals and they share their worries and end up having a great last couple of days where they discover they are much braver and stronger than they ever thought as they face their fears and support each other One of the prominent themes is the importance of friendship Tally often feels like she's got to try to hide her autism and fit in but her real friends see the real Tally and this enables her to be herself and they all always have each other's back The story also includes the strong bond between Tally and her dog Rupert showing the love and understanding they have for each other particularly when Tally notices autistic traits in Rupert and tries to help him from her own experiences The relationships at home between Tally and her parents and sister Nell also offer an insight into how autism effects all family members I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it to all teachers and support staff I think it could be enjoyed by children in upper KS2 and it is a really important story to show the importance of inclusion and to understand what other children may experience although to fully understand the backstory to the characters I think it's best to read Can You See Me first so that Do You Know Me can be fully appreciated particularly as some references are made to events in the first book

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Do You Know MeRooming with her former friends and two girls from a neighboring school who both reject Tally on day oneTally isn't sure she'll ever make new friends And how will she survive for so long away from homeTold through a mix of prose and diary entries this authentic and relatable novel is about finding your people and learning what it takes to be a true frien. A heart warming story about friendship and bravery Representation There is obviously disability rep in here Everyone in this book goes on such a learning journey I loved the group that forms and the friendships they form I loved the camp setting in this book it was really cosy and nostalgic The writing in this was really accessible and explained the main character autism really well I also thought the teachers in this book were realistic than in the previous book Overall I really enjoyed this book and think that it would be suitable for older children teachers and parents