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Summary ☆ The Astonishing Power of Emotions 100 Û This Leading Edge book by Esther and Jerry Hicks who present the teachings of the Non Physical entity Abraham will help you understand the emotions that you’ve been experiencing all of your life Instead of the out of control knee jerk reactions that most people have to their ever Understanding of your own personal value and will show you how to open your own doors to whatever you may wish to be do or have And as you turn the last page of this book you will very likely find yourself thinking I have always known this but now I know this Includes a FREE CD excerpt from a live Art of Allowing Workshop with Abraham . While this is the 8th Abraham Hicks book I’ve reviewed it is also one of my favorites Ask and It is Given is an excellent introduction to the Abraham material and The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent features many exercises or games to improve your life but the strength of The Astonishing Power of Emotions is its simplicity At any point in life on any subject we are either sailing along smoothly or putting up resistance and this book employs the simple analogy of heading downstream or upstream When we’re “downstream” on a topic results come easily If we’re “upstream” as much as we want good results they continually elude us Emotions let us know whether we’re headed downstream or upstream or to what degree we are embracing or resisting what we want in our lives In simple terms good feeling emotions indicate downstream movement and bad feeling emotions upstream To achieve our desires we need to change bad feelings to good but this can only be done incrementally There is no faking it—we are where we are emotionally and results will show that And yet we can slowly change how we feel about any topic thus improving our resultsLet me take a step backwards to say that “Abraham” is reportedly a group of non physical entities that speak through Esther Hicks for the upliftment of humanity But you don’t need to believe that to benefit from the material If the advice and processes offered work what does the source matterAfter setting up some basic ideas in the first few chapters for example that we are spiritual beings in the physical world Abraham addresses specific life challenges such as disliking a job not having enough money being married to a terminally ill person losing a pet being divorced against your wishes being back stabbed at work or socially etc In each case Abraham steps through the negative thoughts typical of each experience Next he changes the internal dialog incrementally to improve the emotions a little at a time This might just be from revenge to anger to frustration at first The point is that the individual must actually believe the slightly better emotionally statements in order to really feel better which is the key to turning the situation around This process might take some time to get to happy results but will eventually work to improve both the situation and how we feel about itThe final chapter is one of my favorite excerpts from the live A Abraham sessions that Esther Hicks does all over the world This material is also recorded on an included CD As they say you needn’t figure out the source of your problems or where you went wrong All you have to do is reach for a feeling of relief a slightly better emotion And repeat as needed True that it sounds simpler than it is in practice but practicing does make it easier and there are plenty of examples throughout the book And the part on why the older a person gets the grumpier they usually get was enlightening I’ve gotta cut that outI recommend this book to anyone who has read Ask and It is Given and wants details It’s also a boost for Abraham fans who have experimented a bit with improving their self talk and emotions—this book simplifies the process It’s also a joyful and uplifting experience just reading it

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This Leading Edge book by Esther and Jerry Hicks who present the teachings of the Non Physical entity Abraham will help you understand the emotions that you’ve been experiencing all of your life Instead of the out of control knee jerk reactions that most people have to their ever changing life experience this work will put those respon. Curl up one night and pick up this book to hear soothing words about how you can be do or have anything and how perfect and wonderful you are Enter a magical land where entities of the nonphysical dimension enchant you and tell you all the things you could want to hear Surrender your critical thinking skills and open your mind to the possibility of solely listening to your emotions for guidance You are getting sleepyvery sleepy Let The Astonishing Power of Emotions take you on a magical journey as they convince you that you should use emotional reasoning rather than critical thinking skills This book will help you delude yourself about any situation in your life Anything that is bothering you there is an example of a way to talk yourself into feeling better even without things changing Will things change After you delude yourself it really won't matteror will it If you are wanting to change a situation in your life this is not the book If you want to convince yourself that everything is already fine and that you can make the best of this this is the book for you This book will not discriminate against whatever belief system you are coming from but will steadily try to get you to look at the world from the perspective of the supposed Abraham the entities that speak through Esther Hicks Beware The effects of this book can lead to delusion magical thinking wishful thinking irrational thinking and overwhelming self guilt regarding anything that is going wrong in your life Other than that venture on

