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summary ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Roger Hallam Etails isbn 9781645020004 format Paperback and others 112 pag. This is a very scary but very direct book calling to global action and showing how that could very easily be organised Hallam introduces easy steps to organise protest and direct action that reminded me a lot of the things Graeber writes about Occupy though they differ on the stance of the police It also answers my uestion why in my very leftist town that prides itself on being very alternative and has a strong group organising Fridays for Future the car plant steel works and head offices of our various aerospace companies remain very unimpeded I am not pointing fingers but it had always baffled me that this simply never happened They're very easy to reach by public transport and there are several very important roads going past them But it makes sense because most people in the middle class bubble would never dream of organising sit ins And thus fifty years of the gently affluent promotion of wasteless stores and organic cotton and cycling paths and voting green will very likely kill us just as dead as the excesses of the others the people in my own bubble are demonizing This book is very good at showing that this is bigger than all of us and reuires action decades years ago and if not then then nowThroughout the book Hallam writes that usually a crisis is necessary to galvanise people into action a crisis of the magnitude of a world war say Here is it is here is that crisis as everybody I know is sitting at home due to a virus that's bringing all of our healthcare system to its knees world wide and I am wondering if it will be enough

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free read Common Sense for the 21st Century 100 á Best Kindle, Common Sense for the 21st Century author Roger Hallam This is very good and the main topic to read with book details isbn 9781645020004 format Paperback and others 112 pages Best Kindle Common Sense for the 21st Century author Roger Ha. I was uite impressed by this book that is still looking for crowdfunding to be properly published In it Hallam who cofounded Extinction Rebellion explains what is wrong with the climate and biodiversity and why civil disobedience is the only way to fix itCurrently politicians are too open to lobbyists and to focused on their own carreers to move as fast as reuired I found that hard to stomach but is is obvious that for example the Paris Climate Treaty is going nowhere Hallam proposes to create civilians' assemblies by sortition which means they are representative to do the decision making Seems like a good idea First aristocracy replaced monarchy then representative democracy replaced aristocracy now since liberal democracy is losing its credibility if only because it can't save us from climate disaster it is time to replace it by something democratic and effectiveI can't believe I am writing thisAnother thing Hallam is astutely aware of is that mere yellow vests style criticism and activism see also the Occupy movement without an actual plan is bound to fail Hallam will not fall into that trap He has a list of solutions That's the incredible thing about climate change it is well researched and its solutions are available well tested and affordableI liked the part where he explains that the current situation reuires people to ignore their in group out group urge not to cooperate with people who are different This is not some greeny lefty activist thing it is about morals duty and the end of the worldSo let's all join Extinction Rebellion and block some junctions

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Common Sense for the 21st CenturyLlam This is very good and the main topic to read with book d. RubbishThis is the silliest document I have ever read It seems like it has been written by a teenager The author’s Pollyanna view of the crisis is delusional totally undoable based on a false view of the impact of climate change and full of general silliness I regret buying the bookbooklet