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Read & Download Little Altars Everywhere ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ê Little Altars Everywhere is a national best seller a companion to Rebecca Wells' celebrated novel Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood Originally published in 1992 Little Altars introduces Sidda Vivi the rest of the spirited Walker clan and S at once shelter trap and define an utterly original community of soulsWho can resist such cadences of Sidda Walker and her flamboyant secretive mother ViVi Here the young Sidda a precocious reader and an elouent observer of the fault lines that divide her family leads us on a mischievous adventures at Our Lady of Divine Compassion parochial school and beyond A Catholic girl of pristine manners devotion and provocative ideas Sidda is the very essence of childhood joy and sorrowIn a series of luminous reminiscences we also hear Little Shep's stories of his eccentric grandmother Lulu's matter of fact account of her shoplifting ski. Another book I bought on my recent trip this time from the library sale shelves I had never read the author's other book and I had never seen the movie made from it but somehow this book intrigued me when I saw it Little Altars Everywhere was the author's first book Originally published in 1992 this edition came out in 1996 after her Divine Secrets So this technically is not #2 as GR lists it And I don't think it should be called a preuel either since those usually seem to be written after some big hit to explain of the background But this was written before the big hit and got reprinted by a larger publisher to capitalize on that big hit I tried to like Siddalee but I just couldn't I kept comparing her to another fictional character from a wonderful book by Fannie Flagg Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man I knew the situations were different the stories wee different but I guess I simply expected a Daisy Fay and not a Siddalee I was bored right away and that is never a good signThe uitting point came early in the third of these stories the book is a loose collection of stories rather than a novel This one is called Wandering Eye and is told by Siddalee's brother Shep who talks about his relationship with his father who hit him upside the head all the time I had to uit when I reached the day Shep left a tractor out of the shed and his father proceeded to knock Shep's teeth loose 'bust' him in the eye and most likely broke a rib as well The boy's mom was on the porch and just watched it happen getting up at one point to say 'enough' but then retreating under threats of the same thing happening to her I don't need to read this type of thing right now I understand it happens I understand that pain is essential to the story etc etc But no this chapter turned my stomach and I refuse to read another wordDNF at page 28

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Little Altars Everywhere is a national best seller a companion to Rebecca Wells' celebrated novel Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood Originally published in 1992 Little Altars introduces Sidda Vivi the rest of the spirited Walker clan and the indomitable Ya YasTold in alternating voices of Vivi and her husband Big Shep along with Sidda her siblings Little Shep Lulu Baylor and Cheney and Willetta the black couple who impact the Walkers' lives in ways they never fully comprehend Little Altars embraces nearly thirty years of life on the plantation in Thorton Louisiana where the cloying air of the bayou and a web of family secret. I almost want to say there is something Proustian about this novel except while I don't fear intellectual eye rolling over my calling a popular novel written by and about southern women Proustian I do fear eye rolling over not uite correct use of the word What I mean then is reading this novel was a gorgeously vivid sensory experience When the Walker kids went to swim in the pond I saw and felt and smelled it like I was in that same summertime water I felt the cool concrete floors of the grocery store beneath my 10 year old feet I experienced the vertiginous but exhilarating displacement of wandering through the house of a dimly known adult my parents were visiting looking for food places to play and random objects to pick up and examine all the while wondering Am I allowed to be in this roomAll of this sensory overload sits on the surface of this loose collection of stories about the Walker clan of Thornton Louisiana a preuel of sorts to Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood however they can be read in any order However as you read you begin to see the darkness below the surface troubling the waters Siddha is oddly obsessed with religion and suffering Lulu pulls out her hair and eats it Baylor has trouble chewing and swallowing his food Their mother Vivi sure drinks a lot and by the first time someone mentions her hands shaking in the morning you know As the story flashes forward midway through from the 60's to the 90's and expands to include the Walker's hired help the picture grows clearer and darker And yet even as unlikable as some characters in the book are you still feel empathy for them even when you can't forgive their behavior As a case in point the final story narrated by Vivi Looking for My Mules made me connect and feel sorry for her even when I should have been saying Bitch you brought this on yourself There's a lot of deceptive depth to this kind of writing And the story is really about much than just one family's troubles small town politics the death of the rural way of life war the burden of secrets The final chapter belongs to Siddha and is a great way to wrap up the story although I wanted to keep going too bad the reviews of YaYa's in Bloom are all so negative Don't hit the baby Fine advice indeed

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Little Altars EverywhereLls and Baylor's memories of Vivi and her friends the Ya YasBeneath the humor and tight knit bonds of family and friendship lie the undercurrents of alcoholism abuse and violence The overlapping recollections of how the Walkers' charming life uncoils to convey their heart breaking confusion are oat once unsettling and familiar Wells creates an unforgettable portrait of the eccentric cast of characters and exposes their poignant and funny attempts to keep reality at arm's length Through our laughter we feel their inevitable pain with a glimmer of hope for forgiveness and healingAn arresting combination of collouialism poetry and grace. For the most part I enjoyed this book There were parts of Viviane’s past that were extremely disturbing and actually not needed it just took her from a drunk narcissist to an actual monster in the YaYa book Vivi was one of my favorite characters but this book has forever tainted my opinion of her I know that’s silly because it’s fiction I wish the author had just not put that in I don’t see how it added to anything at all I did enjoy how each section was told by a different character at a different point in their lives and with their own perspectives I especially enjoyed the sections told by Big Shep