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Blackout summary ↠ 8 Î When half human Cal Leandros wakes up on a beach littered with the slaughtered remains if a variety of hideous creatures he's not that concerned In fact he can't remember anything including who he isAnd that's just the way his deadly enemies like itMber anything including who he isAnd that's just the way his deadly enemies like it. After Roadkill I really thought that Thurman's latest installment of the Cal Leandros series would be about Cal and his increasing battle which worries me as he seems to be losing with his Auphe half Instead Blackout opens with Cal on a beach in South Carolina with no memory and surrounded by really big really dead spiders The rest of the story follows the amnesiac Cal and eventually Niko and Robin as Cal tries to recover his memories and the trio tries to stop a killer who targets and eats the life force of supernatural beings As a result a lot of Blackout rehashes things we already know about Cal and his past but seen through the eyes of a Cal who doesn't know he's not 100% humanSeveral times throughout this book I felt like I should be annoyed at Thurman for going over things we already know about Cal his relationship with Niko and the people most of whom aren't actually people that surround him Much like I keep waiting for the neverending one liners and constant sarcasm and I love lots of good sarcasm in my books to start bothering me As with the snark this never happens; instead I love it even Thurman has once again written a book that has action a great cast of characters and dialogue much of it in Cal's head that would make my own head explode if I had to try and write it Robin though he's still in a monogamous relationship is as pervy as ever and supernaturals like Wahanket Promise one of the few characters I just don't really like not sure why Boggle and her Boglets to name a few show up as well Also front and center as it is the with all of the Leandros books and I love it is the us against the world relationship between Cal and Niko Though Cal picks up on it in large part because Niko is Niko and does whatever he can to protect Cal and reciprocates somewhat in Blackout Niko is the only one that's truly aware of their tight bond and past He has to deal with the fact that he may never get back that Cal who's now human and happier Well as happy as even an Aupheless Cal could ever really be than he's ever been; mostly because he's not aware of the existence of the Auphe let alone that he's half one In fact the new Cal thinks all non humans are monsters that should die which leads to some funny interactions that include Robin and the business end of a forkOne geek comment bring back the original Cal on the awesome covers I don't care if the guy's not living in NYC any Have him pose take a picture and e mail it to the artist Seriously that's the only thing that bothered me about this book If you've likedloved the past Leandros novels you'll probably feel the same way about Blackout The last line of the book has me biting my nails because it looks like the human genes vs Auphe genes battle may be heating up again in the next book As usual I can't wait for it

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When half human Cal Leandros wakes up on a beach littered with the slaughtered rema. I’d been the monster all along Me What we’d been chasing was nothing compared to what lived inside of me—what was me With every job we did every case we took on every mystery we tried to untangle I’d been the real monster and we’d all pretended we didn’t know it I’d been half right a week ago A killer had woken up on that South Carolina beach A killer and a monster; that was who I was and it was never going to change So whatactual rating 25Except for Never which honestly is just The Book of Which We Do Not Speak this is by far my least favorite of the entire series I did bump up my 'official' rating from 2 to 3 stars last time I read this but that's really just because she happened to put out something even worse in the interval I did listen to the audio this time though and I think it did make the whole thing enjoyable overall MacLeod Andrews does a really good job with this series and he brings some of the sarcastic moments to life and makes the rest of it bearable And there are still uite a few great moments here but I hate hate haaate the whole amnesia thing so much that it really ruins it overallAbout 70% of this book is just amnesiaCal wandering around whining about whether he is a good person or not Let me just step right in here and give you a real uick answer Cal NO And that's not a bad thing I don't read this series because I want to read about 'good' people and I like Cal better when he is Auphe than not I would not necessarily call Cal a flat out bad person either but I think he is definitely willing to do bad things without much regret if it's what needs to be done or will help Niko and in his life that's not a bad thing I'm sure this book appeals to a certain part of the fandom but this watered down constantly worrying version of Cal is so far from the entire reason that I like his character that it is almost painful at times Luckily he comes through it and does some really savage shit at the end I love when he thinks outside the box with using his gates but this is a definite low point in the series for me The one good thing about this book is that he finally works through the last of his self doubt and just accepts himself for who he is Thankfully the next two books are probably my favorites in the whole series so even though I dread coming to this part of the series it's easy to move on ;

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BlackoutIns if a variety of hideous creatures he's not that concerned In fact he can't reme. 4 12 starsI'm impressed that this series is still going strong and getting stronger at some levelsGiven the blurb I was afraid this book was going to be pitch dark darker than Cal and Niko's wardrobe dark; but it surprised me Of course it wasn't unicorns and rainbows happy this series will never be that and I wouldn't want it to be but there were some genuinely funny moments and some heartfelt moments as well Thurman uses the partial amnesia plot device expertly Instead of going with a totally Auphed out Cal as book 5 would've led the reader to guess she went with a Cal who has his Auphe side temporarily repressed And he's no Boy Scout but he believes in the possibility that he's a good person even while a voice in his head tells him all monsters are evil My concern for the character and dread of what he might do next were similar to what I felt back when Harry Dresden started wielding Hellfire What Niko does with Robin's help to try to keep the alternate version of his brother around because he thinks Cal is happier that way is so poignant When I reached the end when Cal chose to face the truth and had to deal with a new problem I'd never even considered I definitely felt melancholy The writing taps into the mixed emotions and expresses them wonderfully What could have been what could never be what Cal and Niko have to do to surviveI had to sit with it all and think about it awhile It's entertaining urban fantasy on one hand and something something amazingly deep on the otherBTWThurman does a hell of a job with her action scenes and she out guys some male authors in terms of writing from a male point of view with its locker room and strip club talk Definitely not for those who prefer their fiction PG rated