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Joseph AUTHOR Shelia P. Moses Summary ´ 4 ☆ For Joseph Flood life is tough Tough because of Mama's addiction to drugs and alcohol Tough because Daddy is away with the army fighting in Ira Tough because it looks like there's no way out once you're living in a homeless shelter in a North Carolina ghetto neighborhood And tough because JosephD And tough because Joseph is enrolled in yet another new school where he doesn't know anyone and has to keep what's going on in his life a secret Joseph struggles to keep Mama clean and to hold their broken family together while trying to make new friends and join the. Reviewed by Angie Fisher for TeensReadToocomIn an ideal world teenagers aren't responsible for taking care of their parents Joseph doesn't live in an ideal world though As a matter of fact he lives about as far from it as humanly possible Forced to change schools yet again due to the fact he and Mamma are living in a new shelter Joseph isn't worried about fitting in as much as he's worried about the other students finding out that Mamma is an addict Desperate to keep family services from finding out about Mamma's lies alcohol and drug abuse and worried about Daddy who is away fighting in Ira there doesn't seem to be room for something as seemingly unimportant as the tennis team But Joseph wants to play just like Daddy did JOSEPH is a story of love and loyalty of hardship and determination and of the cruel ugly reality of addiction It's also a story of will; the will to survive and the will to succeed regardless of one's circumstances and background It's a story that every person young or old should read before they consider using their childhood as an excuse to be a victim

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School tennis team Can a boy who's only fifteen years old win his daily battle to survive Joseph is a powerful and moving story from the author of National Book Award finalist The Legend of Buddy Bush that looks at what it really takes for a boy to begin to become a man. This book was hands down Amazing Not one I was looking to read and didn't expect to like it so much Found it the other day browsing Scribd Joseph's mother is a drug addict liar and alcoholic who will do anything for money and right beside her is her son Joseph His father is deployed to Ira and wants nothing than to see his son safe and cared for Joseph's voice is so real and unflinching His love and devotion to his mother is so unbelievable counting everything he's been through I rooted for him through the entire book The way he refused to become just another statistic was inspiring Joseph had a story to tell Nadine boy did he tell it Definitely a favorite of 2019

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Joseph AUTHOR Shelia P. MosFor Joseph Flood life is tough Tough because of Mama's addiction to drugs and alcohol Tough because Daddy is away with the army fighting in Ira Tough because it looks like there's no way out once you're living in a homeless shelter in a North Carolina ghetto neighborhoo. ‘Joseph’ is about the trials and tribulations of a teenage boy Joseph Flood lives in a shelter with his mother who is an addict and would do anything for her next fix His life is a constant fight – a fight to eat a fight to have a place to sleep and even a fight for survival in a rough neighbourhoodJoseph and his mother moved into the shelter after his grandfather passed away and his mother could not keep up with the repayments of his grandfather’s house But the move proved to be a blessing in disguise for Joseph as he had to enrol into a new school To his delight Dulles High is unlike any of his previous schools The teachers teach actual lessons and care about their students the students are friendly and they even serve nice food He uickly makes friends with Nick and Paul Paul agrees to tutor him in maths so that he can improve his grades and Nick encourages him to join the tennis team a sport that Joseph has always loved When he was younger his father used to take him to a tennis court and they played togetherJoseph put his all into his academic studies and is ecstatic when he makes the school tennis team All the teachers are fond of Joseph because they see his potential But at home Joseph has to deal with family drama with his mother Joseph’s father is in the army and has been deployed to Ira but he emails and writes to Joseph His father hopes to get custody of Joseph when he leaves the army so that he can give Joseph a life away from his mother’s drug problems Joseph has spent his life trying to raise his mother and keep her clean from her addictions His devoted love for his mother regardless of what she says or does to him and constant need to protect her is admirable He knows that he is all she has and he couldn’t just leave herThe finally straw came when Joseph’s mother is accused of burning down the shelter they lived in His Aunt Shirley takes him in and Joseph is finally able to have a family life with people that love him He has clean clothes and eats regularly and feels complete He begs his mother to join him but when she chose her old life; he ultimately finds the courage to let her goThe book is set in a North Carolina ghetto neighbourhood and Joseph narrates his story Although Joseph has a sad life he finds joy and comfort in the people around him and the sport he loves He is a smart boy who wants the best for everyone especially his motherI picked this book from the children’s section of the library not knowing what to expect however I was interested after I read an article on the author Sheila P Moses As an adult I felt a sense of sympathy for Joseph but relief that for a boy surrounded by chaos he chose a good path to improve his own life and confide in people that could help him Joseph learns that although his mother cannot be there for him his father aunt and uncle and teachers are there for him to turn tooAfter reading a few pages I wondered whether this book can be used in a primary school as it talks about Joseph’s mother’s addiction frankly But as I carried on reading I discovered Joseph is an inspirational boy that we can all learn from especially as we see him understand that ultimately you cannot change people; you can only change yourself I think this book