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The Science of Getting RichW of Attraction First published in 1910 it is the book that inspired The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Sometimes when you happen to read in just 100 pages all about the subject as important as Getting Rich you feel like is that all The simple answer is Yes The complicated answer is yes but you need to know that this book does not list cheap little tricks to get rich This book does not teach you how to corner others wealth by trading well in stock or speculating in commodities It tells you precisely how to CREAT wealthAbundance there is enough to go around for everyone is the basis of this book Once you believe in abundance creativity will transform the abundance into wealth Competition will never lead to riches Poverty has somehow been praised as simple pure and natural Somehow Money generally relates to being greedy The cosmos the nature is Rich and abundant Every man deserves to be Rich and certainly afford what he thinks he should The body mind and soul all need 'things' The possibility of having these things is easier if we have the 'means' to get them The Money The right to be Rich is natural There exists a definite way Science to get Rich There are Poor and Rich in the same city doing same business and most of the time eually talented There are Rich people who are stupid and also Poor who are intelligent Similarly there are misers who are poor and lavish spenders who are Rich So what makes someone Rich or Poor People who get and remain Rich do things in a certain way Thoughts become things The unknown formless substance which fills the interspaces of the universe has the potential to make available things abundantly for the one who is creative and not competitive We all want things and there is exists this formless substance at the command of our thought Thus the first step towards becoming rich is to acuire the ability to think the way you want to think Easiest way to achieve this ability is to think about the Truth And the Truth is abundance Universe is constantly expanding Growth is natural CREAT Don't compete for that is already created You shall get what you want in such a way that when you get it every other person should have than what he has now And that's Growth Contradiction If being Rich meant I having than others am not going against my wish by making others have No if you give every person you trade with in USE VALUE than you take from him In CASH VALUE Is that all NO this is just the beginning There a few steps The first being Gratitude Be Grateful Being Grateful brings you MORE A grateful soul stays closer to the Universal Mind The God the source of all creativity and receives unlimited supply of Creativity The creative thoughts thus work on the formless substance and get you of what you want Being Creative or getting Rich is not about just having a general desire for wealth Everyone has it You must form a definite and clear mental picture of what you want You cannot send a short message with the words not in order expecting the receiver to organize read and make sense out of it The message the Thought needs to be very clear to the formless substance to understand and take form Spend as much of your leisure time you can in contemplating your Picture Then go work hard on it during your working hours Thought brings to you what you wanted you need to still receive it by your Actions Human race has not yet reached the stage of evolution where a person can convert directly from the formless substance without the Work of human hands or natural processes Hence it is important that we Work to receive Do every day all that can be done that day That's efficiency Don't hurry That's competition There is never any hurry on the creative plane and there is no lack of opportunity abundance Do what you can do in a perfect manner every day When in doubt wait fall back increase the faith and purpose and then move ahead Beware of the easy desire of a half formed mind to dominate Beware of the Competitive mind A wonderful book Submit yourself to this book with honesty and you cannot help but get Rich

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THE SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH is the original and best guide to manifesting wealth through the La. I downloaded this book for free online in February of 2007 and bought the paperback Barnes Noble reprint in September of 2007This book has changed my life It has inspired ideas and plans in me that I never thought existed It changed the way I saw the world and actually worked to draw me nearer to my dreams as a result of the way the world works I recommend everyone who is inspired to do in their lives to read this as it is a life changing book

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SUMMARY ☆ The Science of Getting Rich Ó THE SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH is the original and best guide to manifesting wealth through the Law of Attraction First published in 1910 it is the book that inspired The Secret by Rhonda Byrne For top uality editions of the greatest success guides of all time visit wwwBestSuccessBooksnetFor top uality editions of the greatest success guides of all time visit wwwBestSuccessBooksne. Every chapter of the book uite contradicts the title The term 'Science' in the title is misleading The book begins with the author asking readers to accept everything that is given without uestioning followed by the warning that not having strong belief in author's strategies will not yield you any results This is the kind of science he is broadcasting to his hapless readers who are duped in to buying this book based on two fraudulent terms used in the title 'science' and 'getting Rich' He also warns the readers not to explore the subject from other sources He continues to write that acting in 'Certain Way' will make you rich without explaining what that is All chapters contain the repeating phrases which in a nutshell ask you to concentrate on things which you want and they will come to you Nothing else