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The Astonishing Power of EmotionsSes into a broader context You’ll come to understand what emotions are what each of them means and how to effectively utilize your new awareness of themAs you read you’ll come to appreciate and make peace with where you are right now even though there is so much that you may desire Every thought you absorb will bring you to a greater. When you understand that the way you feel has only to do with the alignment of your own thought Energy and you work to bring yourself into alignment independent of anyone else's behavior now you are empowered Now you really are free Abraham HicksThe Astonishing Power of Emotions enlightens readers about managing feelings for the greatest outcome After the introduction and main instruction there are 33 examples of real life situations and how to de escalate a potentially negative situation There is a re occurring theme of riding a river and instead of going upstream against the current we are encouraged to go downstream with the flow At the end of the book is a fantastic transcript from a 2006 Tampa Florida Art of Allowing Workshop I followed along with an audiobook and the live workshop recording was my favorite The majority of the audiobook is narrated by Jerry Hicks but to hear the live recording of Abraham speaking through Esther is really fun I found this book to be uite empowering and intend to re read it at least once a year Selections from Preface by Jerry Hicks Some of you as you now read those words felt them reach back into a place within you where you at one time remembered all of this And if that was the case for you you may be one who is ready to immediately begin to use this book to refresh your mind regarding not only who you really are but also regarding the value and purpose of your life experience in this current time and placeBecause millions of previous cultures societies religions rulers leaders and teachers and parents too have been attempting to pass most of their belief systems on to each new generation we find ourselves sharing a world in which there is a wide range of conflicting opinions as well as violent warfare relative to whose conscience we should allow ourselves to be guided by In other words which thoughts beliefs or conscience should be your guide as to that which is right or wrong for youSo who is Abraham I would describe them as an ineffable Non Physical phenomenon I experience them as a group of extremely wise and unconditionally loving teachers of practical uses of the natural Laws of the Universe I have described them as the purest form of love I have ever encounteredIt is my intention that the lives of all people I interact with will either be elevated as a result of our interaction or they will be left where they are but that no one will be diminished as a result of their association with meAbraham has informed us that there is never a crowd on the Leading Edge of thought However in this new age of instant Internet connection we have learned that there are always among the crowd Leading Edge thinkersFavorite Passages together we will build enough bridges as you move through the pages of this book so that as you turn the last page of the book you will be able to understand and hold our viewpoint not because our words will have been so powerful that they will have transformed you but because the combination of the logic of our words and the unfolding of your own life will transform your fait or hope into knowingAnd what a wonderful state of Being to know with absolute certainty the existence of your Being and the reason for your existence and to have a full realization of all that you are And then you can get on with what you came to do live your eternally expanding life in joyIn the creation of everything that exists thought always comes first Everything that you see around you was once a thought or an idea a vibrational concept that matured into what you call physical realityWhen you feel love or joy or any positive emotion you are literally being the expanded version that life has caused you to become When you feel fear anger or despair or any negative emotion you are not in this moment by virtue of whatever it is that you are giving your attention to allowing yourself to be that new expanded version you are not letting yourself keep up with who you have becomeAll day every day your physical life experience causes you to expand With each encounter with other people with the things you read with the things you see with the experiences you have you give birth to continual rockets of desire a new and improved you by your standards and perceptions is in a constant state of becoming for the Non Physical part of you is constantly becoming whatever it is that you are asking for you must allow yourself to keep up with that which you are becoming if you are to live the joyful life that you have come forth to live This important premise is not only the basis of this valuable book but is the foundation of your joyful life experienceAllowing yourself to become what life has caused you to desire is not about action It is about the aligning of thought Energies It is about focusing your attention in the direction of your desire rather than looking back at the current conditions that have given birth to your desire And while you may very well eventually become inspired to some action it is the alignment of thought Energy a vibrational alignment that you are seekingWhen you achieve vibrational alignment any inspired action will feel wonderfulWhen you are allowing yourself to float freely in the Stream without resistance thus closing the gap between where you are right now and who the broader part of you has become you feel your alignment in the form of positive emotion But if you are still paddling upstream holding yourself against the natural Current of your own evolution your resistance to the Stream and to that which the larger part of you has become is evidenced in the form of negative emotionIn the same way that a round object will roll downhill of its own accord without needing an engine or added impetus from outside influences your desires are in a sense easily and naturally rolling toward their own conclusions as well Once your life has caused the creation of a desire your work is done and natural forces and laws will take overWhen you are no longer paddling against the Current when you release your oars and relax into your own natural Well Being the Current which is ever moving in the direction of that which you have become and all that you want will carry you toward your desiresYou do not need gravity instructors teaching how to avoid falling up because falling up instead of down is not an option or a problem And in like manner you will not need to practice in order to cause the powerful Law of Attraction to respond to you in a consistent way for it will bring things to you that match your vibration and it will do so even in your ignorance of the Law When you try to pin down the specifics of when or how the physical improvements will come you forestall your physical improvement because you do not know those answers and so you cause resistance in your vibration In short although you cannot achieve an immediate physical recovery you can achieve an improved emotions And that is enoughSome people feel criticism for people who look for their own positive aspects calling them arrogant or self serving