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Free download Shards of Honor 107 ´ When Cordelia Naismith and her survey crew are attacked by a renegade group from Barrayar she is taken prisoner by Aral Vorkosigan commander of the Barrayan ship that has been taken over by an ambitious and ruthless crew member Aral and Cordelia survive countless mishaps while their mutual admiration and even stronger feeBy Aral Vorkosigan commander of the Barrayan ship that has been taken over by an ambitious and ruthless crew m. A buddy read with ChokoCommander Cordelia Naismith of Beta Colony and her crew were doing some harmless exploration on an unassuming planet when Barrayars guys from another planet decided they like the place Some unforeseen circumstances made them attack Betans which resulted in Cordelia and a high ranking Barrayar officer Aral Vorkosigan being stranded on the planet with the former being a prisoner of the latter sort of At this point practically anybody can figure out these two were destined to fall in love with each other However the obstacles they have to face would make Romeo and Juliet look like a happily ever after tale You will also learn a lot about Barrayar's politics and Betan bureaucracy The writing was good and so were the main characters I liked the character of Cordelia and to the lesser extent Aral From the secondary characters Sergeant Bothari deserves to be mentioned The story was entertaining enough for me to never get boring So why 3 stars onlyBecause if you strip the outer layers and the space opera layer is good underneath it all is a fairly standard love story cleverly disguised I have to add As a preuel of the type How I Met Your Mother it works laying the background for further development so I will continue with the series without even thinking about it twice Conclusion a good enough tale but Falling Free is much better starting point for the series I need to mention the book also has a short story called Aftermaths which takes place before the end of the main plot but it is very much unrelated Bujold's strength as a writer shows in fact that she managed to create a heartbreaking sad story in just a few pages

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Ember Aral and Cordelia survive countless mishaps while their mutual admiration and even stronger feelings emer. 4 A buddy read with EvgenyThis was the first time we got to meet a Vorkosigan the family name after which this series is named From what I have learned he ends up being the father of the main protagonist in the series as we go along Although Vorkosigan is a perfect specimen of a man smart handsome honorable alpha as one can get but sensitive and thoughtful he is still lacking in comparison with the young female commander from Beta Colony Cordelia N She is everything I would like to be when I grow up She is attractive but much than that she is brave vivacious uick to act uick to feel and very capable to handle almost any situation The two of them are on opposite sides of a war and expect only the worst from each other but a long week having to depend only on one another for survival opens their eyes to their better features and brings them close together Until the real world shows them once again how impossible it is for them to ever have a chance to see if the mutual attraction they had developed could grow into something Very sad for both of themBeing the strong and independent individuals they are Vorkosigan and Cordelia try to keep going but faith has some very challenging and difficult tests to put them through before leading them back to each other Faith could be such a bitch at timesI loved this book I love the world building and I really hope that the series continues in this manner because if it does Evgeny and I are in for a very interesting ride Once again my favorite part of the story is the thought out plot the imaginative structure of the different cultures and their differences and the balance between action and the political sections of the story I know one thing for sure this is a very welcome series in my life I wish you all Happy Reading and many wonderful books to come

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Shards of HonorWhen Cordelia Naismith and her survey crew are attacked by a renegade group from Barrayar she is taken prisoner. An all time SF favorite Final review first posted on Fantasy Literature Shards of Honor often packaged with Barrayar and sold as Cordelia's Honor is one of those SF space opera books that I love beyond reason and pull off my bookshelf every few years to reread contentedly immersing myself in Bujold’s well imagined world and the relationship between two characters I adoreA bit of background I started my VORKOSIGAN SAGA experience years ago when I grabbed A Civil Campaign off the library shelves and was introduced to the very short brilliant terrifyingly competent and wildly adventurous Miles Vorkosigan Though I didn’t realize it at the time that book was not the best place to start with this series; it assumes a lot of background knowledge about the characters and events in their lives and really isn’t characteristic of the series with its focus on romance and social satire over adventure I was a little mystified but interested enough to check out books in this series from the libraryAnd eventually I ended up here with Shards of Honor and Cordelia Naismith and Aral Vorkosigan’s first meeting She’s the Betan captain of a surveying team exploring an uninhabited she thinks planet; he’s the commander of a Barrayaran military outpost on that planet Beta is extremely socially progressive; Barrayar has a rigid traditional and militaristic society Their groups clash in a deadly meeting and Aral and Cordelia are abandoned among the dead and wounded They need to cooperate to survive As they trek to Aral’s camp running into deadly alien animals along the way and surviving on scanty rations they gain respect for each other and love starts to develop Cordelia is loyal to Beta however and she can’t imagine living and raising a family in the paternalistic society of Barrayar That and the conflict between their worlds pull her and Aral apartI totally fell in love with these two characters and their adventures a mix of political intrigue and battles both in space and on land and between individuals as well as societies Cordelia’s and Aral’s unusual romance went straight to my heart and their respective moral dilemmas were heartrending Shards of Honor might not be the best book in the VORKOSIGAN SAGA but it’s the one most beloved by me