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Free download Ruthless Kings (Windsor Academy, #2) ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ë In a world filled with secrets lies and cruelty only the strongest will survive I’m living proof of that But being left for dead has made me uestion everything I thought I knew I want to believe I have allies inE Windsor Academy series and cannot be read as a standalone It is a dark high school bully romance that may contain triggers for sensitive readers Due to mature content it is recommended for readers 17 only. Ruthless Kings⭐️⭐️⭐️Trigger warningsViolence Attempted rapeTalk of rape Drug use Talk of suicideI take it back this series is addictive I loved when Kingston got annoyed at himself because he was jealous pls His signature response to literary anything is growling And just to get it clear; no she wasn't MADE for you Jazz is so mean it's not even necessary most times The second hand embarrassment is like nothing else helppp

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Lies in these ruthless games but the truths I unravel the twisted and tangled the web becomes And the deeper I fall down the rabbit hole the determined I am to bring them down RUTHLESS KINGS is book 2 in th. Ruthless Kings has been my most anticipated book of the year besides the next book in this trilogy I can say once an for all Ruthless Kings lived up to the hype of what I was expecting if not than what I was expecting When Lee left me with the BIGGEST cliffhanger of all with Windsor Academy the first book in the trilogy I was left crawling through my skin I was dying a slow agonizing death pun intended that had me wanting to choke the life out of this author for leaving me hanging but she made up for it Mostly and I say that because I want the rest like right this secondThis trilogy is not for the faint heart This author took me places in Ruthless Kings that had the unease snaking up my spine She was so detailed specific that made the reality all that real The suspense was ungodly It had me looking over my shoulder because her writing is something that just plays like a movie in my head I felt like I was trapped in this place and couldn't get out Which in all honesty is the truth because I was sucked down the rabbit hole of this authors words and this truly one of a kind storyIn Ruthless Kings this author left most stones turned but there were some secrets revealed and some uestions answered that kept the development coming Lee definitely turned the heat up in this one and I am a fan A HUGE fan I learned far about the characters than I thought possible which made the story that enthralling I understood of why these characters are the way the are and why they did the things they did It's all starting to turn full circle and that in itself shows the depth and progression of the storylineI'm just gonna go ahead and say it This Trilogy is gonna be the Trilogy of the year without a doubt in my mind Laura Lee has already proven her worth and her abilities and I know she will do than justice for these characters and their storyline Now I am just hoping and praying she doesn't make me wait to long to finally get ALL the answers I needI RECOMMEND NOT ONLY THIS BOOK BUT THE TRILOGYREVIEWED FOR REVIEWS FROM THE HEART AshleyFollow the blog Instagram Facebook Twitter Bookbub Goodreads

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Ruthless Kings Windsor Academy #2In a world filled with secrets lies and cruelty only the strongest will survive I’m living proof of that But being left for dead has made me uestion everything I thought I knew I want to believe I have al. I have been waiting for this one This is book 2 in Laura Lee’s Windsor Academy world Wicked Liars left us with one hell of a cliff hanger and this one literally picks it right up I couldn’t put this down The detail was unbelievable Suspense was top notch Seriously read this book in less than 12 hrs in between a million errands In Ruthless Kings we get some backstory to these characters and holy crap Makes you fall in love with them even I don’t like spoiler reviews so I’m not going to put any in here I will say read Wicked Liars first then be ready to be blown away with Ruthless Kings Talk about a book hangover My mind is reeling I foresee a reread really soon