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Indemnity OnlyMeeting an anonymous client late on a sizzling summer night is asking for trouble But trouble is Chicago private eye VI Warshawski's specialty Her client says he's the prominent banker John Thayer Turns o. This is the novel that introduced Chicago private investigator V I Warshawski back in 1982 At that time the book was something of a revelation Female PIs were few and far between especially hard nosed take no prisoners types There were of course plenty of Miss Marples and the like solving mostly gentile puzzle mysteries sometimes with the assistance of their cats But hardly any women PIs were out there kicking ass and taking namesThen in 1982 readers were introduced to both Sue Grafton's Kinsey Milhone and Paretsky's V I Warshawski and the world of crime fiction was never the same again Thirty four years later though this book does not seem nearly as special as it once did Thanks largely to the efforts of Paretsky and Grafton there are any number of hard boiled female investigators out there and so reading a book like this is no longer nearly as eye opening and exciting as it was back thenAs the story opens a mysterious client insists on a late night meeting with VI assuming that she is a male Once he discovers that she's a girl he's not so sure that he wants to entrust her with something serious But VI is tired after a long day and isn't about to take any sexist crap from the guy She convinces him that she can get the job done and he finally identifies himself as the wealthy officer of a large bank in downtown Chicago He's concerned that his son Peter has fallen in love with the wrong girl and is living in a hovel with a bunch of unwashed hippies or other such riff raff The girl is now missing; the son blames his father for scaring her away and insists that he will never come home again until he is reunited with his lost loveThe man hires V I to find the missing young woman so that peace can be restored between him and his son However V I no sooner begins her investigation than she discovers the body of Peter the young lover shot to death in the kitchen of his apartment Inevitably all hell breaks loose V I is determined to find the killer because she discovered the body The cops naturally want her the hell off the case but she tells them to shove it and goes about her business much in the fashion of Phillip Marlowe than Jessica Fletcher There are a lot of nasty customers involved in this case; VI is in serious physical danger and virtually no one takes her seriously because of her gender The odds to say the least are longTruth to tell the story itself has some serious holes in it and the resolution depends on than a couple of amazing coincidences that stretch credulity to the limit In a day and age when tough female detectives are virtually a dime a dozen the reader starts to notice such things but when this book initially appeared the character of V I Warshawski was such a revelation that one didn't notice them This book would launch a long series of novels featuring Warshawski; both she and her creator were true trailblazers in the world of crime fiction and the fact that the world has caught up with V I is a tribute to both of them Three stars for the story itself; five stars for being instrumental in breaking the glass ceiling in crime fiction

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Indemnity Only Summary ´ 0 ´ Meeting an anonymous client late on a sizzling summer night is asking for trouble But trouble is Chicago private eye VI Warshawski's specialty Her client says he's the prominent banker John Thayer Turns out he's not He says his son's girlfriend Anita Hill is missing Turns out that's not her real name VI's search turns up someUt he's not He says his son's girlfriend Anita Hill is missing Turns out that's not her real name VI's search turns up someone soon enough the real John Thayer's son and he's dead Who's VI's client Why ha. At a recent book signing hosted by the delightful mystery book store Murder by the Book I mentioned to the clerk that I thought Sue Grafton’s twice divorced no make up wearing junk food loving sleuth Kinsey Millhone had influenced my becoming a feminist In response he recommended that I read Sara Paretsky’s VI Warshawski novels saying that if Grafton was “there” on the spectrum of feminist writers then Paretsky was way over “here”I’m not sure by what scale he was measuring because I didn’t find Paretsky’s Indemnity Only to be particularly feminist than any of Grafton’s novels In fact I saw mostly similarities between Kinsey and VI known to her friends as Vic and between Grafton and Paretsky’s approaches to these characters Kinsey and Vic are outspoken willful and self sufficient women They are single with at least one divorce under their belt and a rather detached attitude toward dating and men They exercise regularly hold their own in a scrape and can fire a weapon if need be Both Grafton and Paretsky attempt to treat these women in an ungendered way they do not limit what their characters can and may do because of their sex but they do not masculinize them However the authors seemingly felt compelled to make them somewhat androgynous as evidenced by the choice of their characters’ namesAs for their differences these two fictional PIs come from disparate backgrounds Kinsey has of a delinuent past having dropped out of college and then the police force before becoming a private investigator while Vic graduated from college with a law degree and even practiced as a public defender for a spell before she acuired her PI license These women differ significantly in their concern for their appearance Kinsey wears essentially the same combo of jeans turtleneck and running shoes most of the time and cuts her hair with nail scissors Vic obviously cares about what she looks like even though she doesn’t lament much over the extensive facial bruising she acuires in Indemnity Only She puts together outfits and mentions at one point in the novel that she thought her clothing would get her some attention While Vic doesn’t seem particularly high maintenance I must say I missed Kinsey’s nonchalant approach to her looks and I was a little shocked when Vic mentally criticizes another woman’s flabby upper armsI must say that with this novel as an introduction I’m completely apathetic toward the world of VI Warshawski and Sara Paretsky’s writing I didn’t find Vic very likable which may be purposeful to an extent on Paretsky’s part Vic certainly feels no need to ingratiate herself to everyone she meets and I can appreciate that trait as a feminist since it goes against women’s social conditioning But as the reader I need to like her to remain involved in the story I think I was supposed to admire Vic’s determination or something but instead I found her disagreeable and entitled I also didn’t understand why Vic dated Ralph I think Paretsky intended for that relationship to demonstrate Vic’s casual attitude toward sex which is all well and good but why would Vic even have casual sex with a man who so obviously thought that a lady couldn’t be a private investigator for realsies As for Paretsky’s writing style I disliked that she doled out the solving of the mystery in large chunks with much of it revealed by the villain monologue ing at the end of the novel The crime itself and the people involved weren’t particularl

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S she been set up and sent out on a wild goose chase By the time she's got it figured things are hotter and deadlier than Chicago in July VI's in a desperate race against time At stake a young woman's lif. So I have been reading a ton of mysterycrime series this year as you all can see I have gotten invested in the Harry Bosch series and am a long time fan of the Alphabet series by Sue Grafton I don't know yet if I am going to add in VI Warshawski as a long time reader or not I think that parts of the book were good but other parts that deal with VI's personality started getting on my nerves Like a lot I do wonder though if this was a male character if she would have irked me so much which definitely made me thinkIn the first book we have VI as an established PI but not really getting into life and death situations Until this book which has VI investigating when a college girl goes missing and her boyfriend is found murdered What I love about this book and the Sue Grafton books is both timelines take place during the early 1980s There is no internet Google or Facebook There are mentions of computers but VI loves her mother's old Olvetti typewriter We also hear about the women's right movement and man oh man the sad parallels to the early 80s to now was just whiplash inducing after a while You would think we came further we have notVI is a loner except for her best friend and mother figure Doctor Lotty Herschel Lotty is the Greek chorus in VI's face telling her to be careful and to slow down Though VI wants to prove herself as strong and tough as any man out there she keeps having run ins with a bunch of people who mean to do her harm which starts to put a damper on her and her potential love interestI liked the writing but thought at times that Paretsky got a bit repetitive It seems like every five seconds VI was relaxing in a bath tub and drinking some Black Label whiskey After a while I wondered how the heck she was still standing since when I drink whiskey I start thinking naps are a good ideaThis first book was kind of all over the place a bit I thought We have Paretsky laying out VI's background and her contacts The case was actually pretty cool and I loved the solution to it and what the bad guys were getting up to This takes place in Chicago you know the place that apparently is on fire right now eyeroll and Paretsky does a great job of making Chicago of the 80s come alive