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Winnie Mandela one of South Africa's most visible articulate apartheid foes spent many years as a banned person in her own country She lived under virtual house arrest was forbidden to address public gatherings or meet with than one person at a time She endured a forced separation of 27 years from her husband Nelson Mandela Here in interviews letters she tells the story of her life political developmentA. Little did I know that when I found this book at a local flea market for 50 cents that I would devour it in two days and that it would become a new favorite I was even apprehensive of picking it up since I don’t like reading in German but my mom convinced me that we couldn’t pass up a deal as good as this and she got it for me in the end bless herBefore jumping into Winnie’s memoir I knew next to nothing about her as a person I wasn’t even aware of the fact that she only died two months ago on April 2 I knew the general facts of South Africa’s anti apartheid struggle and Nelson Mandela’s resulting presidency however his wife hasn’t piued me interest before I am very grateful that I was introduced to her in her own words She is one of the most admirable women I was ever exposed to “Winnie Mandela has been silenced for all these years And yet her life has told us than all the speeches she could have given had she not been banished” — Mangosuthu ButheleziWinnie Mandela is a woman who always had a packed suitcase at the ready a woman who knew that she would eventually be locked away A woman who marched ahead as an example for her peers desegregating shops by “simply” walking into them Her resilience and fearlessness empowered othersWinnie Mandela is a woman who called prison “her second home” Also her husband was incarcerated for so long that when the time arose when he was finally allowed to receive visitors his daughters had to be introduced to him A traumatic experience for everyone involved He wasn’t allowed to touch his family members for decades An exception was made for his youngest daughter as she married into the royal family of Swaziland and thus had diplomatic status How fucking crazy is that It makes you wonder how these people endured living in a system that stripped them of all of their rights Winnie Mandela is a woman who was forced to live in severe poverty yet refused to be stripped of her dignity Even when she had next to nothing she never missed the opportunity to give back to others to uplift others When she was banished to Brandfort she didn’t lose any time to get connected within its Black community and mobilise them in their fight for their rights “You can be humiliated and endure it to a point But not further There is a degree of humiliation dehumanization that provokes the worst violence in the degraded You just have to fight back Everyone There is no other way” All of the atrocities she had to endure left their scars In prison she says white people taught her how to hate Prison changed her made her brutal and ruthless in her fight for freedom She isn’t afraid of death but she also isn’t afraid of killing people any When it comes to freedom she won’t make any compromises From vaginal inspection to the denial of sanitary napkins Winnie narrates all of the atrocities incarcerated women had to endure But even in such a hopeless situation as this brought to the brink of starvation she managed to beat the shit out of a female warder who purposefully ruined all of her clothes Bless this women and her strength Part Of My Soul Went With Him was published in 1984 eight years before Nelson would be set free ten years before he would become president twelve years before the two of them would divorce Thus this memoir provides a uniue and timely insight into Winnie’s thoughts during a time of her life where she was still at point zero feeling hopeless and frustrated When Winnie looks back at the last 20 years of her life and the situation in South Africa she sees only few changes and for the worse It’s always easier to look back when you have already won the fight as this was not the case for South Africa in 1984

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Part of My Soul Went with HimTribute to Nomzamo Winnie MandelaBishop Manas Buthelezi My Little Siberia Banished to Brandfort When My Father Taught Me History I Began to Understand Growing up in the Countryside Pondoland Life with Him was Always a Life without Him Meeting Nelson Mandela I Always Waited for that Sacred Knock Life UndergroundHe was a Pillar of Strength to Me Being Alone No Human Being Can Go On Taking those Humiliatio. It doesn't even attempt to be a biography of any kind Knowing that from the start helps It gives a valuable insight into Winnie's perspective on her time with Nelson or rather her time not spent with Nelson Mandela But it is unstructured Various footnotes help the unfamiliar to South African history to understand some of the context and a small appendix with selected documents like the Freedom Charter does too But it is not enough A book that is so subjective already needs a logical structure to allow the reader to understand not only context but also developments This book doesn't manage to convey in all its power what you can feel it is intended to convey All the disappointment anger frustration love passion desire that finds expression seem random and pointless as the reader can not follow the progression of those emotions and the context they appear in Only one who is VERY VERY familiar with South African history will find this book truly insightful albeit biased I have the greatest respect for Winnie Mandela's endurance and perseverance but this book was a pain too read partly for the content partly for the structure gaps and missing pieces

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READ ¹ Part of My Soul Went with Him Æ Winnie Mandela one of South Africa's most visible articulate apartheid foes spent many years as a banned person in her own country She lived under virtual house arrest was forbidden to address public gatherings or meet with than one person at a time She endured a forced separation of 27 years from her husbNs without Reaction In Prison We Couldn't Stop Our Children The Soweto Uprising 1976The Chapter of Dialogue is Finally Closed The Political Situation Part of My Soul Went with Him Visits to Robben Island PollsmoorFreedom CharterWinnie Mandela's Banning OrderConditions of Visit to Nelson Mandela on Robben IslandConditions with which Winnie Mandela Had to Comply to Travel from Brandfort to Robben Island Ba. Incredible the circumstances under which Winnie Mandela lived The stories and words are Winnie's but had to be written and edited outside of South Africa The story doesn't flow easily likely because of how it was all put together