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Shadows on the RockMany interesting things in this book isbn 9780679764045 format Pa. Shadows on the Rock is a book of historical fiction drawing the French colonization of Canada and life in uebec City at the end of the 1600s We follow one year in the life of an apothecary and his daughter starting in October 1697 Euclide Auclair is the father and a widower The young daughter has taken on the running of their house after the death of her beloved mother two years previously She is twelve Euclide and his family wife and daughter had come to uebec eight years earlier under the employ of the Governor General as his physician Around the above two fictional characters and a smattering of others is woven a story about life in the new French colony and real life historical figures Much is said about the following threeLouis de Buade aka Comte de Frontenac was a French soldier and the Governor General of New France from 1672 1682 and from 1689 1698 view spoilerhis death hide spoiler

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FREE DOWNLOAD Shadows on the Rock î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB é Popular Kindle, Shadows on the Rock Author Willa Cather There are many interesting things in this book isbn 9780679764045 format Paperback and others 229 pages and has a text language like EnglishPerback and others 229 pages and has a text language like English. This is a wonderful peaceful evocation of a distant time and place Reminded me of Sarah Orne Jewett's THE COUNTRY OF POINTED FIRS If you're a Willa Cather fan like me don't overlook this novel

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Popular Kindle Shadows on the Rock Author Willa Cather There are. With her signature descriptive powers and the ability to generate ambience and evoke vibrant visuals Willa Cather delivers a story of early uébec as named and spelled by the French explorer Samuel de Champlain from the Algonuin word kébec which meant “where the river narrows” Although the province is now three times the size of France or the State of Texas back then it was a small settlement perched along a set of cliffs and bluffs above the Saint Lawrence River in CanadaThis story is about a particular point in time that saw the confluence of several historical figures in “New France” uebec Count de Frontenac the Governor General of New France; now Saint Francis Xavier de Montncy Laval the first Bishop of uebec; and Jean Baptiste de La Croix de Chevrières de Saint Vallier Bishop Laval’s successor Although Bishop Laval himself had chosen Bishop Saint Vallier to succeed him he lived to regret the choice as Saint Vallier appeared interested in spending time in the French court of King Louis XIV than he was in saving souls in the wilderness across the AtlanticWilla Cather cleverly sets her two main fictional characters close to all three historical figures Euclide Auclair’s own father and grandfather served as physician and apothecary to Count de Frontenac in France On his second return as Governor to New France Count de Frontenac brought Euclide his wife and his 4 year old daughter Cécile with himWhen this novel opens it is October of the year 1697 eight years after his arrival with his family and from the top of the cliff called Cap Diamant he watches the last of the summer ships depart for France We are immediately drawn in to his thoughts and feelings as it will be many months the following July before they see another ship arriveCécile is now 12 years old and since the death of her mother she has taken over the domestic duties of the household She has also followed her mother’s example and takes compassionate interest and care for an older man whose previous bone disease had so badly disfigured his face that people avoid him Cécile also takes Jacues under her wing – a little boy of six whose mother is a notorious ‘lady of the night’ Cécile teaches him cleanliness manners and plays games and reads to him whenever she can When she needs help with issues of conscience she turns to Bishop l’Ancien basically former Bishop – although in practice Bishop Laval performed most of the duties since his successor spent so much time in FranceI loved meeting the characters in this novel who effectively generate and maintain the plot of this novel There are contrasts in lifestyles in ideologies and clashes between the three historical figures whose visions are identical yet their determination of how to accomplish them appear irrevocably separatedAs with other Willa Cather novels I found myself caught up in the story she weaves and did not want to uit reading even when it was so late my eyes no longer wanted to stay open Although in many ways this novel is uiet and soothing it is also compellingly fascinating