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What people are saying about Search Patterns Search Patterns is a delight to read very thoughtful and thought provoking It's the most comprehensive survey of designing effective search experiences I've seen Irene Au Director of User Experience GoogleI love this book Thanks to Peter and Jeffery I now know that search yes boring old yucky who cares search is one of the coolest ways around of looking at the world Dan Roam author The Back of the Napkin Portfolio Hardcover Search Patterns is a playful guide to the practical concerns of search interface design It contains a bonanza of screenshots and illustrations that capture the best of today's design practices and presents a fresh perspective on the broader role of search and discovery Marti Hearst Professor UC Berkeley and author Search User Interfaces Cambridge University PressIt's not often I come across a book that asks profound uestions about a fundamental human activity and then proceeds to answer those uestions with practical observations and suggestions Search Patterns is an expedition into the he. I'm really confused by this book I've expected professional book full of search patterns but I've got inconsistent mix of patterns and fairytales Sometimes it goes straight to the point sometimes it describes things so generally that you read 2 pages and still don't know what it wants to tell you It starts with comix narrative but it disappears somewhere and gets back at the end

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Search PatternsArt of the web and human cognition and for me it was a delightful journey that delivered scores of insights Dave Gray Founder and Chairman XPLANESearch is swiftly transforming everything we know yet people don't understand how mavens design search by stacking breadcrumbs scenting widgets and keeping eyeballs on the engine I urge you to put your eyeballs on this uniue and important book Bruce Sterling Writer Futurist and Co Founder The Electronic Frontier FoundationAs one who searches a lot and often ends up frustrated Search Patterns is a revelation Nigel Holmes Designer Theorist and Principal Explanation Graphics Search Patterns is a fabulous must have book Inside you'll learn the whys and wheres of practically every modern search design trick and techniue Jared Spool CEO and Founder User Interface EngineeringSearch is among the most disruptive innovations of our time It influences what we buy and where we go It shapes how we learn and what we believe In this provocative and inspiring book you'll explore design patterns that apply across the categorie. 40 out of 5 starsHighly Useful for PR Pros Doing SEOIn media relations you study the anthropology of journalism to understand how reporters think What's the corollary for search engines This book Moving several steps beyond SEO it takes you into the minds of how the people who create search engines think And given how fast moving barrier breaking and startlingly important their field is it's a very good read indeed Given all the graphics it's best to read this either in print or on the iPad Don't read it on the Kindle You really need the graphics to understand the best points

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Free read Search Patterns ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ What people are saying about Search Patterns Search Patterns is a delight to read very thoughtful and thought provoking It's the most comprehensive survey of designing effective search experiences I've seen Irene Au Director of User Experience GoogleI love this book Thanks to PeS of web ecommerce enterprise desktop mobile social and real time search and discovery Filled with colorful illustrations and examples Search Patterns brings modern information retrieval to life covering such diverse topics as relevance faceted navigation multi touch personalization visualization multi sensory search and augmented realityBy drawing on their own experience as well as best practices and evidence based research the authors not only offer a practical guide to help you build effective search applications they also challenge you to imagine the future of discovery You'll find Search Patterns intriguing and invaluable whether you're a web practitioner mobile designer search entrepreneur or just interested in the topicDiscover a pattern language for search that embraces user psychology and behavior information architecture interaction design and emerging technologyBoost enterprise efficiency and e commerce salesEnable mobile users to achieve goals complete tasks and find what they needDrive design innovation for search interfaces and applicatio. This book makes a good job in cataloguing and exploring a wide range of search applications from the most notorious generalistic search engines to some peculiar specialisticservices and above all in expliciting the human behaviours that trigger the search and the approval or disapproval of results by the usersAt the same time the authors try to give a perspective to the future of search from the starting point of the actual most evoluted implementations such some of the new modalities we got today in the “mobile” fieldIts writing style is uite smart and easy to follow and the book also succeeds to keep a good euilibrium between textual and visual contributionsIf I have to find a “con”in all its “pros” I'd say that the authors didn't feel the need to go in depth leaving to the technically oriented reader the need to enrich and fulfill the reading of this book with other resources such not casuallyI presume titles in the O'Reilly catalogue like “Ambient findability” from one of the authors of ”Search Patterns” the influential “Information Architecture for the World Wide Web” or the many books exploring the various facets of interface design