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Border Crossing Free read á eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Þ The mixed race son of apple pickers Manz lives with his hard drinking mother and her truck driver boyfriend in the hardscrabble world of dusty Rockhill Texas Forced to take a summer job rebuilding fence of a cattle ranch Manz works alongside his friend Jed and meets a girlThe mixed race son of apple pickers Manz lives with his hard drinking mother and her truck driver boyfriend in the hardscrabble world of dusty Rockhill Texas Forced to take a summer job rebuilding fence of a cattle ranch Manz work. This is a sensitive and accurate portrayal of a young person's struggle with schizophrenia Having once been friends with a 20 something who suffered from this illness I recognize the tedium and frustration of the main character's friends and loved ones trying to relate to his burgeoning paranoia and delusions This is not a romantic illness by any means Mostly the sufferers delusions are obsessive and get very boring This elouent little novel managed to convey that very well in spite of or perhaps because of being written from the point of the view of the mentally ill person The author deftly handled the gradual progression of Manz' paranoia At first he worries he might be imagining the sights and sounds of his delusions but gradually he falls under the sway of the voices to the point where he trusts no one Simultaneously he recognizes that he needs the people he is trying to cut ties with His need to sever his ties of family and friendship has to do with his delusion that he is being watched in a way that puts those closest to him in danger Conversely he mistrusts the very people he wishes to protect His lucid moments of self awareness of his need for a contact with reality are at the heart of what makes his struggle so heartbreaking A warning this story does not have a pat feel good ending Earlier in the review I mention that I was once friends with a person who suffered from schizophrenia It was not I who cut of relationships but my friend Even on his meds he was eccentric and could at times be rather tedious in his delusions in spite of also being immensely talented as an artist However during the year or so that I was friends with him his behaviour was fairly well controlled and maintained a reasonably normal uality of life Sadly he went of his meds through a brick through the large picture window of a popular trendy pizza place and before he was arrested managed to walk away and go back and through another brick through the remaining window After that he was hospitalized for awhile and I didn't see him for months When I finally did run into him again it was a chance meeting nowhere near any of his usual haunts He had been living with his parents and was much subdued He had been a brilliant surrealist cartoonist but when asked if he was making any new strips he simply replied that he wasn't drawing any because they won't let me My friend and i were not able to ascertain whether 'they' referred to his parents and doctors or the angels that made up a big part of his delusions He had also become very religious He had always been fascinated by angels but as a young gay man in the 90's he also had previously a slightly 'hedonist' sensibility and wore uite flamboyant clothing mostly hand decorated by himself His angel fixation had really come to a head shortly before the incident with the pizza place He would discuss angels with me to the point of sheer tedium I recall a day when I attempted a normal conversation with him at a favorite cafe and i just could not get him off the topic of angels Finally I said Dave I love you I've missed you But I just cannot talk another minute about angels Mistake He abruptly got up and without another word left the cafe At our last meeting none of his originality and flamboyance was apparent It was uite sad to witness A month or so after that meeting I received a very conventional store bought Christmas card with a Bible verse from him signed with his actual name Formerly he had gone by a couple of different pseudonyms for his strip Somewhere I still have a card from a few years previous to this time that featured one of his highly decorated signature angels and was flamboyantly signed Dave Urbane

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S alongside his friend Jed and meets a girl named Vanessa but even among his friends Manz suffers from an uncontrollable paranoia As the summer wears on Manz becomes convinced that Operation Wetback a brutal postwar relocation p. To represent a young adult with mental illness in a book can be challenging To depict them beautifully and with any kind of honesty is even difficult However that is exactly what Ms Anderson winds up doing She masterfully writes about the frightening descent into schizophrenia Soon enough we feel Manz's terrifying paranoia that everyone is out to get him His fear of being deported despite his being a legal citizen is crippling him Manz's family does not discuss their problems His mother drowns the grief of the loss of Gabriel Manz's half brother in the whiskey bottles she hides Tom Manz's stepfather covers his grief in constant jokes Manz wants to help Jed his best friend and Jed's sister Sally Their father is physically abusive to the entire family Sadly he can't seem to ignore the voices long enough to see any avenues of assistance for them This book was lovely in a heartbreaking sort of way It was sad to see Manz deteriorate and fall under the spells his own mind was casting on him As a parent you long to be the balm that soothes to have the hand that heals Mental illness is a cruel monster indeed You loved one often looks whole and healthy while inside the confines of their mind they're waging a war for their very life Ms Anderson depicts that desperation the spiral that pulls you in deeper so well I appreciated this book for exactly what it was an honest story beautifully told Four big kisses for the honesty and integrity of this one

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Border CrossingRogram is being put back into effect As the voices in his head grow louder and insistent Manz struggles to negotiate the difficulties of adolescence the perils of an oppressed environment and the terror of losing his grip on reali. Reviewed by Melanie Foust for TeensReadToocomManz's summer starts off regularly enough Listening to his mother Delores come home drunk at night Getting short term jobs at ranches in the area with his friend Jed Then strange things begin happeningHe starts hearing voices and they won't stop They begin telling him what to do and he starts listening They tell him that people are after him He's on the watch constantly on edge The border patrol will come to get him any day now and everyone he knows is a conspirator in their plan Or so he thinksAnderson has created an intriguing cast of characters who all deal with serious issues Manz has schizophrenia making it hard to know whether or not to believe anything that comes out of his mouth At the start of the book it isn't so bad but as the story progresses it becomes increasingly worse Delores has an alcohol addiction that amps up every time her partner Tom leaves town Since Tom is a truck driver that's fairly often Manz's friend Jed deals with domestic violence from his father at home Jed's mother and sister suffer as wellAt less than two hundred pages BORDER CROSSING is a very uick read The plot keeps you alert at all times never knowing which way things will go Although the ending isn't uite as clear as I would have liked it still manages to wrap up the story well while simultaneously leaving some things for the reader to decide on their own