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The shattering conclusion by Mom herself the novel pieces together Rashomon style a life that appears ordinary but is anything butThis is a mystery of one mother that reveals itself to be the mystery of all our mothers about her triumphs and disappointments and about who she is on her own terms separate from who she is to her family If you have ever been a daughter a son a husband or a mother Please Look After Mom is a revelation  one that will bring tears to your eyes. Those who have traveled in Southeast Asia – and Korea in particular will know right away that the number 4 pinyin sì is considered unlucky because it sounds like “death” pinyin sǐ Why then did Korean author Kyung sook Shin carefully craft a novel from four different viewpointsThe answer is that the members of this family are unlucky or at the very least careless Through years as a family none of them ever really knew Mom or understood the sources of her strength And now she has disappeared in a crowded Seoul subway station where she and her husband of 50 years were about to board a train Her disappearance devastates those who are left behind The story is told from four alternating points of view Chi hon the oldest daughter and a successful novelist Hyung chol the oldest son who is wracked with guilt for not living up to his potential her husband who inevitably disappointed Mom through his selfishness and adultery and last of all Mom Little by little a fuller image of Mom emerges although we the readers never really get to know all the facets of Mom either Chi hon reflects “Either a mother and daughter know each other very well or they are strangersYou realized you’d become a stranger as you watched Mom try to conceal her messy everyday life” As Chi hon strives to sort out who her Mom really was she realizes that “because of one thing or another you would push calling her to the end of your list” Mom had become superfluous in her busy life a solid presence who was always a little bit of an enigmaHyung chol was the favored son who was both idolized and pressured In the end though he could not live up to Mom’s aspirations and dreams for him “Mom’s disappearance was triggering events in his memory moments like the maple leaf doors he thought he’d forgotten about”The two adult children – and their father – realize too late that Mom was an integral part of existence Father thinks “When she planted seedlings of eggplant purple eggplants hung everywhere throughout the summer and into the fall Anything she touched grew in bounty” Still he selfishly ignores her intense headaches and the heartbreaks that Mom is forced to undergo alone When we get to Mom’s story we learn some of the background – her arranged marriage for instance and a few of the secrets she keeps But it’s left to Chi hon to recognize the truth in a letter from her younger sister “Do you remember asking me a little while ago to tell you something I knew about Mom All I knew was that Mom’s missing It’s the same now I especially don’t know where her strength came from Think about it Mom did things that one person couldn’t do by herself I think that’s why she became emptier and emptier” Please Look After Mom is a novel that’s distinctly Korean –ancestral rite tables the Full Moon Harvest plum juice and steamed skate – but is also very universal Every view is explored – Chi hon and Father’s stories are in second person Hyung chol’s is in third person and Mom’s is in first person And while the second person tense can become a little cumbersome the writing is still direct moving and gracefulIt’s worth noting that Kyung sook Shin is already a prominent novelist in Korea; the book sold nearly one and a half million copies in South Korea Translated expertly by Chi Young Kim the book is certain to make readers appreciate the hardworking uncomplaining women who go by the simple endearment “Mom”


엄마를 부탁해You will never think of your mother the same way after you read this bookAlready an international sensation and a bestseller that has sold over 15 million copies in the author's native Korea Please Look After Mom is a stunning deeply moving story of a family's search for their missing mother and their discovery of the desires heartaches and secrets they never realized she harbored withinWhen sixty nine year old So nyo is separated from her husband among the crowds of th. How far back does one’s memory of someone go Your memory of Mom An international bestseller Please Look After Mom is a melancholic read that chronicles the life of a loving selfless mother marred with sacrifice poverty sadness and loneliness When sixty nine year old Park So nyo went missing in Seoul Subway Station her family's desperate attempt to find her leads them towards uestioning their own notion about how well they know Mom Told from four different perspectives each showing the vulnerabilities and conscience of the characters Kyung sook provides an insightful look at Korean culture and family dynamics whilst exploring universal themes such as tradition yearning familial love duties and responsibilities and above all motherhood Like memories that ebb and flow these four narratives take us into a journey down memory lane — unearthing the pieces that was once lost in the past and conjuring them to form an intricate puzzle that reminds us of Mom Dad or the ones we hold dear in our heart How unfair is it that all she did was sacrifice everything for us and she wasn’t understood by anyone This book is a sheer reminder to appreciate look after the ones we truly love and to never ever take anyone for granted Sometimes it's the smallest gesture the minuscule ones or even the irrelevant things that bring someone glee laughter or even a smile to their faces It's the little things that count the most One might think that you know your mother well but if you dig deeper you'll realise that your Mum is an individual too with all her perks uirks and painful experiences The narrative is uite an odd one as it is mostly told in the second person which one might find confusing distracting or frustrating to follow well for me it was all three It took me uite a bit of time to get involved with the unusual narrative and the slow moving plot didn't help My mind began to wander and the story wasn't gripping enough It leans uite a bit on the schmaltzy side so that might put some readers off However for those who like reading family dramas with a little bit of mystery this might be your cup of tea Life is sometimes amazingly fragile but some lives are frighteningly strong

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DOWNLOAD 엄마를 부탁해 ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ You will never think of your mother the same way after you read this bookAlready an international sensation and a bestseller that has sold over 15 million copies in the author's native Korea Please Look After Mom is a stunning deeply moving story of a family's searcE Seoul subway station and vanishes their children are consumed with loud recriminations and are awash in sorrow and guilt As they argue over the Missing flyers they are posting throughout the city  how large of a reward to offer the best way to phrase the text  they realize that none of them have a recent photograph of Mom Soon a larger uestion emerges do they really know the woman they called MomTold by the alternating voices of Mom's daughter son her husband and in. Wowwait I need to capitalize this WOWThis story took me through an emotional roller coaster that reminded me of all my personal shortcomings in the relationship department with my own family and my Mom The last time I was this wrecked was when my father passed away of cancer 2 years agoThe story begins when the 70 year old mother of a family disappears from a Seoul train station The family 5 grown children and her husband is desperate to find her and yet on the other hand are blaming themselves and each other for not spending time or paying attention to her The book is divided into 4 major sections with 4 narrative voices the oldest daughter the oldest son the husband and the mom herself with a shorter epilogue again narrated by the oldest daughter A second person narration is heavily used in the bookin all except for the personal narration of Mom It takes a little getting used to but then ultimately one would start to identify with the voiceYou were the one who always hung up first You would say Mom I'll call you back and then you didn't You didn't have time to sit and listen to everything your Mom had to sayMom was the kitchen and the kitchen was Mom You never wondered did Mom like being in the kitchenAs the story unfolds with each person's narration we understand a little about Mom her love for all her everyday life her relationship with each of her children her relationship with her husband and her husband's demanding older sister We come to know that her children and her husband know very little of her except that she was always there for them taking care of them When Mom's voice starts narrating at the end we get the complete picture almostIt's no coincidence that the Korean word for death is a homonym for the number 4 same in Chinese This is a very sad story to read yet I can't stop reading especially toward the end The translation is great leaving Shin's original writing style unchanged I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves hisher Mom