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Free download A Dog's History of America: How Our Best Friend Explored, Conquered, and Settled a Continent 107 Ñ Wherever humans have gone in the New World dogs have been their companions from the time people crossed the Bering Land Bridge some twenty thousand years ago In this remH we have used canines as sled dogs and sheepdogs hounds and Seeing Eye dogs guard dogs show dogs and bomb sniffing dogs as he tracks changes in American culture and society From the Spanish conuest of the Americas to the English colonial period from the age of r. This is a survey course in American history with the recurrent theme of what was happening with dogs over the years History buffs might enjoy it than dog aficionadas as the dogs are really ongoing historical footnotes to the doings of human beings I myself found it interesting as I enjoy both subjects but I would have liked depth on the dog side of things In short dogs have been with humans from the first hunter gatherers who crossed the Bering Strait to the present day and for all their glory and stories of heroism dogs are still often misunderstood and treated poorly too much of the time They certainly deserve better

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Wherever humans have gone in the New World dogs have been their companions from the time people crossed the Bering Land Bridge some twenty thousand years ago In this remarkable history of the interaction between humans and dogs Mark Derr looks at the ways in whic. I happened across this book while doing some shelving at work one day and thought it looked at least mildly interesting I grew up with dogs and cats but there’s no Cat’s History of America on our shelf and miss having them terribly So I thought it would be interesting to learn about dogs where they came from the role they played in our society etc I’ve also been trying to make sure that I read than just Fantasy and Science Fiction and this seemed like a reasonably entertaining diversion My store has a policy where employees can borrow certain books so I figured hey it will only cost me time rightLet’s just say I’m glad I didn’t pay for itA Dog’s History of America covers American pre history up through the modern period and is broken down into chapters by historical time periods In each chapter Derr ostensibly discusses how dogs were used viewed their influence on society at the time and so on I say ostensibly because the sad truth is Derr doesn’t spend nearly enough time on the dogs themselves The first two chapters on pre history and the Spanish conuest are essentially wasted space The pre history chapter could have been summed up as there’s no real evidence about dogs but pre historic people probably had ‘em Instead the reader is treated to a half assed synopsis of land bridge theory which if I understand my girlfriend the archaeologist correctly has come under serious criticism in recent years and a little speculation about how dogs might have been used none of which is particularly shocking or insightfulThe chapter on the Spanish conuest was the worst of the book Again there isn’t a whole lot of documentation and so most of the chapter is Derr reminding the reader that those Spaniards were evil evil people who did evil wrongbad things Ohand sometimes they sicced dogs on people which one of the many evil wrongbad things that they did ‘Cause they were evil y’know And the conuest it was wrong And evil Was the evil clearNow before I get lynched hereI’m not saying the Spanish conuest WASN’T evil or that the Spanish didn’t commit horrible atrocities sometimes using dogs But if I’m reading a book about dogs I expect to well read about dogs not about the author’s other sundry politics and beliefs There’s plenty of books on the Spanish conuest If I want to know how awful it was I’ll read one I wanted to hear about dogsThere are dogs as the book goes on but there’s nothing that really jumps out at the reader Derr gives every story the most cursory treatment possible but never goes far enough in depth to make the characters human or dog seem lively or interesting He continuously deviates to discuss his views on human politics that are frankly unrelated to the topic at hand There are a few actually dog related political issues that are brought up such as leash laws and peoples misconceptions about the dangers certain breeds pose but most of it just doesn’t get in depth enoughIn the end I can’t recommend this book Dog lovers will be disappointed by the lack of interesting storiescharacters and history buffs will be better served reading a dedicated history book This book tries to both and ends up doing neither particularly well

Free download A Dog's History of America: How Our Best Friend Explored, Conquered, and Settled a Continent

A Dog's History of America How Our Best Friend Explored Conquered and Settled a ContinentEvolution to slavery from World War II to the Vietnam War Derr weaves a remarkable tapestry of heroism betrayal tragedy kindness abuse and uniue companionship The result is an enlightening perspective on American history through the eyes of humanity's best friend. I had high hopes for this book but it just didn't deliver Sure there were a few interesting anecdotes about dogs in our history but I can't really say that I learned much beyond how brutal the Spanish conuest of the New World really wasThese are the significant flaws in the book that I see1 Not well writtenI felt the author had a very high opinion of his own writing but I found it wordy and cumbersome enough to detract from the book's readability Take this sentence from Page 348 for exampleAs befitted the age of semiotics however there was something self consciously self referential about the effort2 Not well researchedLarge sections of the book contained no citations Even when sources were cited for paragraphs or maybe even sub chapters but it was never clear how much material and which portions were directly derived from the sources Honestly most of the book felt as if it was written by someone merely pontificating on his understanding of American history with a few references to dogs thrown in3 Too off topicI didn't keep an actual tally but I would be surprised to learn that than 50% of the book directly pertained to dogs I do realize that some background information was necessary to understand the environment in which dogs were living but there was just way too much of it4 Too opinionatedObviously because I'm writing this I'm a fan of opinions However when I decide to read a book about the history of dogs I'm not reading it to find out what the author thinks about political decisions social norms etc Obviously there's nothing wrong with having an opinion on those topics but the author's choice to include them in the book really fell outside the scope of his subject matter I'm surprised the editor didn't remove them because they really hurt the flow of the book and stood out inappropriately