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To have but not to hold Logan Steele was determined to win back his bride Abigail even after four long years And if she wouldn't come willingly then he'd have to make her an o. Re readGotta love this heroine she is wrapped in a protective cocoon of hurt feelings and hopeless love well until she's hit by a car The hero is beyond smitten with her and it's obvious to all but the heroine This was fun to re read to watch the hero grimace and soften and change his mind as the heroine worked her magic all without his point of view This was the week to read Borrowed Wife and I had to join the bandwagon as well Anytime there are such wide ranging reviews I have to take a ganderI enjoyed this one PW does a great t job of showing how life comes at you when you’re making plans She sets up the hero’s conflict without ever giving us his point of view Is he going to feed his revenge addiction or is he going to go straight and live a life with loving the heroine Even our dim bulb heroine knows she’s not getting the hero’s full attention during their one year of living together in marriage When she hears rumors that he has an OW she leaves him thinking that is what haunts him He lets her go because he is still addicted to this slow burn revenge against her father and it will be easier to live in the trap house of that addiction without pretending to be normal around the heroine But he’s paid a price The revenge is almost there – the h’s father is at death’s door – but he still can’t uit the heroine He makes a final stab at having his cake and eating it too He blackmails the heroine into accompanying him on a business trip in exchange for helping the firm thus giving the h’s father a reason to live He makes idle threats now and again – but his heart obviously isn’t in it He finally puts down the revenge pipe for the last time when he lets the heroine go and has his minions report back to him about how she’s doing while he’s propping up the firm The h’s accident brings about an off page reconciliation between the two men and the heroine seems to accept that fact by merely seeing them stand together at her hospital bed That’s all the explanation she or we the readers are going to get – which is why I had to dock a star I wanted sorrow from the dad for how he treated the h and the hero’s parents I wanted assurances from the H that he truly had let his father’s death goNow about that pesky OW I do not thing the hero cheated· I think it was a red herring by the author to have the heroine make the choice between her father and the hero happen in real time She didn’t leave the hero the first time because of her father she left him because of a non existent OW The hero let her go so she wouldn’t have to choose and he could pursue his addiction · The hero likes ‘em sweet and “stupid” He’s not alpha enough to handle an intelligent gaming playing woman as a partner He’s a caring alpha who needs someone to care for and OW doesn’t fit that at all · We don’t meet the OW until the last third of the book All the drama between the Hh was focused firmly on the revenge scheme I had almost forgotten about her until she showed up in California· The hero believed the heroine when she says she never cheated with the OM No projection there · Hero is too obsessed with his revenge addiction and how it conflicted with his love for the heroine · Hero acknowledges the h’s pain at seeing the OW he had kind of forgot this was an issue way back when· Hero keeps her on as an employee – just far away He didn’t seem too worried about her telling any “secrets” or exacting revenge on his company I just don’t think she had much to work with when it came to the H – just his gullible wife So that’s my take on it – the author just didn’t spend the right amount of time on the OW to make her anything but a side show The real conflict was the revenge scheme backfiring on the hero and how he had to grow out of it before he could be happy for the heroineI also have to say I really liked the heroine – she was a Lynne Graham heroine trapped in a PW book A sweet Lynne Graham heroine would never have a father who expected her to take over the family business A sweet LG heroine would have been a tool in a dynastic marriage to solve the conflict But no the men didn’t think this way at all – and poor heroine had to suffer for her sweetness by going to the office every day when she could have been living in a garret with a secret baby or two sigh

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Borrowed WifeA tough task for Abigail was eually determined not to forgive Logan for the wrong she thought he's done her Yet if she truly didn't love him why was she still wearing his ring. What is the point of picturing an independent woman when we saw a female puppet who was run by her father and husband I couldn't get the gist of it Safety Issue The hero mentioned that he was celibate the whole time but he never denied the accusation of having an affair with the OW

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Free download Borrowed Wife ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ To have but not to hold Logan Steele was determined to win back his bride Abigail even after four long years And if she wouldn't come willingly then he'd have to make her an offer she couldn't refuse and simply 'borrow' her back for a while His pretense that he needeFfer she couldn't refuse and simply 'borrow' her back for a while His pretense that he needed a wife to clinch a deal His intention to persuade her to stay He'd given himself. Abigail married Logan which turned out to be a bad move because Logan had this whole revenge scenario going on with Abigail’s dad And Logan told Abigail that of course she wasn’t part of the revenge but of course that was a ridiculous thing to say and they split upAbigail went back to her father and is trying to hold the failing business together while her father has heart attacks and is generally a bastard to her and Logan yells about how her dad killed his parents and hatches increasingly convoluted crazy schemesThe main crazy scheme is that Abigail will reconcile with him and go to America Logan wants to convince a family values American businessman to give him some business so Logan has decided that bringing his estranged wife along and pretending they are totally fine will help the deal go through If Abigail does him this favour he’ll stop his business apocalypseOh really Says Abigail and are you also going to bring your lawyer Logan rolls his eyes and says yes duh she has to do contract stuff because Logan has completely missed the glaring subtext where Abigail wrapped ‘lawyer’ up in ‘the woman you were sleeping with before and during our marriage and I know this because she told me so and while I may not have told you that she told me so I certainly hinted that I thought there was something going on and you never satisfactorily denied it’Abigail has no choice but to go along and fall in love with Logan all over againThis is a crazy and satisfying read Abigail is such a ninny and suffers so dreadfully She is too emotional to look after herself properly and is all pale and floaty Her father is horrible to her The evil lawyer lady is super nasty The son of the American businessman gets grabby And through it all Logan is by turns over protective dismissive of her sufferings and bossy Wilson writes such enjoyably ridiculous books and this was fun and crazy from beginning to end