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The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven summary ☆ 0 ↠ Note This book was withdrawn from publication in January 2015 after the boy Alex Malarkey admitted to lying about the entire experienceAlex Malarkey's open letter to bookstores said I did not die I did not go to Heaven I said I went to heaven because I thought it would get me attentionOm Heaven’ is now saying that he made up the story of dying and going to heaven Given this information we are taking the book out of print”In 2004 Kevin Malarkey and his six year old son Alex suffered an horrific car accident The impact from the crash paralyzed Alex and medically speaking it was unlikely that he could survive I think Alex has gone to be with Jesus a friend told the stricken dad But two months later Alex awoke from a coma with an incredible story to share Of events at. This is a book that has been passed around the office from co worker to co worker and finally landed in my little hands The story intrigued me as anything that is not normally experienced daily is something that intrigues me However it wasn't the explanations and experiences of Alex's time spent in Heaven that really captured and held my attention but Kevin's own story of faith hope and prayer Alex's description was small fillers into a world that I know exists around us but consider both fortunate and unfortunate to experience on a personal level I've shared small snippets of this book with my famiily mother and sister and have met with different reactions to the book My sister was interested in Alex's story but she held a strong skepticism about the whole thing doubting Alex's trip to Heaven While my mother didn't uestion Alex's experience and brushed it off with indifference or lack of intrest altogether Her interest remaining on my explanation of the family's struggles and faithI've read an review by a fellow reader before I got too deep into the book who stated that she couldn't finish reading the book due to personal reasons I can empathize with her ualms in being able to finish the book as it is not something for just anyone and everyone to pick up and read I lost my father suddenly to cancer 4 yrs ago and I can honestly say that if I had read it around that time I would've been filled with anger jealousy and envy for this family that God had deemed their sonthis one child worthy of continuing his life on Earth while my father was taken away from me despite all the prayers and declarations of healing that I and my family friends and spiritual supporters had given I have grown much since that time and understand that things happen for a reason that fulfill a purpose within the lives of those connected to the person and event This story has given me a much stronger appreciation for all of the small things that I do have in life I'm often teased as being the 'invalid' as I have uite the record stocked up at Children's Hospital there isn't one part of the hospital that I haven't occupied at one time or another But despite sickle cell pneumonia cysts infections foot surgery loss of vibrating vocal chords and I've survived all of them coming out stronger and patient then when I went in So the story is not only a testament of the human will but so about the spiritual will that we all have the capability of reaching I know that I have a long way to go to reach such a level but Kevin at least shows that all things are possible through Christ Jesus who strengthens me and even with our shortcomings we are never truly aloneA good read for those times where you just feel the need to reminded of the others struggling in this world

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Note This book was withdrawn from publication in January 2015 after the boy Alex Malarkey admitted to lying about the entire experienceAlex Malarkey's open letter to bookstores said I did not die I did not go to Heaven I said I went to heaven because I thought it would get me attention When I made the claims that I did I had never read the BibleThe publisher of this book Tyndale released this statement “We are saddened to learn that Alex Malarkey co author of ‘The Boy Who Came Back fr. I had to stop reading this book after getting 24% through it I thought the story would be great in a spiritual aspect but it's of a platform for the author to push his beliefs I was afraid that the book would be preachy when I first loaded it onto my reader and I do respect the beliefs of others but I don't want to spent hours having somebody preach to me about something I'm not so sure about In context of the story itself I was okay with it after the car accident and I could feel the Kevin's mental anguish and hoped I'd never get into a situation like that But the recounting of Alex's trip to Heaven got a little weird I know the story has been edited of course but I thought it would have played better if it had sounded like a 6 year old telling the story rather than an adult And I was really put off when Beth showed up at the hospital and was talking to the air ambulance guy who asked her Are you a Christian Does anybody REALLY do that Then he proceeds to tell her that he laid his hands on Alex and prayed in Jesus' name and the kid was going to be okay and not to listen to what the doctors say Okay I got that but here's this little boy who'd just been in a devastating accident is very close to death and the ambulance guy is asking his mom if she's a Christian And at the same time implied that HE has started the healing process and not to blow it by listening to the doctors I do know that God knows a lot than doctors and I do believe in miracles but what I got out of this ambulance guy that turned the story sour for me is if my child was in an accident like that and I'm not a Christian would God turn His back because we didn't have the prayers in Jesus' name No that wouldn't happen and I got resentful of the arrogance of this guy laying his hands on this kid like he was some sort of miracle worker and he was calling the shots instead of God That was the turning point for me and I had hard time concentrating past that pointThen Alex is in ICU and they have 20 people his room at once praying and stuff 20 people in an ICU room that are not family or on the list of visitors When I stopped reading the book the nurse was telling Kevin that they had to abide by the 2 person in the room at one time rule Kevin didn't understand what the reason for that was but was going to mind the rules I can only imagine the commotion in the ICU for the other patients with that many people stuffed in a room with the machines and whatnotAnyway if you're a Christian you'll love this book If you want to be preached at you'll love this book If you want to imagine a 6 year old having the dialog structure of an adult you'll love this book But me I didn't like it at all I do believe this happened and I'm glad Alex is still with us I just wish the book had been less preachy and that Kevin or his editors had let Alex talk about this in his own words

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The Boy Who Came Back from HeavenThe accident scene and in the hospital while he was unconscious Of the angels that took him through the gates of heaven itself Of the unearthly music that sounded just terrible to a six year old And most amazing of all Of meeting and talking to Jesus The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven is a story of an ordinary boy's most extraordinary journey As you see heaven and earth through Alex's eyes you'll come away with new insights on miracles life beyond this world and the power of a father's lov. I read this book thinking that it was a true story being told by a boy who had died gone to heaven and had come back to tell about his experiences In fact it this book was not really what I thought it would be In fact it was mainly told by his father Kevin who was also involved in this terrible accident Alex was 6yo when the car he was ridding in was hit Alex died at the scene and when he got to the hospital workers there did not think he was going to make itThis book talks about the recovery Alex had to go through and it also talks about the Malarkey family strong religious belief in Jesus It talks about prayer and how they had people they did not know pray for Alex and his recovery and he was able to overcome milestones that they thought could not happenI will say that I uestion some parts and yet believe others About 10% into the book do we finally hear from Alex and what he say He says that he saw the face of the devil and he spoke to him while he was in the car Some of the writings from Kevin I have to uestion as a parent of children the wording does not sound like that of a child but of an adult even if at age 11 12 he is retelling what he sawOverall not a bad book but one has to be prepared for the religious content that is all through the book It is interesting to read Alex account of what he saw experienced while he was in Heaven and all that he has been able to accomplish since the accident