We reply that to be self serving is a good thing for when you care enough to bring yourself into alignment with the greater part of who you are while you have certainly served yourself and you know that because you feel so much better you now are in a position to be of value to others Whatever is most active in your vibration is what will continue to occur in your experienceEverything that I experience causes me to vibrationally ask with greater specificity for improved situationsSo actually everything in this job that bothers me just sets me up for an improved future experienceInstead of asking others to change their behavior your power is in your changing your reaction to their behavior You have no control over their behavior but you do have complete control over your reaction to it Often the subject of money has many deep rooted ties that you must find relief form or you will not allow yourself to turn and flow in the direction of the desires that your life has helped you to identifyYou must find a way to feel good now even in the apparent absence of something you want in order to get what you want And even though you may have endless valid excuses for not feeling good right now we would find a way of minimizing those excuses and of feeling good right now for until you are able to consistently feel good you cannot get to where you long to beIt is our desire that you make amends with yourself and that you find a way to choose the kinds of thoughts that let you come into complete alignment with who you are Then from that place of alignment you may be inspired to action It is always certain that from your place of alignment your inspired action is always to your advantage and that from your place of misalignment your action is never to your advantage The only thing that is relevant is that you come into Vibrational alignment with your own Vibrational Escrow; and when you do the Universe must deliver to you the perfect match In other words the relationship between you and You is the one you must work on and when that one is in alignment all others will fall into alignment as wellEvery so called failed relationship you have experienced has helped your Vibrational Escrow to evolve It is ready for you The uestion is only Are you ready for itWars that are waged with words and all manner of weapons continue century after century as humans struggle to sift through the details of human experience in the search for the right human behavior and ideology But you are really no closer today with the waging of your most recent war than your predecessors were with the waging of the first war for there is no one right way of behaving thinking or livingOften humans believe that the objective of life is to discover the right way of living and then to convince or coerce all others to conform with it but that is exactly backward from what you know from your Broader Perspective as well as from the intentions that you held when you came forth into this physical time space realityYou can apply it whether anyone else does or not; and when you do your world will become exactly as you want it to be And that is the control you have been seeking That is the secret to life that humans have been looking forIt's not necessary for every thought I think to be a perfectly positive thoughtIt isn't even possible to think only positive thoughtsMy work is merely to lean in a positive directionI think I'm doing thatThank you for breaking my heart and in the process helping me to clarify what I really want Thank you for the painful experience of giving birth to such powerful rockets of desire that when I turned in the direction of that desire I was swiftly transported into this blissful relationship Your children are not you and did not come forth to be you Your children came forth into this physical time space reality with their own desires and plansWe are all happy people on a momentary sidetrack but we are on our way back to Well BeingThis will be all right You were wisely and deliberately born into an environment of enormous contrast And from your Broader Non Physical Perspective you wanted that so much because you knew the value of itAnytime you feel negative emotion no matter what you call it or how extreme or soft it is every time you feel negative emotion it means one simple thing You in your human form have deviated from the opinion of our SourceSometimes your life causes you to be this expanded version of you but instead of letting yourself go to where you want to be you beat the drum of what is and so you hold yourself apart from your expansion and you feel terrible while you do it But then when you die the gap closes So what we're wanting you to remember is that oh there is no such thing as death but when you have that experience that you call death you release your habits of thought which are the only things that are hindering you from being what life has caused you to becomeSo we call this gathering the Art of Allowing and it really is the art of closing the gap It's the art of allowing myself in my physical human form to be what life has caused me to become It's the art of releasing resistance and allowing the Energy that creates worlds to flow through me It's the art of coming into vibrational alignment not only with who I was before I was born but with who I've become since It is the art of coming into vibrational alignment with the Pure Positive Energy Being that I am constantly in the state of becomingFuture generations will benefit by that which you are livingLife is supposed to be good for you It is supposed to feel good It is supposed to feel fun Life is supposed to feel good to youYou never came forth for the struggle but you did come forth for the contrast because the contrast gives birth to the power of the Stream The contrast puts what you want in Vibrational Escrow The contrast causes the expansion of your BeingWe want you to know that the uestion that you hold has been answered you've just got to let yourself flow toward the answer We want you to know that the dilemma that you feel faced with has been solved you just have to let yourself flow toward the solution You just have to not struggle in the interim You just have to trust that the power of the Stream and the worthiness of your Being is enough because it is It will feel to you when you're not in alignment as if not only is the world not cooperating with you but he world is deliberately against you But when you come into alignment with who you are you will come to feel that nothing can keep you from anything that you wantThere is great love here for youAnd for now as alwayswe remain eternally and happily incomplete